Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Acceptance - the way to go!

Going with the natural flow of life
makes all the difference!
We are not meant to struggle.

Yesterday was a stodgy depressing kind of day on the face of it. So grey in fact that it would have been easy to wallow in it, declaring it a complete write off! But that would have entirely missed the point. Each day has its own story to tell; each moment its own energy which flows seamlessly into the next taking us with it if we could but let go and let spirit. And letting go is the key to flying high and moving forward in your life. This morning the magnificent Red Kite treated me to my own personal fly passed, so I know I'm back on the right track thank goodness.

Struggle is the illusion created by ego,
because it's scared of losing control!

Ego personality encourages us to forget who we really are: spirit. It tells us that we are not alone in this world,  rather than an integral part of this wonderful Universe. The reality is, I had slipped right back into struggle mode, and had closed the door to spirit. As soon as I stopped struggling and accepted that this just wasn't a go get them kinda of day, adjusting my tempo accordingly, doorways immediately opened and things started to shift - like pronto!

Late Autumn in the northern hemisphere is meant to be a time of deep reflection and letting go , even as we prepare for the return of the light (winter solstice, around 21st. December) each year. Today's silence is palable, just breathtaking! And we can use it to nurture us and keep us in touch with our higher selves.

Unfortunately at this time of great stillness and peace, we are all being pitched head-long into the Christmas hurly-burly.  We are pushing ourselves in the wrong direction struggling against the tides. But if we pause to reflect, open our hearts whilst watching the signposts along the way, we can actually achieve much more in a shorter space of time, and with far less effort.

By letting go and asking for support
we are creating the space
for a wisdom far greater than our own
to flow into us.
Nurture your ideas and glimmers of inspirations
gently coaxing them into form step by step.

Read the next installment of this blog tomorrow.

PS My workshop, on Saturday 3rd. December with Archangel Gabriel looks at some of these points and helps us prepare for the new year in the build up to Winter Solstice.
  1. connect to this great archangel, and the cycles of the universe
  2. to achieve your higher outcome. Gabriel is the creator of new projects for the new year.
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