Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Space - the final frontier

Space IS the final frontier.
The way we use the space we are given
 makes all the difference to our connection to Spirit

  Sometimes I'm just like a bull in a china shop; very impatient. I make a lot of noise, but nothing really gets done. That's because I just don't give myself the time or more importantly the space to think things through. Impatience just doesn't work as I found out when I charged down to the local nursery to do a spot of writing.  I may have mentioned it before but I love writing out in the open air. So when the sun finally broke through I couldn't wait to get down there note book and pen in hand. The terrace is just magic surrounded by plants of all shapes colours and sizes. What an inspiration, but this particularly morning it just didn't work for me!

It took me a while to work out what was going on. Because life had been so hectic over the past few days what I really needed to to do was......


  • Stop - all the frenzied activity.  It never did get me very far anyway, when I think about it.There are far more fun ways effective ways to get things done.
  • Look at the situation on all levels, especially  thoughts and feelings. My mind wanted to write, but my body was too tired,  just needing a moment or two's reflection to catch up,.
  • Listen to the intuition,  not the ego. 

  I hadn't stopped to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. This is a world where doing something is top of the list, and I like so many of us spend our time dashing from one task to the next without  a breather; just like the bull in the china shop. So my tip for the day based on this experience is to ....

 TO WHAT WE NEED (Higher Self)

When I finally stopped and give myself the space to work out what was really needed, ( a rest), it made all the difference to of my day, especially the doing part, and the quality of my writing.My energy started to return as soon as I realised that my priorities were slightly scew whiff. I just needed some time out to drink in my surroudings.. I felt much clearer, and much more alive as well as present in the moment. My inspiration returned, because I STOPPED, I LOOKED AND I LISTENED to my needs,  and the words  I'd been struggling with only a few moments before started to flow freely. Magic!

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