Monday, 6 February 2017

Just a little hug !

Just a little hug!

Medium Gillian Holland on the best place to go when you need a hug
as we take that next giant leap forward for mankind!

I've come to realise there's only one place to go for a good ol' hug. And that's to the Angels and the Realms of Spirit!

Right now, there’s one thing for certain: we could all do with one.  It is as if we are all coming out of a long dark tunnel after a really tough year. (Yay! And here in the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are even drawing out!) For me, January started with a wobble, too, because I, in common with a lot of people, can’t seem to shake this flipping bug!.
For the last two weeks especially I have been largely stuck indoors. If I am honest, I can more or less count the number of days I have felt 100% on one hand since the Christmas hols.  So I got to thinking.  What’s going on and why have these dreadful bugs seemed to have taken such a strangle hold at this particular time.  That’s when I remembered Deb Shapiro’s book ‘Your Body Speaks your Mind’ sitting on my book shelf. Here’s what she says about coughs, colds and the like, and it makes interesting reading:
One of the ways to understand illness
 is to have a look at
the effects its having on your life!
·         Do you need some time to adjust to something in your life?
·         Or is it the opposite – a cry for affection and attention because everyone seems to be taking you for granted?
·         Do you need to get ill in order to get noticed and cared for?’(Although these days I think a lot of us are scared to take time-off , even when we really do feel wretched!)
Well!  Yes!
I believe this bug is a part of the general wake-up call.  We all need some time to adjust to what’s going on out there; not just in our own lives, but globally, too! We live in a world which seems to be getting more chaotic by the second.  Yet I believe we are on the edge of something truly exciting: a radical new understanding of life; a rebirth. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius after all. We are literally being reborn into a higher level of understanding and awareness; remember the long dark tunnel I mentioned right at the beginning?
I think we also need to know everything’s going to be okay in the end, despite all this upheaval. Sometimes the world seems completely alien.  There’s nothing to hang on to any more.  That’s scary, and that’s when we really do need to take time out to think things through. And of course, that’s when we could all do with a reassuring hug.
Think of how vulnerable a tiny baby is in the earliest moments of its life here on earth.  Any new born needs lots of support and so do we, as we take ‘the next giant step forward for mankind.  
So where do we turn for a dose of good old TLC when most of us are feeling completely frazzled and drained,, whether we have a physical virus or not? Self care is all important, it goes without saying.  We all need to eat sensibly, for a start, ensuring we get good quality rest as well as exercise. However, there’s one thing we frequently leave out of the equation when the going gets tough and that is Spirit!.
If we feel isolated and alone it’s a sign we’ve probably lost our connection to Spirit, and along- side that we’ve forgotten we truly are Spirit!  That’s where the Angels come in. 
Angels are the best friends we can ever have, and because they give us their undivided attention and support, in a way our friends can’t because they’ve got so much else going on in their life. And the best piece of advice I can give to anyone at this time, is
STOP and reconnect to your Angels.
Over the last few days, perhaps the most profound healing I received came in the form of a ‘Spiritual Hug’ from the Angelic Realms.  I was bathed in the warmth of some very large and reassuring Angels Wings. During that time, I realised they are the only Beings who can truly be there for us all. It's not that our loved ones don't care, it's more that we are all feeling our resources are being stretched to the limits right now. Our loved ones can't be there for us 24/7 in the way the Angelics can.  The Angels  really do care,, not just for me but for everyone in the world about us. 

The Angels are really urging us on. They are urging us to remember just who we are, and then to say when we are here to say. As I mentioned earlier, we are Spirit in human overcoats, and we are all being urged to stand good and true in our own light.  It's not that any one person is greater than the next  but sometimes we have to summon up the courage to step into the spotlight.  That's when we need the hug, and I think that's where we all are at the moment, summoning up the courage to be the individuals we were all destined to become.

 Whilst times are undoubtedly tough right now, the Angels are urging us on,  not just for ourselves but for the whole of humanity. They have the perfect remedy, and that is to know above all that we are all loved and cared for.  In fact as the late medium Glynn Edwards said to me, ‘we are love, we are loving, and what’s more we are all lovable.’ ....and that’s without exception. ..and the Angels are here to serve us all with a huge dollop of TLC right now. 

Ways to reconnect to your Angels with Gillian

There are a number of way you can create a closer connection with the Angelic realms as well as Spirit, and these are just a few of them I encourage you to keep exploring until you find the avenue which is right for you
a)       Angelic morning meditations in Hemel Hempstead England
b)      When you are at a crossroads in life:  Life’s Path Readings with Angel Tarot Cards and some Spirit and Angelic Communication  contact Gillian
c)      Angelic Reiki Treatments (including tasters) contact Gillian
a   Angelic Music if music does it for you you might try this extract of Michael Hammers music from YouTube.  He has a magical connection to the Angels.  His music does it for me especially when meditating, giving Angelic Reiki Treatments or Attunements.Click on the link below