Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wrapped in Angels Wings

 -Gillian's exciting new workshop

Don't miss out on this brilliant workshop
21st. September 2013
10a.m. to 4p.m.
Bring Lunch (tea and coffee provided)
Maximum 10 places, filling up quickly

Save £8 by getting the Early Bird Price for £30 by 28th August

Gillian holds workshops at her home, they are always brilliant, you learn so much.

Gillian's new workshop

Experience the beauty of being 'wrapped in angels wings',
 forge a closer connection to Archangel Raphael - the healing angel
using a series of powerful heart meditations and visualisations

Angels 'hold a space for us' from the moment of our conception,
 and remain by our sides throughout our lives.
This space is your divine essence, the source of your Being.
When you connect to this space
you KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt who you really are,
and then your life is truly 'inspired by SPIRIT'.

By the end of the day:
Be more aware of Angelic Guidance
Have a closer connection to your Higher Self
Deepen your understanding of the Space Within
Have a better understanding of who you are; your true essence

Come home with a CD/Mp3 of the days meditations to play with. 

This is a day not to be missed.  There will be lots of fun and laughter, in a safe friendly environment where numbers are strictly limited for your personal attention.

Contact Gillian on 01442 246407 for further information and to book your place at the

Early Bird Price of £30 by 28th August.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Blue Moon in Aquarius 2013

Blue Moon in Aquarius 2013

I'm sitting up stairs in the bedroom watching the full moon hang in the sky.  Its surrounded by a rainbow circle.  At first I thought it was my dodgy eye, so I covered it up and looked through the good one. But the rainbow was still there. Magnificent.

Have you noticed that more and more people are tuning into the moon's magic? ..And a great deal of interest has been created because this full moon is another Blue Moon.  This means that this is the second full moon in the lunar cycle, which is most unusual.  Still, we are living in strange and yet truly exciting times.  

In bygone times people looked to the sky for signs from the heavens.  We may not quite think in the same way these days but more and more people are looking up into the heavens in awe of its natural beauty. They are also beginning to live more in tune with life's natural cycles; the seasons for example, celebrating the turn of the seasons, the solstices and the equinoxes as well as the lunar cycles.  

A lot more people are willing to create new projects in harmony with the moons energy, and release what no longer serves them.  A heck of a lot of people already plant and tend their gardens and allotments in attunement with the moon.

The moon's radiating such a peaceful energy this evening. As you absorb its radiance, see what it has to say to you.  Don't search for words, work with your senses. The moon's energy is soft and feminine working with the subconscious mind.  It takes you beyond words into the realms of your intuition. Relax your body, so that you can listen to its whispers. Allow that peace to fill your entire body; calming the emotions, relaxing your physical body, releasing any tensions you may be hanging onto.What would bring greater peace and harmony into your own life?  What do you think is standing in the way of your further progress of the pathway of life? Can you let that go to create some space to ring in the new?

Let peace of mind be the foundation of your message. My message is perfectly simple,
'You're fine just the way you are. 
 You have nothing to prove. 
What's the moon's message for you this evening?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Moon - New Year - staying on track with the Angels and Guides

Butterfly, symbol of transformation
 - time to unfurl your wings and fly with the Angels

New Moon - New Year 

Staying on Track with the Angels and Guides

On Angels, Guides and the Art of Self Love

It's that time of the year again - my birthday!!!That means I am a Leo.  Since the new moon, I'm spending some time revising some of my new years resolutions to make sure I'm still on track.

Leos  get a lot of bad press.  Some people call us arrogant, but one of our major lessons is about SELF-LOVE, spontaneity and liberating the inner child. In fact most of 2013 has been about self-care and self-love for me since I have had a couple of health issues.

You may not be a Leo, but I believe there's a major lesson in each of the birth-signs for all of us as we progress through the year. And if we work with each one of them in their turn, we will be well on our way to achieving our New Years Resolutions and fulfilling our dreams.

So ask yourself these questions, especially if you are uncertain about your direction at this time:

  • Why I am doing this? Who am I doing it for?
  • Is it because I feel obliged to do it, or is it because it really inspires me to do it?
  • Do I care about myself enough to let go of the things that no longer serve my purpose.
  • If I am holding myself back - Why?  I am afraid to move forward.
Life's all about change. Do you care about yourself to make positive changes in your life?  We negotiate uncharted waters, so who knows what we may encounter on our journey? 

Change is undoubtedly scary, but we all have some hidden friends in the higher dimensions who are holding a space for us to implement positive change and to keep us in tune with our Higher Purpose.

What does holding the space mean?

Angels and our Higher Guides always surround us with their Light and Love, and this helps keep us on track. You could say that during your life you are always 'Wrapped in Angels Wings!' These Angels will be on a similar life's path to our own but at a higher level.  It's part of their mission to help us stay in tune with our Higher Self, our Divine Essence.  Our Divine Essence is the fabric of our entire being and is built on unconditional love.  If we can maintain this connection we will make decisions based on self-love, rather than fear, and such decisions can only enhance our experience of life.

Archangel Raphael:

Archangel Raphael is one of my favourite Angels.  We work with him all the time in our meditation group because he is a powerful healer, and now you also have the opportunity to work with him in my new workshop designed to link you more closely to your Divine Essence, 'Wrapped in Angels Wings.'  He also works at heart level and with the breath, and is concerned with the way we communicate not just with other people but more importantly ourselves.  When we love ourselves enough we stay connected to the indwelling spirit. When we understand who we really are, we let go and let spirit help us.

Wrapped in Angels Wings is a workshop on Saturday 21st. September at my home in Hemel Hempstead.  In this workshop, we will forge a closer connection to Spirit and the Angels and Archangel Raphael in particular and learn how to build a truly nurturing space for yourself.  We will experience the beauty of being 'wrapped in angels wings' in a series of powerful meditations and visualisation, and learn to trust the process we call life.   At the end of our workshop you will receive Mp3/CD of the day to take home and play.
Early bird price £30 contact Gillian to reserve your place.  Its designed to be a small group.