Monday, 27 July 2015

Awakening to the Angels

Joe Bloggs you are not!
Angels help us remember who we really are!

Do you know who you really are? Who you really are?   The angels and archangels are here to help us remember. It's one thing to read the book and to have all the Angelic facts at your finger tips. It's something else entirely to experience (or feel) the comfort angelic presence can bring. Experiencing the Angels introduces you to an entirely different level of understanding!  Angelic Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach Liz Mouratsing and I invite you to be the very first people to sample our brand new workshop 'Awakening to the Angels' coming up shortly

Not just angels for parking:

Most of us know all about parking angels, shopping angels and even guardian angels but surely there's more to them than that? What exactly are they doing here on earth? And why at this particular time in history?

You could say they are here to keep us on the straight and narrow.  What do I mean by that?  There's far more to us than meets the eye. We all have an identity; a name; an address; a profession; a nationality for instance, but that's just for starters. We are Spirit and that Spirit just like the Angels never dies. And Spirit is the glue behind all the Universe......and Spirit is unconditional love.

Angels are here to tell us we really are okay! I'm an okay person! You are an okay person! Everyone in the world's basically okay...apart from one thing that is...'we've forgotten who we really are'

'The feeling of being wrapped in Angels Wings was one of the most magical
things I have experienced in my life.
Not only did I feel completely safe and secure,
because here was an energy I could trust completely,
but I felt truly loved for who I was'
Tish W  Herts.

Why not come along and share this magical experience with Liz and I?  There's an early bird offer available until 31st. July 2015. To take advantage of this special early bird offer (£60 instead of £75) contact Liz