Thursday, 1 December 2011

Your Authentic Voice

Sydney Opera House - the scene of beautiful music and song

Mixed messages!

Sometimes the strength of the words we use can be let down by the way we say them.We give off mixed messages!  I've spent this year on a writing course, in which we are encouraged to find our authentic voice.  So perhaps its no coincidence that my own voice started to give me problems.

I have a dream!

The voice, and the way we communicate through the voice, is associated with the fifth chakra. The element associated with this particularly energy field is ether or space.  As I have said elsewhere 'its the final frontier'.

When we have a dream
the throat chakra and the element of ether
play a very important part
to what degree we achieve that goal.

A healthy throat chakra

If you are lucky enough to have a clear resonant voice, and communicate with vitality and passion without overpowering the person you are speaking to, then your throat chakra is reasonably healthy.  However most of us have issues with our self expression and find it difficult to communicate authentically.
And unfortunately if your throat is restricted then the rest of your chakras will be restricted in one way or another. Each one of these chakras plays an important role in the art of manifestation and the law of attraction.

If your chakras aren't functioning healthily
then it'll be difficult to manifest your heart's desire.

Your chakras

a) If you are physically tense (root chakra) your voice box and associated muscles may be very tight, which restricts the voice

b) If the voice is quite mechanical then your sacral chakra may be restricted

c) If you have difficulty motivating yourself, then the problem may be with the solar plexus.

d) If you have a problem with the breath, this may in turn affect the power of your voice.(Heart)

Creating the space

Most of you will have heard of the sound OM, the sound of the Universe.  When you chant this sacred sound it brings you back into balance with the Universe.  This in its turn will help clear the other chakras so you have a better chance of manifesting your dreams.

Add this sacred chant to your psychic tool box

 before you get up
(along with the other suggestions in previous days blog)
for maximum impact on the day ahead

My workshop this coming Saturday 'Preparing the ground for the new year with Archangel Gabriel' will help attune our energies to, not only this great archangel but also to the natural ebb and flow of the Universe.  This enables us to follow a number of steps to manifest our highest potential in the new year. If you could like to come along there are one or two places still available

Saturday 3rd. December Hemel Hempstead
Contact me Gillian NOW to reserve your space

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Field of Dreams - the next step

Don't forget to open up to new possibilities!

Hearing Nan's voice once again after all those years was exhilarating!
'We're all here to support you,' she said, simply those words, in the same rich and reassuring tone I remember from my teenage years when she was still alive.

Funnily enough the alarm clock blew me wide awake this morning at 7a.m. sharp.  To add insult to injury this is a Sunday morning and I have no idea why or even how this happened because I always prefer to wake up naturally.  Maybe its Nan's way of making sure she had my attention, because it was shortly after that, when I slumped back into bed, that I heard Nan's voice calling.

As you know I've been working on 'Setting yourself up for the Day', and was wondering about the next step because something seemed missing; the jigsaw wasn't quite fitting together.

Just as a reminder these are the steps so far:-
  • Create the space for the day in front of you before even stepping out of bed.
  • Fill it with love and light
  • Open the gateway to your heart, its all in the relationship you have with yourself. 'Do you love yourself enough to receive the very best in life?'
I'd just come to the conclusion that being open to positive outcome and change was the key to it all, when I heard Nan's beautiful voice. ......And those few words gave me permission to be me!  I didn't have to try to prove myself or please anyone other then me.  I'm okay just the way I am. In fact, we are all okay just the way we are, but tend to forget it.

We are all perfect just the way we are!

I settled down to digest these words.  Self-acceptance is the way to go.  When we open our hearts to ourselves, we get all the support we need!!

 But if we don't take this small step
 we can't hear or even sense the support
the other side of life are trying to give us moment by moment!!!

The next important step

The next very important step forward, then, is to open your heart to the possibilitiy of possible change, and then build that notion into the space you have already prepared IN YOUR HEART. That's enough to get the ball rolling.  It truly does make all the difference. And then trust the signs and the intuitions you are given along the way; spirit will respond.

Change can feel very isolating as well as scarey

Becoming our own person can be pretty scarey, but it's what we are all here to do express ourselves clearly. It's the all important part of the journey! Our friends on the other side of life are really here to help us become the individuals we are meant to become, whereas people here on earth may have an agenda of their own.

So here are those steps once again:
  • Create the space for the day in front of you
  • Fill it with light and love
  • Open the gateway to your heart
  • And be open to the possibility of positive change and the support of our loved ones in Spirit.  They truly are here to help us
My workshop on 3rd December not only helps you prepare for the year year ahead but attunes you to Archangel Gabriel's very powerful energy.

Gabriel works with you in achieving your hearts desire as well as becoming the individual you were meant to become rather than the one you think you ought to be.  She also works with the element of water to keep us in the Universal ebb and flow of life.  In this workshop she will help you prepare the ground for your new years resolutions - to ring out the old and bring in the new.
Raphael is the master healer who helps you open your heart to the possibility of true, positive change.  Sign up for my workshop today and receive a powerful talk and meditation with this archangel that will set the scene for Saturday's workshop. In this short talk and meditation you will learn about:-
  • the importance of an open heart
  • your connection with spirit
  • grounding
  • breathing
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.  I am really looking forward to this one. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Field of your Dreams

The Field of your Dreams

I got out of bed this morning with the words 'field of your dreams' running through my head,  scrabbling for my note book to write them down before they disappeared from my mind forever. Experience has taught me that some of my best ideas and spiritual experiences happen as you surface from sleep every morning.  I also know that the idea's lost very quickly if I wait until I get down stairs, no matter how clear it might be at the time.

That's why I never use an alarm clock.  It's a bit like a slap in the face and puts me straight onto automatic pilot for the rest of the day. Giving yourself some extra time in the morning, or last thing at night if time really is too tight  can make all the difference to the day ahead of you. And the Field of your Dreams has now crystallised into this blog.

  • Create a path of light into the day ahead of you before you even set foot out of bed if possible. It really does make all the difference.
  • I create a circle which represents the day ahead of me.  It is important for you to create a personal space for you as an individual so that you won't be overwhelmed.
  • Connect to the Source energy and see light and unconditional love pouring down through your head and out of your heart directly into the space you have created.
  • This is a simple act of self-love which should help define the day in front of you. AND IT MAINTAINS YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR SPIRIT.
  • This helps you use your time much more creativity and productively and yet with less effort.  Symbolically you have also created some space for YOU.
It really does make a difference to your day, and of course we are all worth it.

(Next workshop on 3rd. December to help you prepare for the new year ahead contact me to book or with any further enquiries)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lighting up your life with Spirit

Welcome to my blog 'Light up your Life with Spirit!'. 
What does that mean? This blog can inspire you in the following ways;
a) help you connect to your loved ones on the other side of life
b) connect you with the indwelling spirit.
c) help you take the next evolutionary step forward on your personal path of spiritual growth and development.

Connection to Spirit can make all the difference in your life!

Connecting to Spirit is really helpful when we hit a major crossroads in our lives, and there are two main ways that you can do this.  The first is to go along to a medium who will hopefully be able to connect you to the other side of life.  This is called proof of survival, and can change people's attidues to loss quite dramatically.  It is therefore often a very healing and reassuring experience.

A second way to connect to Spirit, is to connect you with what is called the indwelling spirit!. And there are a couple of ways in which you can achieved this.
  • meditation
  • connecting to your guides and your angels, who are in tune with your divine purpose and will therefore help guide you along your pathway of unfoldment.

What is the indwelling spirit!

The indwelling spirit, is a small piece of the divinity that we each hold within our hearts.  It connects us with everything else in the Universe, but more importantly it holds information about your divine purpose in this lifetime. When we hit a cross roads in our lives we very often close our hearts to avoid the pain of that loss. It is very reassuring to know that we are not alone, and we have to guides to support us. So meditation and visualisation exercises to connect you either to yoru angels and your guides will help you along your way.

This blog, as well as my web site are devoted to helping you move forward when times get tough.


I offer readings which offer you proof of survival, but I also offer workshops that we help you connect to your Guides and Helpers, as well as the indwelling Spirit. I also offer free teleseminars, which offer a solid grounding in this work.  There are also separate workshops to help you develop your skills as a clairvoyant.

Manifesting with Archangel Gabriel 3rd. December:

My latest workshop entitled 'Manifesting with Archangel Gabriel', which helps you forge a closer link with the archangel who is most closely related to the Christmas Story.
She also helps us manifest new things in our life to our highest good, by preparing the necessary ground work. She helps us feel really good about ourself, by increasing our self esteem. This would include releasing all the negative thoughts and emotions that are getting in our way.
It is very important to take time out especially in the build up to Christmas.

Take time out to pamper yourself,
go within to discover what your truly need.
Sometimes writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal
can help you understand yourself at a deeper level.
Spend a little time each day writing.

This workshop takes place in Hemel Hempstead and promises to be lots of fun.  Spirit always works with lots of laughter and light. There will be lots of time to meditation, connect to this great archangel, and prepare your nest (resolutions) for next year.  Very often we spend so little time thinking about this until after the festivities are over that they are bound to fail within the first few days.

  This is the time to start.

Contact Gillian for further information on

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Acceptance - the way to go!

Going with the natural flow of life
makes all the difference!
We are not meant to struggle.

Yesterday was a stodgy depressing kind of day on the face of it. So grey in fact that it would have been easy to wallow in it, declaring it a complete write off! But that would have entirely missed the point. Each day has its own story to tell; each moment its own energy which flows seamlessly into the next taking us with it if we could but let go and let spirit. And letting go is the key to flying high and moving forward in your life. This morning the magnificent Red Kite treated me to my own personal fly passed, so I know I'm back on the right track thank goodness.

Struggle is the illusion created by ego,
because it's scared of losing control!

Ego personality encourages us to forget who we really are: spirit. It tells us that we are not alone in this world,  rather than an integral part of this wonderful Universe. The reality is, I had slipped right back into struggle mode, and had closed the door to spirit. As soon as I stopped struggling and accepted that this just wasn't a go get them kinda of day, adjusting my tempo accordingly, doorways immediately opened and things started to shift - like pronto!

Late Autumn in the northern hemisphere is meant to be a time of deep reflection and letting go , even as we prepare for the return of the light (winter solstice, around 21st. December) each year. Today's silence is palable, just breathtaking! And we can use it to nurture us and keep us in touch with our higher selves.

Unfortunately at this time of great stillness and peace, we are all being pitched head-long into the Christmas hurly-burly.  We are pushing ourselves in the wrong direction struggling against the tides. But if we pause to reflect, open our hearts whilst watching the signposts along the way, we can actually achieve much more in a shorter space of time, and with far less effort.

By letting go and asking for support
we are creating the space
for a wisdom far greater than our own
to flow into us.
Nurture your ideas and glimmers of inspirations
gently coaxing them into form step by step.

Read the next installment of this blog tomorrow.

PS My workshop, on Saturday 3rd. December with Archangel Gabriel looks at some of these points and helps us prepare for the new year in the build up to Winter Solstice.
  1. connect to this great archangel, and the cycles of the universe
  2. to achieve your higher outcome. Gabriel is the creator of new projects for the new year.
For futher information contact Gillian on

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meeting the Rainbow Warrior - a pilgrimage to the Yucatan

First Impressions

The temple took my breath away. This simple structure nestled on the horizon silhouetted against the stark blue Yucatan sky line. A rough chalky path, which I later learned was called a sac'be, ceremonial way, snaked off into this distance to join it.  It felt like a complete homecoming as tears stung my eyelids. But it wasn't until the following year that I got to meet the Rainbow Warrior himself.

Spring Equinox -Meeting the Rainbow Warrior

We returned to the Yucatan peninsula the following year to do some more work with the Itza Maya Shaman and Daykeeper Hunbatz Men, and were spending a couple of days recovering from jet-lag before starting our journey proper with the other Mayan Solar Initiates.  Equinox is seen as a really powerful time because days and nights are of equal length.

Although I couldn't wait for the rest of the group to arrive, I felt drawn to going back to the same temple again.  After all, it wasn't all that far from our hotel..  I asked a few of the friends I'd made from U.K in the previous year to join me.  We set off together in a taxi, thrilling at the sites and souncs of the exotic countryside, until we eventually pulled up at the site itself.

Inside the museum, what at first appeared to be a huge family tree spread completely over one wall, turned out to be a huge diagram representing the indigenous Mayas who'd been enslaved to the conquering Spaniards. They had each been given Spanish names to disinherit them from their culture. Outside the museum and to one side, stood a ruined Catholic chapel, another tactic used to the invaders to imprint their own culture onthe local people.  Close to tears once again, we made our way towards the ceremonial pathway, the sac'be, leading to the temple

The site bathed in the silence of a hot Mexican springtime, and we were quite alone.  We linked arms, walking slowly towards the temple, each with out own thoughts but focused on the building ahead. I wondered what on earth I thought I was doing there.  We sipped on some much needed water to rehydrate us after our escape from a still frosty England.

Simple Ceremony

We'd been taught to mount the steps in a serpentine fashion, which is exactly what we did. Whilst my friends stayed outside and formed a circle to hold the energy, I walked right into the heart of the building.  I paused to look at at the funnel chimney opening out to the clear blue sky above. After a few more moments considering whether I had indeed lost the plot, I swallowed hard whilst my friends waited patiently outside and finally held my amrs aloft and we all began chanting K'in, the Mayan word for Father Sun.  Soon the sound reverberated through the temple, wave upon wave of sound tumbling over the steps in a complete wall of sound.

The Rainbow Warrior

The sound echoed back onto itself as if it was forming a seething cauldron right in the middle of the temple where I stood. I felt as if I was being drawn along by it, and didn't resist. It was magical.  The sense of movement stopped almost as sharply as it had began, and then the air itself seemed to rustle.

Inside this very sacred space stepped the Rainbow Warrior, as I later came to call him.  His brightly coloured feather head-dress vibrated with all the colours of the rainbow.  There was no sense of fear at all, just utter calm, as if this was a perfectly natural occurrence, even though he was several times the size of an average human being.  Obviously a warrior of some considerable status, he had a special gentility about him.

The Journey since

Its taken me a while to unravel the gift I was given that day, and also a great deal of courage because some people including a previous writing coach, put it all down to a vivid imagination. During this time my search has expanded to include another Mayan temple in particular, the one at Chichen Itza. These magnificent temples are said to contain the ancient mysteries of the Mayas, which still have their relevance to society today, especially as we are a stones throw away from 21st December 2012, the supposed end date of the Mayan Calendar.

Across the Rainbow Bridge

During this time, I've journeyed across the rainbow bridge with the Rainbow Warrior to transform my understanding of the world, as well as my place in it.  And hopefully I have become a better medium through it, able to help people have a better understand of their own lives. I've learned that the pyramids symbolise our spiritual journey, and that the  geometric shapes encoded in them hold many mysteries.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Being and the Goddess

We are human BEINGS!
Human beings not doings!

There's a saying that we are human beings not human doings!  What does that mean?  Basically we put much too much emphasis on the doing side of our lives, rather than the being, when these two things should be in balance.  In fact Being is where it all began.

Being true to our selves.

The heart centre to me represents where it all began! This is where we came into being! There's that word again.
The heart centre is where we come to find
and be ourselves!

The doing I associate with the masculine; its the fire and motivation to get out there.  But the being I have always associated with the goddess, because this space is truly nurturing. The main element I associate with the goddess is water. The space is uniquely healing, and is somewhere we can go for contemplation, meditation, reflection, but most important of all transformation.

Inner space is a space of self-expression
rather than repression.
Repression of thoughts and feelings
creates blockages preventing
 healing and complete transformion

Fitting the quart into the pint pot.

Quite frequently we try to make ourselves fit in the external world, ending up feeling like a complete misfit. The heart space is an inner temple where we can be true to ourselves. In this safe and nurturing environment we can peel back the layers of armouring we have acquired over the years as protection. 

The seven freedoms

There are seven freedoms which can help us transform our lives on the earth plane.  These are:-

  • The right to be, and to claim your own space in the world. This is perhaps  the most important freedom of them all.
  • The right to feel and to express your feelings freely.
  • The right to act with spontaneity and to be free
  • The right to have a relationship based on unconditional love and acceptance rather than fear and judgement
  • The right to express yourself freely and creatively, and to solve problems in a way that transforms the way your see the world.
  • The right to see passed the illusion and recognise who who are.
  • And finally the right to receive information that hasn't been censored.  

Thursday, 13 October 2011

As Above - So Below

As above - so below

As above - so below 

The heart chakra is our main gateway to the realms of spirit.  When we open our hearts to the process of life then miracles can truly happen. Unfortunately, the human part of us very often closes down this gateway in grief through life's circumstance.

This only goes to make our feeling of isolation and separation
much much worse.
That's why its really important
                             to know who you really are in the first place

Knowing who you are:

As I mentioned in the last blog, you are spirit having a human experience.  You are already a natural part of the spiritual realms.  Understanding this is a very important part of our journey. These two parts operate in different ways

a) The Higher Self, which contains your Soul's Purpose exist on the inner planes of reality
b) The ego personality, which is who we are in the life-time, and exists in the material world now.

These two things work in conjunction with each other as part of life's natural ebb and flow.  The object is to learn as much about ourselves in this lifetime as possible, and to expand upon the 'seed consciousness' you have been given as part of your soul's purpose and comes into form as YOU!

The wisdom is always within

Many of us spend a long long time feeling somehow incomplete and searching to fill that gap in the outside world.  However we have everything we need at our fingers tips to blossom and grow.  Because we have closed our hearts  its very difficult to access our inner knowing and the realms of Spirit.  So this is the first and all important step forward.

The clarity of your connection to Spirit
Depends on the openness of the heart.

Inspiration and the Breath

Breathing is closely linked to the heart chakra. When we get anxious, not only does our heart close down, but are breathing suffers as well.  A good breathing technique will also help our connection to Spirit.

The inbreath or inspiration represents our connection to the spirit.  When our breath is properly regulated we are created a space for spirit (God/divinity) to be present in our lives. Unfortunately many people have difficult breathing all the way out, which makes it difficult to manifest their hearts desire, ground their energy properly or give a clear and concise message from Spirit.

Unless we can really ground the information we are given
our consciousness can't really SHIFT into gear.

Attuning to Spirit

Your attunement with Spirit starts with the inner space you create and your willingness to stay open to a future of all possibilities; to expect and be willing to accept the unexpected into your lives. This attunement is associated with the natural elements found both within us as well as in the natural world. These are
  • the masculine elements of air and fire
  • the feminine elements of water and earth (which is perhaps the most important of them all - for the ascension process)
The perfect attunement is created through the balance between the inner and outer realms, which in its turn is created through the open heart.

As above, so below
as within, so without

Would love to hear any comments you have on this blog, particularly how helpful you find it, and also to see some of you at my workshop on Saturday!!! For futher detals contact Gillian

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

You are the pyramid

You are the pyramid
\Hunbatz Men - Itza Maya Daykeeper and Shaman
 On the wings of Angels:

It's quite easy to feel the support of the Angels as well as your Guides and helpers, but another thing to take this understanding to the next level.

We too are Spirit.
But we operate at a slightly different level!

Our human overcoat is 'manufactured' by Spirit, giving us  our identity in this particular lifetime. We are born into a particular set of circumstances which provide us with our learning.  Our aim is to transform our lives by climbing to a higher level of conscious awareness.

You are the pyramid

The Mayas say 'you are the pyramid', and you only have to look at any pyramid, like the one at Chichen Itza above, to understand what it means.

The pyramid represents our spiritual growth and understanding.  It has a square foundation, representing this lifetime, and our need to be firmly grounded in this reality.  But it also has four separate faces, meeting at its apex.  Each one of these represents a different facet of our being.
  • physical body
  • emotional body
  • mental body
  • spiritual body
Apart from the four separate faces, a lot of pyramids in Mexico tend to be tiered.  This represents the 7 major levels of consciousness you need to master as you truly shift your consciousness to a higher level.

Just like a ladder

A pyramid is a bit like a ladder, you just need to climb from one rung to the next until you reach the top!  Everyone starts from the bottom up; you need a firm grounding before you can go any further! If you look at the pyramid and then at the ladder, it's easy to see there's no separation between the bottom and the top of either structure. It's simply a continuation. There's no separation between Spirit (top) and Humanity (bottom).  Its all about the journey.

We are Spirit wrapped in a human overcoat.

The Spiritual journey

Once you've reconnected to your spiritual origins by climbing to the top of the pyramid, (here's the bad news) - you have to climb all the way back down again.

The inspirational you've found by attuning to the Spiritual realms,
needs to be translated into usable form on the earth plane.
You have to find a way to make it work.
This is the downward journey.

Sometimes we get stuck at a particular level which means we can't truly manifest our dreams. So it takes a bit of practice, which we can help along with meditation, visualiation as well as affirmations.

The Ascension process

I'm sure a lot of you have heard all about the ascension process, which is linked to the Mayan Calendar.

Ascension in this context means to create a 'heaven on earth', or a higher level of conscious awareness.  Yes, we are all one, and come from the same Source as the human race. But before we can celebrate this understanding globally, we have to heal the rift of separation within our own psyches, and that is what I mentioned right at the beginning of the blog.

We need to 'climb the pyramid of our heart'
and remember who we really are,
and what we are here to  fulfill.

There are many ways you can climb the pyramid as part of your spiritual quest, but it remains an important part of any person's quest for a deeper understanding of life. As mediums this is an essential part of our training, and the more we refine this connection the better it will become! Watch this space tomorrow for some further information about my workshop at the weekend which is based on these teachings.

Over the Rainbow -workshop with Gillian on 15th. October 2011 Hemel Hempstead UK

For intermediate and advanced workers for Spirit.

Over the Rainbow is another workshop is the pyramid series designed to enhance your connection to Spirit both in your day to day lives as well as your profession ones.  The pyramid is a powerful symbol for your spiritual journey.  The pyramids were very often the site of ancient mystery schools, and contain a number of geometrical (or archetypal) shapes directly associated with Spiritual growth.  In this workshop we will look at the ancient law 'as above, so below' and the impact it has on our work for Spirit.
There are just two spaces left now on this workshop, please contact Gillian to reserve your space.             

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Making room for Spirit in your life - how clutter clearing can make all the difference!

Make  room for Spirit in your Life

Make room for Spirit in your Life!

As I said 'Space is the final frontier' in a previous blog. One way to connect to Spirit, is to spend time out in nature. Nature connects us with the very essence of life.  The very elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (space) are part of us as well. Perhaps the most important of these is space or ether.  The space we create determines just how clear and accurate our connection to Spirit will be.

  • Think of the space you create as a circle.  This symbolises harmony and balance. 
  • Spend a while concentrating on what you hope to achieve. Its impossible if half you mind is on other things. other things! Even if its 'improve my connection to Spirit' keep your mind focused on this.
  • What does that mean to you? The circle signifies you are open to Spirit.
  • Being out in nature shows you recognise you are a part of the world at large.
  • The element of earth represents just how present you are in the moment
  • The element of water represents the flow of life, self-expression and creativity
  • The element of fire represents empowerment, and right action
  • The element of air represents your thought processes and the relationship you have with yourself
  • The element of ether (space) represents speaking and communicating your truth and wisdom.
  • When each one of these elements is properly balanced inside you, the skies the limit, and you can live the life you were intended to live.
  • If you have any queries based on this short blog then please do contact me  I look forward to hearing from you and maybe meeting some of you at my Saturday workshop 15th. October.


Monday, 26 September 2011

How's that for synchronicity?

Stop, Look, Listen - and then what?
The Importance of synchronicity and going with the flow!

How's that for synchronicity? My last blog was called 'Space the Final Frontier' in true Star Trek fashion.  Imagine my surprise when George Takkei turned up playing an eccentric professor of economics in a film I saw the next day called ' Larry Crowne' with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  I believe that what we call coincidences or synchronicities are actually signposts from the Universe pointing us in the right direction.

Synchronicity: a sign from the Universe

All these signposts then were telling me I was 'in the flow' rather than struggling against the tide. So image how please I was today when one 'sign' after another plopped onto my blackberry, each one about space and clutter clearing as I sat at my usual seat at the nursery cafe. First George Takkei and now all this. Must be doing something right then?  

Expect the unexpected.
Going with the flow and making room for the unexpected!

One thing I’ve learned is that no two days are ever going to be the same.  We should always make room for the unexpected, especially in our spiritual work. My writing space is a prime example. It's relatively easy to connect to Spirit and the angels when you're surrounded by beautiful nature. Staying in the flow's a different matter

No matter what form it takes,
 recognise the unexpected as a true gift from Spirit. 
The first time I was here at the nursery, I sat completely undisturbed waiting for inspiration to gather momentum, and eventually the writing did just flow. That lesson or gift I received was about patience.

Today my lesson's different

 Today my lesson’s different.  It's about making room for the unexpected, and that's exactly what happened. I met some people I hadn’t seen for ages.  After only a moment’s hesitation, (I really should be doing something useful thought) I put pen and paper to one side, and thoroughly enjoyed a good natter.  The interesting thing was, after they’d gone, the writing began to flow quite naturally once again.  It was such a gift to see my friends again, and more importantly to be inspired by one of them in particular.

Be spontaneous -don't be a control freak

Its important to leave room in your life for the unknown because it can bring you unimagined gifts and inspiration.Making room for the unexpected is really refreshing, but it does mean we  have to be prepared to let go of control. My gift was a real surge in creative energy as well as my connection to Spirit, together with real admiration for my friend, a really courageous lady who is working  to overcome her disability.

  • Look for coincidences or synchronicity in your life.  They are a sign you are going in the right direction.  Another way of saying the same thing is that you are in the flow of life!
  • Make room for the unexpected, be spontaneous. These gifts truly come from Spirit 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Space - the final frontier

Space IS the final frontier.
The way we use the space we are given
 makes all the difference to our connection to Spirit

  Sometimes I'm just like a bull in a china shop; very impatient. I make a lot of noise, but nothing really gets done. That's because I just don't give myself the time or more importantly the space to think things through. Impatience just doesn't work as I found out when I charged down to the local nursery to do a spot of writing.  I may have mentioned it before but I love writing out in the open air. So when the sun finally broke through I couldn't wait to get down there note book and pen in hand. The terrace is just magic surrounded by plants of all shapes colours and sizes. What an inspiration, but this particularly morning it just didn't work for me!

It took me a while to work out what was going on. Because life had been so hectic over the past few days what I really needed to to do was......


  • Stop - all the frenzied activity.  It never did get me very far anyway, when I think about it.There are far more fun ways effective ways to get things done.
  • Look at the situation on all levels, especially  thoughts and feelings. My mind wanted to write, but my body was too tired,  just needing a moment or two's reflection to catch up,.
  • Listen to the intuition,  not the ego. 

  I hadn't stopped to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. This is a world where doing something is top of the list, and I like so many of us spend our time dashing from one task to the next without  a breather; just like the bull in the china shop. So my tip for the day based on this experience is to ....

 TO WHAT WE NEED (Higher Self)

When I finally stopped and give myself the space to work out what was really needed, ( a rest), it made all the difference to of my day, especially the doing part, and the quality of my writing.My energy started to return as soon as I realised that my priorities were slightly scew whiff. I just needed some time out to drink in my surroudings.. I felt much clearer, and much more alive as well as present in the moment. My inspiration returned, because I STOPPED, I LOOKED AND I LISTENED to my needs,  and the words  I'd been struggling with only a few moments before started to flow freely. Magic!

Over the Rainbow is a one day work shop we Gillian Holland on 15th. October for intermediate to advanced mediums and workers for Spirit, to help them realign their energy to the realms of Spirit, to achieve the best possible connection and gain greater clarity in both their personal and professional lives.  Contact Gillian on for further details.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeing is believing

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is an essential part of my psychic tool kit as a medium.  But of course, it's not just restricted to seeing the Spirit. Clairvoyance is really an umbrella term for a whole range of skills we need to work at our very best.  These include:-
  • clairvoyance - clear seeing
  • clairaudience - clear hearing
  • clairsentience - clear sensing/feeling
  • claircognissance - clear knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The importance of your relationship with YOU!

So what's the ONE thing which really makes the difference to your work as a medium, or a healer come to that matter.
It's the relationship you have with yourSELF!

The most importance part of anyone's spiritual journey is to know (see clearly) who we are!  The Self in this case refers to your Higher Self,  the indwelling spirit.  It's what you were before you ever arrived on the earth plane. The Self contains your essence as well as your purpose in this lifetime. It's just like a seed, that blossoms and grows, again and again throughout the many cycles of your life time.

Who are you?

Now here comes, perhaps the most important aspect of the lot. 

Your essence is of course unconditional love!

So many people shy away from this fact, inspite of its  beauty. But its the quality of the relationship you have with you, that defines the quality of your mediumship.

Spirit in earthly form!

Once we are really clear (know without a shadow of a doubt) that we are Spirit having an earthly experience, the way we see the world shifts dramatically.
This means that:-
  • we fire on all cylinders i.e. claircognissance, clairvoyance, clairaudience as well as clairsentience.
  • we use all these facilities to explore both the earthly realm as well as the spiritual realm.
Our mediumship grows according to the relationship we have with ourself!

Our mediumship grows and expands according to how much we can love and accept who and what we are, warts and all.  It's the acceptance of our human frailties which brings us into the present moment, so that the special and totally unique relationship we have created with ourself is also translated into the outside world.  This pays dividends both personally and professionally.  Our lives become a symphony for Spirit.

Gillians workshop for intermediate to advanced fledlings is on Saturday 15th. October.  If you would like to attend or would like more information, then please contact here at

Friday, 2 September 2011

Be Here Now

The weekend starts HERE!
I'm sitting in the garden, under a magnificent blue sky, lisening to the leaves gently rustling in the trees.  It's neither too hot or too cold.  After last weekend, complete magic and very refreshing!
Nature has so much to teach us, and yet we rarely allow ourselves to be still enough to appreciate its beauty, because we are so busy rushing around doing! Everything in the natural world, knows just how to be! Cats are busy being cats, dogs are as busy being dogs, and a koala is equally busy being a koala come to that matter. It's exactly the same with the rest of the natural world; crystals, rocks, trees and plants. They are exactly what they are, and certainly don't wrestle with life the way we do. We spend so much time wrapped up in our thoughts, worrying about the past or  worrying about the future, but rarely living moment to moment..
Being present is a very important feature of mediumship. When we live in the present moment, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are spirit first and foremost.  This is true clear seeing or clairvoyant vision. And when we know who we are, life takes on a brand new hue! We are all born to be ourselves and to live the lives we were meant to live!
These days, wherever possible, I like to start my workshops outside in the garden to illustrate this point.  It's the perfect beginning to the day, and allows us to leave all the baggage behind before we begin. Very often the breeze will suddenly get up, just enough to let us know its listening mind, and a magnificent stillness will descend on the garden. My next workshop, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' is on Saturday 15th. October at the intermediate and advanced level for mediums, intuitives and healers, looks at the difference being present in the moment can have on your spiritual advancement and attunement. We are here to be ourselves, we do not have to prove anything, just be ourselves. Please contact me on for further information.

Go into the garden and just BE! Observe say a tree, just hold it quite naturally in your awareness, rather than think about it.  Breathe quite naturally, focuing on the object. Eventually you will find that some of its beingness will be transmitted to you. In this space you are one with the present moment, where everything is just the way it should be, no worries. This is a space of being or perfect stillness, which you will find really revitalising.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A pilgrimage to the Mayan pyramids, Mexico

eclipse over Mexico
I'm finding myself increasingly drawn back to the Mayan Pyramids - no small wonder with 2012 in mind!  The Mayan Calendar represents the new wave of consciousness that peaks on 21st. December 2012; so much has been written about it, but its nowhere near as scarey as some people would have us believe - certainly not the end of the world.
For a start, there is not just one Mayan Calendar, but a whole series of them relating to different aspects of life, for instance agriculture. But the one we are all familiar with deals with raising of consciousness. This is said to happen when our planet aligns with 'the heart of heaven'. The teachings are very similar to our own spiritualist philosophy and especially White Eagle's teachings. White Eagle mentions the Maya in his work.  All indigenous people understand how important it is to live in harmony not just with the world around us, but with the universe as well.
At the heart of Mayan philosopy is the pyramid, which is the symbol of spiritual progress.  As mediums and healers we know the importance of being properly grounded, (present in the moment), in our world.  This has never been more important as it is now.  It is the difference between staying cool, calm and centred in the eye of the storm, or being totally swept off your feet by a sudden influx of energy, like a tsunami for instance. But it's this energy that will take us to a new level of understanding, of who we are, and our purpose on the planet.  We all have a purpose.
A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred site; and this increases our spiritual awareness, by realigning our energies to life's natural ebb and flow. One of the things that really interests me as a medium is of course the continuity of life. This is part of Mayan tradition as well. Working with life's natural ebb and flow helps us understand death, not as an end point in time, but a transition to a higher level of awareness. When we finally leave this planet, we do indeed leave our bodies behind, but during our lifetimes we go through a whole series of smaller dyings as rites of passages.
According to the Mayans, 'we each have a little piece of the Sun (Divinity) within us'; the seed consciousness.  It's unique, and so, as with spiritualists, we have the 'personal responsibility' to grown and develop this seed through the seasons of our lives.  You are considered to be an Elder when you reach the age of 52.  This is because you have lived through all the possible combinations in the Mayan Calendar.  Sacred Ceremony helps us peel back the layers of understanding.
One such journey I took was at Spring Equinox, the beginning of the Mayan year, to a place called Becan.  This is a small site, compared to say Chichen Itza, but it gave us much more privacy to do our work, taking us away from the tourist trail. We arrived in the jungle in the pitch black, slightly dishevelled after an very very early morning start. Huge shapes loomed large in front of us, whilst strange sounds screamed their message to us out of the void.  As a muted light began to spread across the tree tops, we marched in single file behind Hunbatz Men, the Itza Mayan Elder, who was playing his tiny clay Mayan flute.  A huge stone stood guard in the middle of the clearing, flanked on either side by ruins.  The site hadn't been restored in the same way as say Uxmal or Chichen Itza had.  At a sign from Hunbatz we began to chant 'k'in' the Mayan for Father Sun, and we all given something to rattle, which looked like an overgrown dried runner bean!  But boy did it rattle!!! That year, there was a lot of cloud cover, and so we were encouraged to chant louder and louder until the sun eventually did come out to play directly over the central stone.  What a magical moment. The whole place came alive welcoming in the Mayan New Year.
Working in ceremony in this way, is a very powerful experience, and one that can help us heal ourselves and through that help the planet.  I have learned so much about the workings of the pyramid and the way it relates to my own work as a medium, and my journey continues to unfold.  I can't wait to get back there in 2012.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Embracing the Power Within (channelled information)

All people are from the same Source, the Light - the heart of God. We are all one family, joined by a common bond -a sometimes unspoken understanding - love.
White Eagle

This is a channelled piece of information via one of my Guides Uriel.

Remember you are one with all things.  It is better to live in harmony with nature, rather than try to fight and struggle against what is natural within you! The keystone and foundation is to acknowledge you are one with all things, and not just a separate entity. 
You have a spark of creation deep within your Being.
This spark is your connection to all things, including planet Earth, the Cosmos, as well as all creatures great and small.  This is the common thread.  This is your connection.

Now remember therefore that you form one community and are therefore here to help each other along the pathway called life.  Remember, this pathway cannot be duplicated by anyone else; it is yours alone.  At the heart of your being you are born with a Seed Consciousness which is uniquely yours to unravel throughout the course of your time on the planet.

Remember although you are not alone, you remain unique. But because you are part of one community, which you may called the unified whole (or collective consciousness) you are all here to help one another achieve their ultimate aim - self realisation.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone or separate from the rest of the Universe, although your physical bodies sometimes create that illusion.  It is just that your body in your particular time reference gives you the opportunity to expand your awareness of self.

Your personal identity, therefore is an integral part of your journey, even though you are a part of the whole.  It is your job to balance these two aspects of your self.  You are being encouraged to let go of your over identification with this aspect of the self alone, because its limiting and creates the illusion of struggle.

It is important to understand that as an integral part of the whole, you already have everything yo need to make a difference in your world, it is encoded in your seed consciousness. Nonethelesss you are being encourage to nurture this seed, and to express yourself fully in the external world, using the seasons, cycles and elements that are also a part of your own nature. When you understand this properly you will recognise that the Divine Spark has the ability to orchestrate true change in your life.  This ultimately helps to create a new world vision alongside all your relations on the earthplane.

Your original nature is far greater than your personal identity right now. Begin by recognising that you are a part of the Light. Begin by recognising that by surrendering to the light source burning brightly within you, you (through this Source) are marshalling all the forces of the Universe to come to your assistance to  help create a brand new world.

Now remember we are talking about self-awareness.  In this recognition you understand that as a Light Worker you are a part of the Wave of New Consciousness that's sweeping your world right now.  With this recognition comes the understand that your physical form is also created by the same light source, but merely operating in a lower dimension. The object is to 'bring this element of the self back home to the light'

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Living in your own Light - a pyramid teaching for 2012

Living in our own Light
A sensitives guide to 2012!

So many of us try to hide our individuality because we fear its wrong to be different. But the tide's changing and we are already feeling the effects. This tide or shift in consciousness, is popularly known as 2012, the Great Awakening.  We are all here to express our difference because itdoes indeed makes us unique! To embrace our own individuality is to embrace or live in our own light, or in other words, become a beacon of light. The Mayans say we are all born with a little piece of the sun deep within our hearts, just waiting to be born.  But unless we truly accept ourselves in all our rich diversity, this essence or seed energy will remain hidden in the shadows for ever.  Under these circumstances, we won't be living the lives we were intended to and we certainly won't be up for receiving some of the goods and rewards that were intended for us in the lifetime.  This goes especially for all sensitives and intuitives.

As we grow, we naturally embrace other people's thoughts and opinions.Trouble is we embrace them as an absolute, when they are really just  part of someone else's idea of how to live.   Life can become a performance that's lost its heart, and finds us dancing to someone else's tune. Why exist in the shadow lands of our own lives, when we were intended to Live in our own Light?
Of course, for our own safety's sake society has to follow certain guidelines, but we still have to be willing to break the mould and become who we are intended to be.

This is where your connection to Spirit, as a sensitive, intuitive or mediums really comes into its own. The link I am talking about is to your own indwelling Spirit.  This is the key. And the key is of course being as open hearted and accepting of yourself, as you are for those people who come to you for assistance.

Most of us are excellent at connecting for other people, but leave ourselves entirely out of the equation or otherwise right down our list of priorities probably when we are really worn out and close to burn out. But once you have secured and refined your own connection THROUGH THE HEART CENTRE,  you finally come to accept your difference, know and totally accept yourself. The only person that can be you is you. That means we don't need to compete or fight for recognition! You  then become an inspiration to people around you, who will want to find their own unique expression and also offer it back in service to the world.

These are the reasons, I always say, any demonstration for Spirit,as an intuitive, medium or healer goes far beyond the words that are spoken during any service, meeting or session.

When we finally move away from the need to prove ourselves and stand firm in our own light, the sky's the limit. A medium working at this level, no longer needs to PERFORM, or feel obliged to perform.  They are happy to just BE themselves and happy to demonstrate from this level; to be spontaneous! Good mediumship has a community feel about it, no more them and us - we are all in it together, working in service for  Spirit.

This is what I believe the New Mediumship for 2012 is all about.My workshop on 6th. August looks at some of these factors and is aimed all mediums whether platform worker or those working in circles.

  • Working with the pyramid to open you to a higher and clearer connection to Spirit
  • Introduce you to the next level of your mediumship
  • Help you become the medium you were intended to become, using your own unique connection to Spirit to enhance your work
  • Opportunity to practice both the inspirational address as well as your mediumship from this level
  • Small friendly groups, in a safe environment
  • Bring packed lunch 
  • Numbers limited for your own comfort
  • Contact Gillian :, or
  • Become an inspiration in your work.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

2012 - a shift in consciousness

Light up your Life with Spirit is a refreshing new way of looking at some of the joys and sorrows  coming our way during our earth walk. One that gives us hope and the spirit to carry on. As a medium, you could say that I specialise in endings and beginnings.  I certainly connect people to their loved ones on the other side of life. But what else do I do?   Today I want to talk about 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, because that involves endings of a sort as well. But far from being the end of the world a lot of people fear,  I see it as a new beginning.  We are being given the opportunity to approach life in an entirely different and refreshing way. 

As I have written elsewhere, the shift in consciousness we are making is the difference between looking at the world from the top of the pyramid, rather than from the bottom.  What's the difference?  When you stand at the top of the pyramid you have a 360 view, nothing is obscured.  If you stand looking up at the pyramid from ground level, your view is nothing like as comprehensive.   Your vision is completely blocked.  The magnificent structure represents our own spiritual journey towards enlightenment.  Each step we take up the pyramid is yet another step forward.

This is the time when we REMEMBER who we really are; Spirit in physical form. The Mayans say we each carry a little piece of the sun within us. This is the time when we remember that we have never been separate from our loved ones, or for that matter the higher spiritual realms, they remain a whisper away.  You could look at it as a sliding scale, a bit like a ladder. There is a whole spectrum of colours and varying vibrations.  Some we can see, some we can't.  Most human beings find it especially difficult to see beyond a certain range, and that is where mediums come in! 

Because of the stresses and strains of everyday living, we live a lot of the time on automatic pilot. We have half an eye on the future, our diaries and what needs to be done in the limited time we have to spare.  Apart from this the earth herself is undergoing quite an upheaval what with the numerous natural disasters as well as the man made ones as well.

2012 is a free teleseminar featuring Patricia Cardona of the Cosmic Mysteries School, Kentucky U.S.A  who together with her husband Dan, has worked with Mayan Elder Hunbatzmen since 1996.  In this seminar she will share some of her experiences out at the sites, and what we can gain by studying this ancient wisdom.  What relevance it has to the 21st. century.  This will be followed by a second seminar on 13th. August, in which you will have the opportunity to sample a full moon meditation the Mayan Way.  In this seminar, the husband and wife team will talk about the full moon sequence of meditations leading into 21st. December 2012.  I will be hosting this event.  If you would like to take up this offer please contact Gillian on mexicanhat@virginmedia She will reserve you a space.  These are strictly limited, and then send you back details of how to link into this amazing call. You just have to pay for the price of your phone call.  Otherwise these two teleseminars are Patricia and Dans gift to you as they prepare for their trip to the UK in September.

7.30p.m. BST; 2.30 EST
(approximately one hour)
2012 and all that
GILLIAN HOLLAND International Spiritualist Medium U.K
PATRICIA CARDONA Cosmic Mysteries School Kentucky U.S.A
The earth’s shifting energetically, and sometimes physically as we approach 2012
·         Patricia discusses some of her most memorable experiences at the sacred Mayan sites
·         What is the relevance of Mayan teachings in 21st. century
·         How to prepare our bodies for the new influx of energy
·         A simple Mayan meditation with  Patricia Cardona
Patricia and Daniel Cardona founded Cosmic Mysteries School in 1996 at the invitation of Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men. They have been teaching ancient Shamanic Wisdom for transformation since that time. Daniel is an adolescent psychiatrist but has also been a student of the martial arts for more than 20 years.  Patricia is a certified nurse practitioner  Gillian Holland is an international spiritualist medium of over 25 years standing, who has a background in psychology but has also journeyed out to Mayalands on more than one occasion, which is where she met Patricia and Dan.
Contact Gillian to reserve your space on this teleseminar