Sunday, 27 November 2011

Field of Dreams - the next step

Don't forget to open up to new possibilities!

Hearing Nan's voice once again after all those years was exhilarating!
'We're all here to support you,' she said, simply those words, in the same rich and reassuring tone I remember from my teenage years when she was still alive.

Funnily enough the alarm clock blew me wide awake this morning at 7a.m. sharp.  To add insult to injury this is a Sunday morning and I have no idea why or even how this happened because I always prefer to wake up naturally.  Maybe its Nan's way of making sure she had my attention, because it was shortly after that, when I slumped back into bed, that I heard Nan's voice calling.

As you know I've been working on 'Setting yourself up for the Day', and was wondering about the next step because something seemed missing; the jigsaw wasn't quite fitting together.

Just as a reminder these are the steps so far:-
  • Create the space for the day in front of you before even stepping out of bed.
  • Fill it with love and light
  • Open the gateway to your heart, its all in the relationship you have with yourself. 'Do you love yourself enough to receive the very best in life?'
I'd just come to the conclusion that being open to positive outcome and change was the key to it all, when I heard Nan's beautiful voice. ......And those few words gave me permission to be me!  I didn't have to try to prove myself or please anyone other then me.  I'm okay just the way I am. In fact, we are all okay just the way we are, but tend to forget it.

We are all perfect just the way we are!

I settled down to digest these words.  Self-acceptance is the way to go.  When we open our hearts to ourselves, we get all the support we need!!

 But if we don't take this small step
 we can't hear or even sense the support
the other side of life are trying to give us moment by moment!!!

The next important step

The next very important step forward, then, is to open your heart to the possibilitiy of possible change, and then build that notion into the space you have already prepared IN YOUR HEART. That's enough to get the ball rolling.  It truly does make all the difference. And then trust the signs and the intuitions you are given along the way; spirit will respond.

Change can feel very isolating as well as scarey

Becoming our own person can be pretty scarey, but it's what we are all here to do express ourselves clearly. It's the all important part of the journey! Our friends on the other side of life are really here to help us become the individuals we are meant to become, whereas people here on earth may have an agenda of their own.

So here are those steps once again:
  • Create the space for the day in front of you
  • Fill it with light and love
  • Open the gateway to your heart
  • And be open to the possibility of positive change and the support of our loved ones in Spirit.  They truly are here to help us
My workshop on 3rd December not only helps you prepare for the year year ahead but attunes you to Archangel Gabriel's very powerful energy.

Gabriel works with you in achieving your hearts desire as well as becoming the individual you were meant to become rather than the one you think you ought to be.  She also works with the element of water to keep us in the Universal ebb and flow of life.  In this workshop she will help you prepare the ground for your new years resolutions - to ring out the old and bring in the new.
Raphael is the master healer who helps you open your heart to the possibility of true, positive change.  Sign up for my workshop today and receive a powerful talk and meditation with this archangel that will set the scene for Saturday's workshop. In this short talk and meditation you will learn about:-
  • the importance of an open heart
  • your connection with spirit
  • grounding
  • breathing
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.  I am really looking forward to this one. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Field of your Dreams

The Field of your Dreams

I got out of bed this morning with the words 'field of your dreams' running through my head,  scrabbling for my note book to write them down before they disappeared from my mind forever. Experience has taught me that some of my best ideas and spiritual experiences happen as you surface from sleep every morning.  I also know that the idea's lost very quickly if I wait until I get down stairs, no matter how clear it might be at the time.

That's why I never use an alarm clock.  It's a bit like a slap in the face and puts me straight onto automatic pilot for the rest of the day. Giving yourself some extra time in the morning, or last thing at night if time really is too tight  can make all the difference to the day ahead of you. And the Field of your Dreams has now crystallised into this blog.

  • Create a path of light into the day ahead of you before you even set foot out of bed if possible. It really does make all the difference.
  • I create a circle which represents the day ahead of me.  It is important for you to create a personal space for you as an individual so that you won't be overwhelmed.
  • Connect to the Source energy and see light and unconditional love pouring down through your head and out of your heart directly into the space you have created.
  • This is a simple act of self-love which should help define the day in front of you. AND IT MAINTAINS YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR SPIRIT.
  • This helps you use your time much more creativity and productively and yet with less effort.  Symbolically you have also created some space for YOU.
It really does make a difference to your day, and of course we are all worth it.

(Next workshop on 3rd. December to help you prepare for the new year ahead contact me to book or with any further enquiries)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Lighting up your life with Spirit

Welcome to my blog 'Light up your Life with Spirit!'. 
What does that mean? This blog can inspire you in the following ways;
a) help you connect to your loved ones on the other side of life
b) connect you with the indwelling spirit.
c) help you take the next evolutionary step forward on your personal path of spiritual growth and development.

Connection to Spirit can make all the difference in your life!

Connecting to Spirit is really helpful when we hit a major crossroads in our lives, and there are two main ways that you can do this.  The first is to go along to a medium who will hopefully be able to connect you to the other side of life.  This is called proof of survival, and can change people's attidues to loss quite dramatically.  It is therefore often a very healing and reassuring experience.

A second way to connect to Spirit, is to connect you with what is called the indwelling spirit!. And there are a couple of ways in which you can achieved this.
  • meditation
  • connecting to your guides and your angels, who are in tune with your divine purpose and will therefore help guide you along your pathway of unfoldment.

What is the indwelling spirit!

The indwelling spirit, is a small piece of the divinity that we each hold within our hearts.  It connects us with everything else in the Universe, but more importantly it holds information about your divine purpose in this lifetime. When we hit a cross roads in our lives we very often close our hearts to avoid the pain of that loss. It is very reassuring to know that we are not alone, and we have to guides to support us. So meditation and visualisation exercises to connect you either to yoru angels and your guides will help you along your way.

This blog, as well as my web site are devoted to helping you move forward when times get tough.


I offer readings which offer you proof of survival, but I also offer workshops that we help you connect to your Guides and Helpers, as well as the indwelling Spirit. I also offer free teleseminars, which offer a solid grounding in this work.  There are also separate workshops to help you develop your skills as a clairvoyant.

Manifesting with Archangel Gabriel 3rd. December:

My latest workshop entitled 'Manifesting with Archangel Gabriel', which helps you forge a closer link with the archangel who is most closely related to the Christmas Story.
She also helps us manifest new things in our life to our highest good, by preparing the necessary ground work. She helps us feel really good about ourself, by increasing our self esteem. This would include releasing all the negative thoughts and emotions that are getting in our way.
It is very important to take time out especially in the build up to Christmas.

Take time out to pamper yourself,
go within to discover what your truly need.
Sometimes writing your thoughts and feelings down in a journal
can help you understand yourself at a deeper level.
Spend a little time each day writing.

This workshop takes place in Hemel Hempstead and promises to be lots of fun.  Spirit always works with lots of laughter and light. There will be lots of time to meditation, connect to this great archangel, and prepare your nest (resolutions) for next year.  Very often we spend so little time thinking about this until after the festivities are over that they are bound to fail within the first few days.

  This is the time to start.

Contact Gillian for further information on

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Acceptance - the way to go!

Going with the natural flow of life
makes all the difference!
We are not meant to struggle.

Yesterday was a stodgy depressing kind of day on the face of it. So grey in fact that it would have been easy to wallow in it, declaring it a complete write off! But that would have entirely missed the point. Each day has its own story to tell; each moment its own energy which flows seamlessly into the next taking us with it if we could but let go and let spirit. And letting go is the key to flying high and moving forward in your life. This morning the magnificent Red Kite treated me to my own personal fly passed, so I know I'm back on the right track thank goodness.

Struggle is the illusion created by ego,
because it's scared of losing control!

Ego personality encourages us to forget who we really are: spirit. It tells us that we are not alone in this world,  rather than an integral part of this wonderful Universe. The reality is, I had slipped right back into struggle mode, and had closed the door to spirit. As soon as I stopped struggling and accepted that this just wasn't a go get them kinda of day, adjusting my tempo accordingly, doorways immediately opened and things started to shift - like pronto!

Late Autumn in the northern hemisphere is meant to be a time of deep reflection and letting go , even as we prepare for the return of the light (winter solstice, around 21st. December) each year. Today's silence is palable, just breathtaking! And we can use it to nurture us and keep us in touch with our higher selves.

Unfortunately at this time of great stillness and peace, we are all being pitched head-long into the Christmas hurly-burly.  We are pushing ourselves in the wrong direction struggling against the tides. But if we pause to reflect, open our hearts whilst watching the signposts along the way, we can actually achieve much more in a shorter space of time, and with far less effort.

By letting go and asking for support
we are creating the space
for a wisdom far greater than our own
to flow into us.
Nurture your ideas and glimmers of inspirations
gently coaxing them into form step by step.

Read the next installment of this blog tomorrow.

PS My workshop, on Saturday 3rd. December with Archangel Gabriel looks at some of these points and helps us prepare for the new year in the build up to Winter Solstice.
  1. connect to this great archangel, and the cycles of the universe
  2. to achieve your higher outcome. Gabriel is the creator of new projects for the new year.
For futher information contact Gillian on