Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeing is believing

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is an essential part of my psychic tool kit as a medium.  But of course, it's not just restricted to seeing the Spirit. Clairvoyance is really an umbrella term for a whole range of skills we need to work at our very best.  These include:-
  • clairvoyance - clear seeing
  • clairaudience - clear hearing
  • clairsentience - clear sensing/feeling
  • claircognissance - clear knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The importance of your relationship with YOU!

So what's the ONE thing which really makes the difference to your work as a medium, or a healer come to that matter.
It's the relationship you have with yourSELF!

The most importance part of anyone's spiritual journey is to know (see clearly) who we are!  The Self in this case refers to your Higher Self,  the indwelling spirit.  It's what you were before you ever arrived on the earth plane. The Self contains your essence as well as your purpose in this lifetime. It's just like a seed, that blossoms and grows, again and again throughout the many cycles of your life time.

Who are you?

Now here comes, perhaps the most important aspect of the lot. 

Your essence is of course unconditional love!

So many people shy away from this fact, inspite of its  beauty. But its the quality of the relationship you have with you, that defines the quality of your mediumship.

Spirit in earthly form!

Once we are really clear (know without a shadow of a doubt) that we are Spirit having an earthly experience, the way we see the world shifts dramatically.
This means that:-
  • we fire on all cylinders i.e. claircognissance, clairvoyance, clairaudience as well as clairsentience.
  • we use all these facilities to explore both the earthly realm as well as the spiritual realm.
Our mediumship grows according to the relationship we have with ourself!

Our mediumship grows and expands according to how much we can love and accept who and what we are, warts and all.  It's the acceptance of our human frailties which brings us into the present moment, so that the special and totally unique relationship we have created with ourself is also translated into the outside world.  This pays dividends both personally and professionally.  Our lives become a symphony for Spirit.

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