Friday, 14 October 2011

Being and the Goddess

We are human BEINGS!
Human beings not doings!

There's a saying that we are human beings not human doings!  What does that mean?  Basically we put much too much emphasis on the doing side of our lives, rather than the being, when these two things should be in balance.  In fact Being is where it all began.

Being true to our selves.

The heart centre to me represents where it all began! This is where we came into being! There's that word again.
The heart centre is where we come to find
and be ourselves!

The doing I associate with the masculine; its the fire and motivation to get out there.  But the being I have always associated with the goddess, because this space is truly nurturing. The main element I associate with the goddess is water. The space is uniquely healing, and is somewhere we can go for contemplation, meditation, reflection, but most important of all transformation.

Inner space is a space of self-expression
rather than repression.
Repression of thoughts and feelings
creates blockages preventing
 healing and complete transformion

Fitting the quart into the pint pot.

Quite frequently we try to make ourselves fit in the external world, ending up feeling like a complete misfit. The heart space is an inner temple where we can be true to ourselves. In this safe and nurturing environment we can peel back the layers of armouring we have acquired over the years as protection. 

The seven freedoms

There are seven freedoms which can help us transform our lives on the earth plane.  These are:-

  • The right to be, and to claim your own space in the world. This is perhaps  the most important freedom of them all.
  • The right to feel and to express your feelings freely.
  • The right to act with spontaneity and to be free
  • The right to have a relationship based on unconditional love and acceptance rather than fear and judgement
  • The right to express yourself freely and creatively, and to solve problems in a way that transforms the way your see the world.
  • The right to see passed the illusion and recognise who who are.
  • And finally the right to receive information that hasn't been censored.  

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