Monday, 17 February 2014

Why book a reading?

Why book a reading?

Why book a reading?  

Gillian is offering Taster Readings at the Enchanted Oak.  She is an international medium of many years standing, and loves the work she does for Spirit.

  • to connect with someone on the 'other side of life.'
  • deeper understanding of your life's purpose in this life-time
  • assistance when you are at a crossroads in your life.
Taster Readings

Most people book a reading for one of the three reasons above.  You will get a better and more focused reading if you have something particular in mind.  A taster reading is a good way to sample what its all about. These are approximately twenty minutes long, and designed to give you an overview of what's going on. Later on, if you feel its appropriate, you could book for an in-depth reading with Gillian.

Communicating with someone on the 'other side of life.'
Although you may wish to communicate with some-one in particular, it's best to come with an open mind.  Sometimes, other relatives and friends may come through first of all to set the scene. So be patient. A reading of this nature can be a deeply healing experience, and can help you to look at life quite differently.

Deeper understanding of your life's purpose

This reading helps you connect to your Soul's purpose in this life-time. We all have a reason for being here.  When we are on track with this purpose, our life may flow with greater ease.  Ideal if you are embarking on a spiritual journey.  You could also get a connection to a Guide who is assisting you on your journey. If it's appropriate Gillian uses Angel tarot cards as well.

Crossroads in life?

Readings are invaluable if you find yourself at a crossroads in life, and are looking for direction.  This reading could also connect you to your life's purpose.

In longer readings Gillian may use all three of these methods to give you greater clarity.  If you have any further questions then please do contact me on