Thursday, 13 October 2011

As Above - So Below

As above - so below

As above - so below 

The heart chakra is our main gateway to the realms of spirit.  When we open our hearts to the process of life then miracles can truly happen. Unfortunately, the human part of us very often closes down this gateway in grief through life's circumstance.

This only goes to make our feeling of isolation and separation
much much worse.
That's why its really important
                             to know who you really are in the first place

Knowing who you are:

As I mentioned in the last blog, you are spirit having a human experience.  You are already a natural part of the spiritual realms.  Understanding this is a very important part of our journey. These two parts operate in different ways

a) The Higher Self, which contains your Soul's Purpose exist on the inner planes of reality
b) The ego personality, which is who we are in the life-time, and exists in the material world now.

These two things work in conjunction with each other as part of life's natural ebb and flow.  The object is to learn as much about ourselves in this lifetime as possible, and to expand upon the 'seed consciousness' you have been given as part of your soul's purpose and comes into form as YOU!

The wisdom is always within

Many of us spend a long long time feeling somehow incomplete and searching to fill that gap in the outside world.  However we have everything we need at our fingers tips to blossom and grow.  Because we have closed our hearts  its very difficult to access our inner knowing and the realms of Spirit.  So this is the first and all important step forward.

The clarity of your connection to Spirit
Depends on the openness of the heart.

Inspiration and the Breath

Breathing is closely linked to the heart chakra. When we get anxious, not only does our heart close down, but are breathing suffers as well.  A good breathing technique will also help our connection to Spirit.

The inbreath or inspiration represents our connection to the spirit.  When our breath is properly regulated we are created a space for spirit (God/divinity) to be present in our lives. Unfortunately many people have difficult breathing all the way out, which makes it difficult to manifest their hearts desire, ground their energy properly or give a clear and concise message from Spirit.

Unless we can really ground the information we are given
our consciousness can't really SHIFT into gear.

Attuning to Spirit

Your attunement with Spirit starts with the inner space you create and your willingness to stay open to a future of all possibilities; to expect and be willing to accept the unexpected into your lives. This attunement is associated with the natural elements found both within us as well as in the natural world. These are
  • the masculine elements of air and fire
  • the feminine elements of water and earth (which is perhaps the most important of them all - for the ascension process)
The perfect attunement is created through the balance between the inner and outer realms, which in its turn is created through the open heart.

As above, so below
as within, so without

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