Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Flowers Light up your Life...First Contact

Evening of Flower Clairsentience
Thursday 25th May
Welwn Garden City Spiritualist Church
Marsden Close
Welwyn Garden City

First Contact  - Ashland, Oregon

Light Body Conference with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer - 

My connection and love of flowers and the natural world has grown over the years, to the point I offer evenings of flower clairsentience, which connect you to your loved ones on the other side of life.  My favourite time for this is spring time, when the flowers are at their best and gardens are finally ablaze with colour after the long dark winter.   I believe that flowers have a very special role to play in our world and have a lots to teach us.  My journey to Ashland nearly 20 years ago set me off on a long journey.  I would like to share it with you now. Please get back to me if you have any questions, or would like to share your own experience of the flower or tree kingdom.

Ashland Oregon bristled with heat. Hot is an understatement, it was something in the region of 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I hadn’t expected this up in the mountains.

When we landed at the tiny airport in nearby Medford, a small spiral of smoke caught my attention.  By the time we arrived at our resort, the plume had doubled in size, and it wasn’t too long before flames started to ravage the greenery adorning the mountain side. 

Laying in my motel room recovering from jet lag after the long flight, I could hear shouts coming from outside. I dragged myself up to have a look.  Flames licked the mountain slopes, either side of the town, and the smell of smoke hung above the town.  Flames now leapt above the valley, looking dangerously close to devouring everything in its path..

The following morning at breakfast, although the flames had abated, a grey smoke haze hung above the building. It was surreal! Amid everything people were going about their daily business as if nothing at all had happened, although weary looking pilots came and went attempting to quell any fresh outbreaks.

The town itself had a very lucky escape, but some houses in outlying areas were lost, not to mention the toll on wildlife. During the conference, we spent a lot of time meditating and praying for the inhabitants and environment alike which seems to have paid dividends.

By the time I was due to leave, things had calmed down thank goodness, and, as I had a few hours left before the shuttled arrived,  I decided to walk towards the  town of Ashland, home of the famous Shakespeare Festival. The heat was still very oppressive, and danced crazy patterns on the tarmac. To the left, houses nestled back from the road, whilst pine trees lined gentle slopes off on the horizon. Things were now very quiet after the hubbub of the Light Body Weekend, and, hot though it was, I was revelling in the energy and taking my time saying my goodbyes and offering gratitude to my surroundings.

As the heat blazed down onto my bare shoulders, I became aware of another sensation, from somewhere over to my left.

 It came and went in waves, so that, at first I thought it was all in my imagination. Then it dawned on me, I was being given some Reiki Healing!  It took a while before I traced the sensation to the pine trees skirting the horizon.  Although their communication was silence, I became aware they were speaking and sharing with me in their own way; waving a fond farewell, but thanking me as well as all the conference participants for the work we had done on their behalf during the weekend. I have come to believe, flowers have a wisdom of their own which they are only too eager to share with us humans

Although not specifically with flowers I believe this was the first step on my journey with that kingdom, , and an understanding that we are all a part of the same natural world. We all have the same spark of the divinity within us, and although we may be vastly differently in shape, and size, we are all come from the same Source. I also believe they have such a lot to share with us about life....and death, in a way we could never imagine.

Evening of Flower Clairsentience
Thursday 25th May 7.45p.m.
Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church
off Marsden Close
Members 2.50; Non Members 3.50