Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

As I have said before.
At this time of year,
The True Message of Christmas 
gets lost,
as we hit the shops.

 I've found this chqnnelled piece of writing very reassuring and comforting
in these stressful times.

I personally use it as a meditation
to transport me into the Peaceful Silence.
I read the words
and am instantly taken into the 'inner space of companionable silence'.

It is really reassuring, restful and healing.
In the middle of all the hurly burly,
we call Christmas,
It's wonderful to know the world of Spirit and the Angels
have our backs.
They support us without question.
Even though we forget
as we get pulled into the shopping frenzy.

Have a wonder filled Christmas everyone.

Let us sit together in Peace and Harmony, my child,

In the companionable silence, 

So that your flame and my flame may grow 

Closer together.

And the whisperings at first barely heard
Become an anthem bearing the Universal Message.

Let the song we sing together ignite into a passion.
 Let it rise above the illusion of separation
Rippling out into the four corner of the Earth.

Live your life through me.
Accept you are one with me.
That peace, the peace which seems so alien to you,
It's your peace too, you know.

Your heart and my heart are one.
And it is here that you will find ever lasting peace.
Your desires and my desires are one.
We have never been truly separate.

You are a part of me
Just as I am a part of you.
So let us sit together in Peace and Harmony, my child,
For we are as One.

Channelled through Gillian Holland Christmas 2015

Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Return to Love

A Return to Love

We are not far off Winter Solstice,
when 'the light begins its return into the Northern Hemisphere,
and the days lengthen once more.
We live in interesting times.
Never was it more important to embrace the Light of Spirit,
come out of the Shadows of our own Lives,
Stand Tall
Take a deep breath
Step into our own power
to become the people we are intended to become.
Here is a quote most of you will be familiar with,
but one which is so inspiring for this time of year.
Who are we not to embrace the Light.
We are the Light!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
 so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us;
it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson 'A Return to Love'

Sunday, 29 November 2015

I love and approve of my self unconditionally.....or do I?

Medium Gillian Holland on

 Lighting up Your Life with Affirmations

I've got lots of ideas running around in my head, as we all have,  but they're not always positive more's the pity, and these can hold us back when we hit a crossroads. So I thought I would have another look at one of Louise Hay's perhaps most famous affirmation taken from her book 'You Can Heal Your Life' and see where it takes me. 'You Can Heal Your Life' is a book I first discovered in the 80's well before Louise went on to found her now world wide publishing house.

How do they work?:

Proper use of  affirmations can truly Light up your Life! But you have to see them through to the end, and then your crock of gold could be waiting at the end of the rainbow; it could be the light bulb moment which truly transforms your life.  I think one of the defining moments in my own life was 'realising it's okay to be ME rather than trying to be the person other people want me to be!'

The aim is to change your negative thinking pattern into something more positive; something that will inspire and motivate you to move forward rather than hide away in the shadows thinking you are not up to the mark. The knock-back thinking is the bit of us that's resisting change and therefore holding us back.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, e.g. so say 'Don't you look marvellous?', and you are likely to hit a whispered knock back along these lines,'Oh yeah, and just who do you think you are trying to kid?' 

Now you could even get a knock-back from a supposed friend, but more often than not, we are our own worst enemies.  We sabotage ourselves to the nth degree with our negative thought patterns just when we are trying to change ourselves for the better.

Here are some of my own negative knock-backs as I worked with this affirmation. Believe it or not recognising them,  but not beating yourself up, is more power to your elbow., especially when you realise just how much they have really been holding you back. In fact, not beating yourself up is the 'key to transformation.'  The affirmation you will see in italics, and my negative kick-backs underneath in plain and simple script.

I love and approve of myself unconditionally (5a.m.)

Yes, you got it, 5a.m. It's still dark outside, but I am up and ready to go,. I whip out Louise Hay's book, a  journal and pen. Deep breath - I can do this!

I attack the words with gusto, shoving them down into my journal, spidery letters crawling across the page.  I Can Do This! I Really Can Do This!

No enjoyment here, though, just a tour of duty.  I grit my teeth, yes that's right literally grit my teeth, head down, white knuckles taut on the pen.

This is something I have to do, something I have to battle through; another chore, another duty to perform  It's a military exercise fine tuned with precision, no frills and, heaven forbid, certainly no enjoyment especially at this hour of the day! Mindless!

I love and approve of myself unconditionally

I loosen my jaw, don't want any MORE trouble with my teeth now do I? (Those teeth of yours Gillian, well, really!)  I need to approach this exercise more openly, and with feeling, not just robotic mindlessness.

What's the difference then in the two attitudes?  Well I feel more expansive, but nonetheless ANXIOUS.  I've opened up to the possibility that there is far more going on underneath the surface of that very optimistic affirmation.

WHOA!  I don't just have to chant it, I have to LIVE it! Darn it!

Okay there's lots more to this than I had realised! Am I really being asked to be open to a multitude of feelings I would rather not know about? Do I really have to confront all of this?

I feel like an absolutely plonker: plonking words down on paper, only to be answered with a rat-a-tat mocking full-frontal attack, ' Oh do you now?'

Its churning up all these feelings; anger, fear resentment, frustration, you name it and I seem to have it. 'There you go, told you so!' that voice mocks all over again.  

The Lids come off the saucepan and the secrets out. 'So Alright, No I don't love and approve of myself unconditionally.  I am a long way away from that...It's cold, its damp and very dark outside, the duvet's much more inviting, so I am not sure whether I want to play this game any more!

I've been scuppered!!!  Okay, so I am not so perfect, you've guessed it! I'm not all apple pie and custard (too fattening); the gingham check on my pinny (apron) has worn exceedingly thin, plus I don't like what I see in the mirror as I crank myself out of bed Tiger Balm in hand.

I love and approve of myself unconditionally

It's not about the words exactly, its more about the feelings they generate. OMG!

And right now , right up until this very minute, they've generated more than their fair share of 'Don't be ridiculous!'  not to mention, since it's Christmas, a few 'Bah Humbugs!', too.  I'm cringing, positively cringing!

I love and approve of myself unconditionally

Well Awright!!! Now I feel just plain guilty. All this time talking to myself? Talking to myself, now isn't that supposed to be some kind of a sign, and not too auspicious a sign either?  It surely can't be right to devote all this time to ME; little old me???  It's a bit of a game really isn't it? A scam even? Overindulgent?

I search my memory bank for an excuse to stop! Then it hits me!!! (Whoops that's the wrong word!).

Just what IS the purpose of all this?

Life's not meant to be regimented,  we are all meant to be true to ourselves. 

If we call ourself a silly old twit, we could be silly, we could be old, but a twit? NAH!!!

 I may be eccentric!
 What's more, I may have more than a few sags and bags
 ( Oh dear, don't you just love them? )

I mean those scales have just got to be wrong RIGHT?

And I never could spell either!

But I have the right to be ME
I am an individual in my own right!

Let me say that again. I have the right to be Me.

That is what marks me out as an individual.

 We can either go for the jugular, so to speak, or we can say it 'with loving acceptance'. We can accept our faults lovingly, or we can beat ourselves up and give ourselves a hard time because we don't quite meet everyone's expectations, and we're not part of the robotic regiment! 

  I may be eccentric, but at least I am being ME. And as the affirmation says,

'I love and approve of myself unconditionally!
We are who we are, eccentric or not.
It's the warts which mark us out as Individuals
And we are all born to be Individuals.
Our individuality is our gift to the world.

Gillian Holland copyright 2015

Louise Hay's Book 'You Can Heal Your Life' is available from Hay House UK

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Peace on Earth - channelled information

Peace on Earth

 'Peace is the doorway into the Higher Dimensions.  It is a state of consciousness in which you are at one with all things, and the place you go to when  all that remains in your heart is peace and love for your fellow human beings and more importantly yourself.

In other words, your Higher Self and Lower Self have come together as 'one heart, one mind and one voice'. You are no longer in 'two minds' as they say, you have come to a decision which brings peace to your heart. Whenever you experience being in two minds, you cannot experience peace, because your heart is telling you once thing, whereas your mind is pulling you in another direction all together.  And your head, dominated by fear, is telling you you are just not good enough to walk through any door marked peace.

The human mind with all its self-doubt and judgement was never intended to sit in the driving seat of your life.  It was intended to serve. And it was intended to serve the Light which shines in all humanity.  Light is the backdrop for all the Universe. It is the stuff behind all of creation.

You are all destined to pour more light onto Earth.  This comes through the realisation that you are that light. Peace comes when you stop fighting and surrender to the power that is build into the fibre and fabric of your entire being. Why fight against your true heritage? Your  purpose  is to live together in 'compassionate love'  and to create 'a Garden of Eden' or Heaven on Earth  Fear is divisive, and demonstrates separation from the Source of your Being. And Love conquers all.

channelled through Gillian Holland 2015

Sunday, 15 November 2015

We will remember......

We will remember.......who we are!

Medium Gillian Holland on Remembrance Day and the aftermath of Paris

Remembering who we are

Remembrance Day 11:11 is always a very powerful time of year, and Wednesday was no exception. What a wonderful evening spent in company of both heavenly and earthly Angels in Remembrance at my monthly Angel group.  This is not only a time to remember all the Souls who paid the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, but a time to remember we are 'Spirit!'  Remembrance is a time for healing, and goes beyond words.

We as Spiritualists call this the Silence, and it is the 'going into the Silence' rather than shying away from it, which makes all the difference.  

Paris  13.11.15

Right now most of us are feeling numbed by the atrocities in Paris.  Our hearts go out to the French nation and everyone - ordinary people out just enjoying a Friday night- who were caught up in the onslaught.  There is a sense of outrage beneath the shock of such a violation.  Once again candles are being lit and flowers are being placed for the fallen, and those traumatised by this incidence. Once again, people ordinary people are being called to come together in an Act of Remembrance.

The Silence isn't a 'nothing space', and certainly not just a mechanical act of duty, as some might have us believe. The Silence is a state of consciousness. It is who we really are beyond the labels, negative judgements and criticisms we've allowed to dominate our lives.

The Silence is the very essence of life itself.  It may be Silent; it may be wordless, but it is teeming with a potential for life, and therefore constantly renewing itself.  In this Space, we remember who we are: Spirit. It is this Spirit, which runs through all peoples of the world no matter who we are or where we come from. The Divine Flame we all know as Spirit is the substance of all life, and it is founded on love, compassionate love.

When we touch Spirit in the Silence we take heart in spite of the tragedy. We are one Global Nation beyond our differences. Spirit is our hope and therefore our salvation however you choose to label the word. It is certainly not the possession of anyone in particular but available to us all.  Most of us want nothing other than to live out our lives in peace, harmony and companionship with our families, friends, children and grandchildren. 

And in the silence, we are inspired to transform and heal life for those same children and grandchildren.  We are inspired to take heart once more in spite of the sorrow and tragedy.  
One simple act of Remembrance has the ability to transform the world.  And so be it.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Archangels to the rescue

Celebration of Spirit through Greater Awareness of SELF

Healing is an invitation to remember who we are
in the company of Angels and the Realms of Spirit!

Your connection to Source energy

Sometimes we just have to let go and allow Spirit and the Angels to 'Light up our Lives' the way they see fit.  They do have a bird's eye view, whilst our own vision is very much more limited. I invite you to Believe in the Magic that is Spirit.  We are Spirit first and foremost and once we acknowledge it then the skies the limit, we can truly move mountains in service of humanity.  Not through force, not through fear, but by embracing the light and the love that is essence of our Being and dancing to a loving rather than a fearful beat.

We are all born to dance to the rhythm of the Universe with open hearts, 
open minds and open voices.
A vision filtered through love rather than fear.

Last night at Welwyn Garden City was much quieter than normal, but it was still a magnificent 'Celebration of Spirit!' amid the occasional flash, bang wallop for another more worldly Guy Fawkes celebration outside.

We spent our evening working under the direction of the four major archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.  However, last night we were joined by another equally powerful archangel, Jophiel, to concentrate on some healing work before opening to the Angels for some personal guidance.

Six pointed Star

We were directed to work with the six pointed star, which many of us associated with White Eagle's work, too. This star is the symbol of perfect healing.  It contains two triangles one facing upwards, whilst the second faces down towards earth.   It also represents both aspects of ourselves;
a) our personal identity in this life time, the ego or personality self - facing upwards
b) the divinity which is the core of our being the Higher or Divine Self - facing downwards

It is the symbol for wholeness, but is also associated with Judaism and the Star of David.  It represents compassionate and unconditional love.  Therefore unconditional love is the force that has the capacity to heal us all.


Jophiel is another one of my favourite Archangels and is said to guard the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden.   I associate her with Space, and if you are a Trekkie fan you will know that 'Space is the final Frontier!'

The six pointed star is literally our Guiding Star and can transform the space we inhabit. It is our True North because it is based on our felt sense, rather than our negative thoughts and fears.

And it is through this connection that we come to understand we are unconditional love.It is a love which surpasseth all human understanding, and yet when we touch this beautiful energy, it can renew and heal every fibre of our Being.  Yes really!

Whilst our mind beams out negative thoughts telling us we are unworthy of love, our Higher Self beams out the exact opposite 'We are Love'.

It invites us to understand, therefore, there is no way we can be separated from Source because that is who we are.  Our entire body is created from a template of unconditional love.

Healing is an invitation to Remember Who You Are!

The meditations last night were very powerful indeed.   We met up with our loved ones, some of us for the very first time since they crossed to the other side. This is always a very powerful experience, bringing us to the realisation that we are all eternal beings, and therefore our loved ones are never far from our side.  Others of us received profound personal realisations as they take the next step forward on the journey called life.  Everyone was completely wrapped in the beauty of the Angels wings feeling really safe and secure in the energy. What a celebration

Jophiel invites us to fill our personal space with the Light of the Greater Understanding of who we truly are.  As we move further into the light our negative beliefs and thinking just melt away into the Light of the Love that we are.

copyright Gillian Holland 2015

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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween - Divine Rug Pulling part 2

Halloween at The Tree Tree Old High Street, Hemel Hempstead.

If ever there was a holiday that deserves commercialization
its Halloween!
We haven't taken it away from the kids,
We've just expanded it so that the kids 
in adults can enjoy it, too!

Cassandra Peterson

More empty spaces

Halloween is a festival we have come to associate with things scary; ghosts, ghouls, witches, trick or treat, but I believe there is another deeper meaning, very often overlooked. It is an opportunity to reawaken to who we are,  not by any deep and meaningful, but quite simply allowing ourselves just a bit of fun. And then, when we remember our true essence, we can carve out a magical life for ourselves in the light of this understanding. In other words, as Cassandra Peterson says (above): Halloween is a festival for us big kids as much as it is the little 'uns.  It's time for a bit of fun, because fun and laughter can be the biggest tonic ever and it's HEALING!

We are all 'Children of the Universe' , and 'Everything is okay just the way it is!'  (see previous blog; 'Rug Pulling:part of the Divine Plan!') The Light shining so brightly in each one of us is 'unconditional love - the substance of the Universe!' And as 'children of the universe', it's also okay to join in the fun alongside our own children. We adults tend to take life very seriously indeed but play, creativity and spontaneity are vital to our well being, so get the face paint out, make a mess and enjoy it 

Sometimes it can feel like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Halloween is, however, our opportunity to let go, celebrate the Universe really is on our side, climb onto the magic carpet, and fly.  Our kids don't have to think twice they just climb on board and have lots of fun...And sometimes amid all the mess and chaos of letting your hair down, you might just receive some of the answers you've been looking for from the realms of Spirit.

Whoops here comes another space!

It's perhaps no accident that as Halloween approaches, I've been presented with yet another empty space in my diary.(see previous blog), against all expectations But this weekend I have found a champion 'Ermintrude!!', and together we are going to make full use of the space and have some FUN!

Ermintrude takes off and Gillian along with her!

Prepare for Lift off - Ermintrude's at the helm

Ermintrude created by Bev at Cakes Oh My!
I'd like to introduce you to Ermintrude.  She's become my champion this weekend; my prize in the cake naming competition at my favourite Tea Shop in the Old High Street in Hemel Hempstead.  Yes that's right,  Ermintrude is a cake and what's more she's become my muse.  

Now climb aboard her Magic Carpet and see where she takes us.  She's an exceedingly good witch and wants nothing more than to take good care of us all; little kids, big kids one and all! She's expert at helping change the way you see the world and all the rug pulling that goes on all over the place.

 Her magic wand is something else.  As we fly over hill and dale on the journey called life, Ermintrude stands proudly at the helm, magic wand (special ingredient - divine love) in hand.  With one flick she waves her wand over all the dark shadows and storms shouting, 'Tallyho!' transforming them into light and then into your dreams, 'Nothing is impossible when you believe,' she yells as she parts storm clouds with her wand, 'Absolutely nothing is  impossible!'

Her mission is to bring out the good in all people and to remember we are all born to ride on that Magic Carpet.  The rug is only pulled from under our feet when we get obstinate because there's far more out there for us to see and do.We are meant to live the life of our dreams, not our fears.

Spirit is our Champion

We are all championed by Spirit!  And there are no exceptions. Halloween is a golden opportunity to connect to the Spiritual realms, because the veil between this world and the next is very thin.

We all have our own Ermintrude's too, real or imagined. And they are here to remind us of who we really are: unconditional love.  It is our opportunity to let go of all the old ghosts and ghouls that have haunted us from the past, telling us we are just not up to the mark and denying us access to the true.

It is a time to 'Return to Love' as Marianne Williamson says. Our ghosts may well be people but they are much more likely to be thoughts, feelings and judgements that have stopped us dancing to the rhythm of our own heart beat and left us drowning in someone else's out of tune song.. 

We never walk alone: Angels are always there, along with Ermintrude!

Angels and the world of Spirit (Source/Divine Energy) help us clear a space when we are ready to move on. They hold the energy for us as the necessary shifts are being made to help us move to the next stage of the journey. There's a lot going on under the surface and we just have to hold our nerve until we get another nudge from Spirit to get moving again and remember Ermintrude's magic wand!

We are supported by people on the other side of life, and we most definitely are supported by the Universe, we just have to stay open to the possibility and start looking for the signs.

You are okay, there is nothing to worry about. Spirit and the Angels are on your side, and you have never been alone, they always walk by your side, trying their hardest to usher you back onto the magic carpet when you let slip.

 Everything is okay just the way it is.  This is a time to be and to embrace the love that you are.  ~For this is the place where yours dreams are created.

 It is a time of deep-healing - a remembrance of who you are -SPIRIT and that your Universe, your own Divine Purpose is unfolding step by step, stage by stage.  It's time to let go of all the recrimination, and believe in your essential goodness; the love that you are.

Archangel Azrael says

We are here not to scare or frighten you with ghosts and ghouls from your past,
 we are here to encourage you to climb on board your own magic carpet
to release all those unnecessary thoughts and judgements which want you to believe,
, you are separate from Source.
  We are here to encourage you to let go into the space,
to jump on board the magic carpet,
to stand at the helm (with Ermintrude)
and embrace the light of the love that you are,
 and then in the light of the love step forward.

copyright Gillian Holland 2015

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements  Saturday 28th. November and Sunday 29th. November 2015 in Hemel Hempstead

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rug pulling - part of the Divine Plan?

Rug Pulling - part of the Divine Plan?

Everything really is okay just the way it is,
even when you feel the rugs been pulled from underneath your feet.
Strange though it may sound, 
that disappearing rug could be just the nudge we need to recognise
 change is long over due.

Medium Gillian Holland's thoughts 
on Divine Rug Pulling as a gift from the Universe
to get you in gear for the next stage of your life.

Rug Pulling is a Divine Art:

Everything really is okay just the way it is, even though you may feel the rug's been pulled from right under your feet.  In fact, rug pulling, as I was to discover may even be part of the Divine Plan.  It is a way to get things moving again when life's got a bit stale but you've chosen to ignore it like I did.

Last week was pretty strange.  I found myself feeling very let down by life.  One minute, I was looking forward to a week full of long standing appointments, and the next mostly empty pages, mis-communications and let downs!  And it went on from there! Sometimes I just think I am a very slow learner because it took a while before I got the message; I'd been on the receiving end of some well aimed Divine Rug Pulling.

I'm not saying  I didn't flap around  (see my blog Think happy thoughts and you will FLY'), because I did. Then after calming down a bit, I let my intuition guide me to another favourite spot of mine by the Canal to think things through and hopefully discover what was what.

There was not a cloud in the clear blue sky as I made my way to a bench by the side of the water. A beautiful willow tree leaned towards the water,its graceful trendrils swaying in a playful breeze. I watched fascinated as these leaves danced in and out of  the shadows caste by bright sunlight: a multitude of velvet greens. Across the other side of the tow path four narrow boats basked in the autumn light, too, People, geese, swans, gulls and all manner of small birds just doing what they do; nothing unusual to report.

Happy though I was to be sitting by the canal, it just wasn't doing it for me.  After all, time was getting on, and I had been sitting there for what seemed like ages, waiting for answer.  It was all very frustrating.  I wanted Help with a capital H! And what's more, I wanted it now!

I stood up, ready to go home, and completely disenchanted when completely out of the blue, these words rang out loud and clear in my ears, 'Everything is okay just the way it is!'

 Really?  I sat back down on the bench with a jolt, allowing myself finally to savour the moment.  It wasn't so much the words, although of course they were really significant,  more a sense of the OKAY  they ushered in..  Words and Feelings came as a complete package, a wave labelled peace, calm and serenity urging me to remember that yes, absolutely everything is okay just the way it is. I took a deep breath in and then finally all the way out, so that was it time to move on and see things in a different light.

A place of Being

This wave is a space of complete BEING, a surrender to the moment.  It was a giving in rather than a giving up.  The fact is my diary had been emptied, which had completely rocked my self confidence, no point  denying it!

I sighed, sinking back still further into the welcoming space beneath all the self-doubts, fears and confusions that had grabbed my attention since everything kicked off. The truth is, in this space everything is okay the way it is; no argument. And that is the starting point for the next step forward; peace perfect peace, not scarcity mentality and self-doubt.  The Universe really does work for us, but we have to learn to work with it.

Life does go on!

Everything is truly okay just the way it is, and that includes my emptied diary even though it took me a while to get it.  Life really does go on, even when our world seems to have fallen completely apart.

Sometimes the rug pulling is a sign that we need to get a move on; that we have become resistant to well over due change. It is the Universe's calling card when we just haven't been paying attention to the signs.

Sometimes what seems to be a stroke of bad luck can be a blessing in disguise, a sign that there is much more to life than we are allowing ourselves to receive at that time. It is a sign we need to break out of the mould and breathe new life into the next exciting chapter of our lives. It is a sign that all systems are go, and definitely not a step backwards.  Are YOU ready to go for it?

copyright Gillian Holland 2015

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Think happy thoughts and you will FLY!

It only takes one negative thought or comment
 to burst your bubble and ruin the day.
As Peter Pan said,
'Think happy thoughts and you will fly!'

Medium Gillian Holland on positive thinking and Spirit!

Life dances to a much gentler beat than we humans realise!  Beneath all the hurly burly and hubbub of day to day existence, there really is a much gentler rhythm waiting to be heard, and it's a life saver! We're not meant to run around like headless chickens - we are meant to fly! Prepare for take off!

The natural world has so much to teach us especially the bird kingdom.

Living as part of the natural world, not apart from it!

On route for a certain garden centre yesterday, I followed my intuition and took a detour into another one along the way.  

I loved sitting on the terrace, quite alone, sipping my coffee and catching the last few remnants of Autumn sunshine.  It took me a while to zone into the bird song, but when I looked up at the pylon next door, hundreds of tiny birds, sat silhouetted against the sky, chirping away celebrating the sun-shine too! 

These birds weren't in any kind of hurry either, they seemed happy enough singing way above my head. Obviously enjoying the chat and not bothered at all by all that high voltage electricity pulsing through the wires.

As I took another sip of coffee, it suddenly became silent.  When I looked up, a group of birds had taken to the skies and were winging their way round the pylon before settling down again, Once more, maneouvre complete, they broke into excited chatter. 

As I continued to watch, one tiny creature  lifted effortlessly into a welcoming sky. Then another, and another took flight, all with the same grace and  ease. Nothing rushed, nothing hurried, I watched spellbound as they eased their wings back to soar on the thermals. Three groups took off one after the other, all in separate directions and all with the same grace and ease. How amazing is that?  

It looked so easy.

Do you remember some of that old black and white footage?  Where people spent an age creating iall kinds of crazy flying machines before taking a running jump off the end of a pier,desperately trying to fly.All those hours of preparation.  Didn't they just flap around to avoid a dunking! As far as I know no-one actually succeeded at the time, but people are still out there flapping away desperate to take off and fly. 

Those birds have the secret! We are most definitely not meant to get ourselves in a flap yet these days most of us are eternally flapping around trying to keep us with the demands of the world

We are not meant to struggle, we are meant to simply soar above the sometimes really dark and deep clouds of our lives. Those birds take for granted something we struggle with; we maybe human but we are all a part of the natural world, just like the birds, flowers and plants, and its far easier to take off than we had ever imagined.

The Secret

How can we stop flapping and start soaring? By simply acknowledging who we really are! We, too, are a part of the natural world, and that world is a part of the wider Universe.  We are all of us connected by the same golden thread, whoever or whatever we are, without exception

And guess what? That thread is the stuff which makes the world go round.  It is the same thread which breathed life into us as individuals. It really is a loving energy, and therefore truly on our side.. That love beats in the heart of all humanity too, so we can stop flapping and start soaring. We are all a part of the same Universe and since that Universe is based on unconditional love and compassion isn't it about time we started thinking loving and positive thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world.  Our feathered friends have no problem with that.  They have no doubt about their place in the world.

Dancing to the different beat

We are not meant to be on the go all the time, and we are certainly not alone.  We have nothing to prove, just a need to accept our essence, and then in the light of that understanding everything to go for. So we can stop flapping around, cut ourselves some slack and, when the time is right, lift off  without unnecessary struggle.
 'We are fuelled by love after all!'

As Peter Pan says,
 'Think happy thoughts and you will fly!' 

None of us are meant to dance to another man's tune, particularly not in today's stressful world. We are meant to dance to the loving rhythm of our own heart beat, body, mind and soul. 

Next time you feel the earth's about to swallow you up, remember who you are, pause, breathe and trust the loving process. Relax rather than flap.  Remember 'you are not alone' you are being preparing for 'lift off'   and your thoughts, your happy loving thoughts and belief in yourself is the fuel that's going to help you fly!!

copyright Gillian Holland October 2015

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

This little light of mine.....

This little light of mine.......I'm gonna let it shine!....
          At the risk of sounding just a little dotty,
         Did you know you were a beam of light?
Yes really, a Light-wave!
            Just like the Sun you have limitless energy too.
Unfortunately most of us are running around with flat batteries
because we've only got half our act right!!!

Gillian Holland on getting your act together to achieve your highest potential

Lighting up your Life with Spirit

The photo above is of the great pyramid of Kulkulkaan at Chichen Itza, and this is where in March 1995, I really understood what it meant when Spirit Lights up your Life!  

The Mayas were superb astrologers.  Each ancient city or site had its own observatory, and the Mayas always kept careful track of the heavens They understood that we too are a part of the natural world and subject to the same natural rhythms as everything else.

Unfortunately as human beings, we are more than just a tad obstinate; we are okay with the flow but when it comes to the ebb, well that's a different story altogether.

When we Light up our Lives with Spirit, it means we finally realise there's much more to us than meets the human eye.  We are Spirit!  And as Spirit we are Light; we are actually beings of light. The Light is actually trying to guide us, and we are sometimes too stubborn or short sighted to see it, ending up with flat batteries.

It's letting go of the steering wheel that's the problem

Waves crashing to shore in Tenerife on a bright yet breezy day.

Everything has two sides to it.  On the one hand, I love watching waves by the sea shore. Sit by the sea and it doesn't take a second to realise just how relaxing it is to watch and listen to the oceans own natural rhythms.

On the other hand, waves can be fearsome, especially on a stormy day, and you only have to see just how much angry foam the wind conjures up.  That's what we fear, letting go of the steering wheel, ending up dashed  and broken like driftwood all along the sea shore.

Each wave has its own natural ebb and flow. As a natural part of the Universe, we too have our own natural rhythm.  But the ebb, or letting go, can be scary. We are all frightened of letting go in case all our hopes and dreams capsize in the face of a storm. 

When we Light up our Lives with Spirit, we are willing to let go of our fears, riding the ebb just as much as the flow.  We trust some-one up there is on our side after all! And life becomes a whole lot easier and joyful

Letting go means letting Spirit into your life 

We are a natural part of the Universe. We are not aliens and certainly weren't abandoned by the mother ship here on earth when the dinosaurs died out. 

Sometimes, we act and behave as if we are completely divorced from the earth plane, but that's just not true.  Back to those light beams. We are light.  Light is a wave and so we too are subject to life's natural ebb just as much as its flow. In order to move forward we have to embrace the ebb as well as the flow, otherwise we get stuck believing there's nothing more to us than the physical body.

Letting go of the steering wheel literally 'Lights up your Life to Spirit', but it also means needing to give up control and be willing to journey into the unknown. We fear being overwhelmed and taking a tumble..

Letting go, or learning to embrace the ebb opens you up to healing and inspiration. When you allow Spirit to light up your life, you come face to face with your true essence: unconditional love. Letting go then means you surrender to the Universe of which you, too, are a natural part.  You too are meant to have a share in its natural abundance, not by trying to control your environment but by riding not just half the wave but all of it. Only a complete wave can find its way to shore. If you trust you certainly won't crash into the smithereens you think you will,  you will be buoyed up by the light lying right at the heart of your being, and in the process will finally remember just who you are.  For beneath all the layers of fears, you are love. And it is this love, your flame which is the inspirational for all of life in its rich diversity including you own.

The light you carry in your heart is unconditional love.  That light is your inner Source, your Wisdom as well as your Inspiration. Stop pushing your way forward when actually it's time to stop, look and listen. This is where we refuel and then take stock. The ebb is a natural pause in the proceedings before we begin to push forward once again. It's the bit we are most likely to forget even though its essential to not only our well being but our spirit.

Stop, look and listen

Next time you take a walk along the sea shore, listen to the natural rhythm of the waves, or if you prefer that of the breeze as it ripples through the trees or the way things natural come to a head or climax before gently receding back into the distance.  Listen with every fibre of your being. That's listen with your feelings.  Listen with all of yourself.  Allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings.  Look around you and see maybe, truly see, hear feel for the very first time.

Lighting up your Life with Spirit, means acknowledging the light within and acknowledging there is far more to you than meets the eye. It means living your life to its fullest potential rather than running around on a flat battery.  It means becoming the individual you were meant to become for the very first time.  It means embracing life's mysteries and magic.

Working with life's natural rhythms really does and can Light up your Life!  It helps you reach your highest potential not through struggle but following your own Divine Purpose of (Light Wave) When we follow our own natural ebb and flow, the life we lead is truly inspirational and creative.  We are creating life in only the way we can, for we are all unique and very individual beings.

Things to do

Take a walk out in nature, watch the way the light falls and how the shadows change throughout the day.  You may find that your being lead to walk at a much slower pace as you absorb the world around you. You could  things truly for the very first time.

Take a camera with you, take shots. Have fun  

Listening to the breeze rippling through the trees.  Take a trip into a woods or forest. Feel life natural rhythm.  Take a note of your feelings

Visit the sea side if you are able...or sit by a river bank.  Watch the way the water moves.

copyright Gillian Holland 2015


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Friday, 2 October 2015

I'm no fixer - but I am a medium!

I'm no fixer - I'm a medium

Although I am a medium I don't have all the answers, so please don't think I am completely fixed. I am also not a fixer.  I can't sort your life out for you, but, what I do can help you come to terms with your loss and that's an excellent and very positive starting point.

Communicating with your loved ones can really help you Light up Your Life once more when faced with the tragedy of loss and bereavement. Of course, it isn't a miracle, of course it can't turn back time, but it can help.

My work is intended to empower you when a loved one's light goes out in your life. It can be truly inspirational if you are willing to give it a try.  What's more, it gives you a brand new perspective on life, one that leaves room to celebrate and live your life once again despite your loss. Of course nothing can replace your loved one, but knowing they are safe and sound on the other side of life, can give you the oomph to start getting back on track.

I also have the empathy and sensitivity that comes from losing my own Dad at four, followed by my Mum when I was just 25 years.  I use these skills alongside my counselling and mediumistic training to communicate with the loved ones who have gone 'over to the other side of life' as we call it and who are just waiting to let you know they are okay.

When we lose someone we care for, we can shut down to avoid feeling so much hurt, although it's our body's natural response to want to protect itself as much as possible.  It is just that, a natural response, but not always the best one because our Spirit friends communicate on a 'love vibration'

When I lost mum, a light went out in my life. And yet a short while later,  I had a vision of her standing on a rainbow filled bridge of light, as large as life. Since this was well before I started either my counselling or mediumistic training, this experience was well outside my comfort zone, and just a little bit unnerving. I  didn't quite know what to make of it. The sense of love I felt made me only too aware that she wasn't around any longer and so I shut down, shrinking away from the experience to avoid even more pain and sorrow.

But opening to the love and the happy memories  the two of you shared together is an integral part of the healing process.  These days my own mediumship works very much with feelings and can be part of the general healing process.  Our loved ones do communicate on a love vibration, and lots of my clients actually feel the atmosphere shift as their loved ones arrives from the other side of life. Other times they will bring a sense of complete peace and harmony into the room, sometimes a sense of joy and celebration that they are by your side once more.  It all depends on what is needed. 

 It's also not uncommon for our Spirit friends to ask their friends and relatives to focus on the good times, and maybe even suggest they look through their photos at happier times together.  Sometimes they will even say 'remember that shot you have of me on your phone?. That's how I want you to remember me.  After all I am back to my old self.'

Spirit messages are very much intended to help you through the grieving process and to give you a fresh perspective on life.  There's much more to life than meets the eye!  Death isn't a complete ending just a moving to another level of existence, one than we can't see with our own naked vision, but that we can feel and experience when we remain open to the love, light peace and harmony of the 'Higher Life' as its known.  c 2015

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Light up your Life with Spirit

Light up your Life with Spirit......a return to love

What's your take on Spirit?
Does the mere mention of the word have you diving under the bed covers
or ... marvelling at life's magic?

What's your take on Spirit?
Words sometimes get in the way!

Spirit is the golden thread running through all of life, animate or inanimate, and without exception. However, words that are intended to unify, can be used to divide and create conflict.  Unfortunately Spirit is one of those words because it's associated with Spiritualism.... when it actually transcends all religious beliefs.

I'm not a woo-woo kind of Spiritualist
The Spirit I deal with isn't woo-woo, so there’s nothing to fear. You might know it as Source, Universe, God or even Life itself.

It's the force that makes the world go around, so it’s everywhere, and definitely not just restricted to Spiritualism.

Two of the most important words as far as Spiritualism is concerned are 'spirits', and 'Spirit'. The first we associate with our lost loved ones already on the other side of life, and 'Spirit'
 with a capital S which is what I want to talk about today.  This kind of  'Spirit'  is the golden thread which connects us all. It is the Source of our Being, no matter where in the globe we come from. It’s a bit like a telegraph wire connecting us to everyone else, living or ‘dead’.

Words are labels, meant to give us all a sense of unity, but unfortunately  can do just the opposite.

I don't deal with death; I deal with life 

It's another way to look at life....

Understanding Spirit as the golden thread of life invites us to look at life in a whole different way. It means we can connect with our loved ones on the other side no matter what their beliefs ,  and certainly not just the Spiritualists!! This is a really rewarding part of the work. There's no such thing as death, just a transformation to another, higher state of consciousness. 

Lets ditch the word death

I don't like using the word death, it gives the wrong impression and creates a great deal of fear. So I much prefer using another word of phrase such as 'letting go'
 or 'surrender'
All we are doing when we leave this planet, is moving to a higher state of awareness......Spirit is a very loving energy and when we connect to our friends on the other side of life, it is always with love. They communicate to help us move through our grief radiant in the knowledge our friends live on at a higher level of consciousness.

Spirit communication is magical and I have seen its impact time and time again making a huge difference in people’s lives especially when they are grieving.  If you would like to learn more, or book an appointment for a session, please contact me on  or

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

There's nothing wrong with my teeth

on the fall out following a trip to the dentist.

A visit to the dentist:

Oh dear!  This morning saw a visit to the dentist, and the possibility ( as well as the expense) of a new crown.  I promise you I am not a happy bunny, having booked in for a treatment plan running well into October.

My thoughts turn to a little TLC to make up for the drain on my resources, not to mention the discomfort and the hamster cheeks yet to come reminding me of Marlon Brando in The Godfather!. However, my spirit revives just a tad when I remember the beautiful little coffee shop and bakery in the small shopping precinct close by.  When it comes to TLC of course food, typically chocolate and cake, lots of cake, top the list of must haves.

All change:

The first thing I notice is a brand new sign over the doorway; rich and bold lettering standing out from a dark yet elegant background proclaiming 'this is a centre of bread-making and cake-making excellent, folks! Come on in!'

My first step over the threshold tells me that the whole place has had a make-over.  Thick creamy walls, stripped right back to the brickwork and pure white circular tables surrounded by comfy bucket chairs bid me enter.  Opposite, a series of colourful posters on a gleaming tiled background now invite me to take the next step, 'Come eat!'  A gateau screams for attention; smeared with oodles of butter-cream icing and hundreds and thousands spilling over the the top got me drooling, yes drooling!  One slice has already been cut out of said gateau revealing bright bands of glorious colour; shades of green, yellow and all shades of the rainbow, inviting me yet again, 'Come eat' yet again!  On a separate poster, pots of fresh summer fruits hustle for my attention;  strawberries, summer berries, kiwifruit and melon piled tantalisingly into pristine plastic pots, filling each container to capacity. Yummy cheese straws straight from a pipping hot oven complete the bill, along side kids biscuits colourfully daubed with a series of cartoon characters to delight youngsters of all ages.  ('Which piece shall I bite off first?')

The counter itself brims full with an assortment of hot and cold goodies from the good old British staples of pie, sausage and sausage rolls to sandwich fillings for the more health conscious. And finally, thank goodness and further away from me, almost (yes almost) out of harms way came the cakes.  Those cakes, wow those cakes laid out in individual glory.

Having ordered my salad sandwich (yes that's right, I emphasise SALAD sandwich) I sat back watching as crowd after crowd of people snaked their way into the shop to buy up some goodies before making their way home.

Saying Yes to Life:

Life comes in all shapes and sizes.  In fact we have no other choice than to accept the rough with the smooth.  The dentist is definitely situated right at the rough end of the nasty spectrum, so I needed some of the smooth to balance things out did I not? And wasn't this bakers shop just heaven sent in my time of great need?

As human beings, we all try to run away from the rough don't we?  In the end, however, we all have to face up to the many curve balls life does indeed chuck at us. On that note, you might be forgiven for thinking I then went back for seconds and even thirds to drown my toothy sorrows, but I didn't.  You might think that my decision to behave and not overindulge was at least in part dictated by the fact that this evening I am going to my slimming club weigh in and you'd be right of course. However....there is another and oft over looked piece to the equation Spirit. And its the Spirit rather than the stuffing that helps us take the rough with the smooth and to get back on track

Savouring Life:

I've discovered there are two ways in which I can indulge my passion for food; to savour each morsel and to make every bite count or to pig out and binge myself into a bloated oblivion.  The later just compounds the problem.  The former helps you find your way through, connecting you all the way back to the very essence of your being, your Spirit!  It is the Spirit rather than the stuffing that's going to make all the difference.

Eaten sensibly, food gives you the physical strength and determination to keep on keeping on. And the corresponding  riot of textures, colours shapes and sizes we see on our plates, - the things that get our taste buds soaring, open the doorway to imagination, inspiration and a lust for life and living.  We rediscover our Spirit in the savouring of each and every moment. Being in the moment helps us move beyond the 'oh lord I am just going have to grin and bare those grim, grim dentures- negative mind set - isn't my cup always more than half empty' kind of mentality back to the fact that my glass is more than half full and is going to get better and better.  In short it's the Spirit that helps me see there are infinite other possibilities available and not just the one where I slurp through the rest of my life wearing ill fitting dentures whilst dining on sloppy bread and milk.

We are all meant to 'Say Yes to Life' as I said earlier, and to take the rough with the smooth. The trick is not to be so down trodden by life that we close the door to some of her miracles. Our taste buds are not the only form of sensing we have.  We have sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.. our access to Spirit. Put them all together and you have a very special cocktail, a fiesta of colour, textures and tastes that gets your imagination flowing and puts you back in touch with your Spirit.  Food isn't meant to deaden us, its meant to inspire us and encourage us to help us see the bigger picture.

I still have my date with the dentist to face, but the dentures no longer loom large.  There are other options, and my time out in the bakers shop helped me to remember this, not my numbing out with all the glorious food on offer, but by savouring all the sites and sounds on offer, from the cream coated walls, to the posters, the fine array of food on offer behind the counter and the friendly staff smiles. This  lovely shop is so full of character and well....the essence of life.....and it is that essence of life or Spirit that is truly our inspiration even when life does throw a curve ball.