Friday, 2 September 2011

Be Here Now

The weekend starts HERE!
I'm sitting in the garden, under a magnificent blue sky, lisening to the leaves gently rustling in the trees.  It's neither too hot or too cold.  After last weekend, complete magic and very refreshing!
Nature has so much to teach us, and yet we rarely allow ourselves to be still enough to appreciate its beauty, because we are so busy rushing around doing! Everything in the natural world, knows just how to be! Cats are busy being cats, dogs are as busy being dogs, and a koala is equally busy being a koala come to that matter. It's exactly the same with the rest of the natural world; crystals, rocks, trees and plants. They are exactly what they are, and certainly don't wrestle with life the way we do. We spend so much time wrapped up in our thoughts, worrying about the past or  worrying about the future, but rarely living moment to moment..
Being present is a very important feature of mediumship. When we live in the present moment, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are spirit first and foremost.  This is true clear seeing or clairvoyant vision. And when we know who we are, life takes on a brand new hue! We are all born to be ourselves and to live the lives we were meant to live!
These days, wherever possible, I like to start my workshops outside in the garden to illustrate this point.  It's the perfect beginning to the day, and allows us to leave all the baggage behind before we begin. Very often the breeze will suddenly get up, just enough to let us know its listening mind, and a magnificent stillness will descend on the garden. My next workshop, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' is on Saturday 15th. October at the intermediate and advanced level for mediums, intuitives and healers, looks at the difference being present in the moment can have on your spiritual advancement and attunement. We are here to be ourselves, we do not have to prove anything, just be ourselves. Please contact me on for further information.

Go into the garden and just BE! Observe say a tree, just hold it quite naturally in your awareness, rather than think about it.  Breathe quite naturally, focuing on the object. Eventually you will find that some of its beingness will be transmitted to you. In this space you are one with the present moment, where everything is just the way it should be, no worries. This is a space of being or perfect stillness, which you will find really revitalising.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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