Monday, 26 September 2011

How's that for synchronicity?

Stop, Look, Listen - and then what?
The Importance of synchronicity and going with the flow!

How's that for synchronicity? My last blog was called 'Space the Final Frontier' in true Star Trek fashion.  Imagine my surprise when George Takkei turned up playing an eccentric professor of economics in a film I saw the next day called ' Larry Crowne' with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  I believe that what we call coincidences or synchronicities are actually signposts from the Universe pointing us in the right direction.

Synchronicity: a sign from the Universe

All these signposts then were telling me I was 'in the flow' rather than struggling against the tide. So image how please I was today when one 'sign' after another plopped onto my blackberry, each one about space and clutter clearing as I sat at my usual seat at the nursery cafe. First George Takkei and now all this. Must be doing something right then?  

Expect the unexpected.
Going with the flow and making room for the unexpected!

One thing I’ve learned is that no two days are ever going to be the same.  We should always make room for the unexpected, especially in our spiritual work. My writing space is a prime example. It's relatively easy to connect to Spirit and the angels when you're surrounded by beautiful nature. Staying in the flow's a different matter

No matter what form it takes,
 recognise the unexpected as a true gift from Spirit. 
The first time I was here at the nursery, I sat completely undisturbed waiting for inspiration to gather momentum, and eventually the writing did just flow. That lesson or gift I received was about patience.

Today my lesson's different

 Today my lesson’s different.  It's about making room for the unexpected, and that's exactly what happened. I met some people I hadn’t seen for ages.  After only a moment’s hesitation, (I really should be doing something useful thought) I put pen and paper to one side, and thoroughly enjoyed a good natter.  The interesting thing was, after they’d gone, the writing began to flow quite naturally once again.  It was such a gift to see my friends again, and more importantly to be inspired by one of them in particular.

Be spontaneous -don't be a control freak

Its important to leave room in your life for the unknown because it can bring you unimagined gifts and inspiration.Making room for the unexpected is really refreshing, but it does mean we  have to be prepared to let go of control. My gift was a real surge in creative energy as well as my connection to Spirit, together with real admiration for my friend, a really courageous lady who is working  to overcome her disability.

  • Look for coincidences or synchronicity in your life.  They are a sign you are going in the right direction.  Another way of saying the same thing is that you are in the flow of life!
  • Make room for the unexpected, be spontaneous. These gifts truly come from Spirit 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Space - the final frontier

Space IS the final frontier.
The way we use the space we are given
 makes all the difference to our connection to Spirit

  Sometimes I'm just like a bull in a china shop; very impatient. I make a lot of noise, but nothing really gets done. That's because I just don't give myself the time or more importantly the space to think things through. Impatience just doesn't work as I found out when I charged down to the local nursery to do a spot of writing.  I may have mentioned it before but I love writing out in the open air. So when the sun finally broke through I couldn't wait to get down there note book and pen in hand. The terrace is just magic surrounded by plants of all shapes colours and sizes. What an inspiration, but this particularly morning it just didn't work for me!

It took me a while to work out what was going on. Because life had been so hectic over the past few days what I really needed to to do was......


  • Stop - all the frenzied activity.  It never did get me very far anyway, when I think about it.There are far more fun ways effective ways to get things done.
  • Look at the situation on all levels, especially  thoughts and feelings. My mind wanted to write, but my body was too tired,  just needing a moment or two's reflection to catch up,.
  • Listen to the intuition,  not the ego. 

  I hadn't stopped to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. This is a world where doing something is top of the list, and I like so many of us spend our time dashing from one task to the next without  a breather; just like the bull in the china shop. So my tip for the day based on this experience is to ....

 TO WHAT WE NEED (Higher Self)

When I finally stopped and give myself the space to work out what was really needed, ( a rest), it made all the difference to of my day, especially the doing part, and the quality of my writing.My energy started to return as soon as I realised that my priorities were slightly scew whiff. I just needed some time out to drink in my surroudings.. I felt much clearer, and much more alive as well as present in the moment. My inspiration returned, because I STOPPED, I LOOKED AND I LISTENED to my needs,  and the words  I'd been struggling with only a few moments before started to flow freely. Magic!

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Seeing is believing

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is an essential part of my psychic tool kit as a medium.  But of course, it's not just restricted to seeing the Spirit. Clairvoyance is really an umbrella term for a whole range of skills we need to work at our very best.  These include:-
  • clairvoyance - clear seeing
  • clairaudience - clear hearing
  • clairsentience - clear sensing/feeling
  • claircognissance - clear knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The importance of your relationship with YOU!

So what's the ONE thing which really makes the difference to your work as a medium, or a healer come to that matter.
It's the relationship you have with yourSELF!

The most importance part of anyone's spiritual journey is to know (see clearly) who we are!  The Self in this case refers to your Higher Self,  the indwelling spirit.  It's what you were before you ever arrived on the earth plane. The Self contains your essence as well as your purpose in this lifetime. It's just like a seed, that blossoms and grows, again and again throughout the many cycles of your life time.

Who are you?

Now here comes, perhaps the most important aspect of the lot. 

Your essence is of course unconditional love!

So many people shy away from this fact, inspite of its  beauty. But its the quality of the relationship you have with you, that defines the quality of your mediumship.

Spirit in earthly form!

Once we are really clear (know without a shadow of a doubt) that we are Spirit having an earthly experience, the way we see the world shifts dramatically.
This means that:-
  • we fire on all cylinders i.e. claircognissance, clairvoyance, clairaudience as well as clairsentience.
  • we use all these facilities to explore both the earthly realm as well as the spiritual realm.
Our mediumship grows according to the relationship we have with ourself!

Our mediumship grows and expands according to how much we can love and accept who and what we are, warts and all.  It's the acceptance of our human frailties which brings us into the present moment, so that the special and totally unique relationship we have created with ourself is also translated into the outside world.  This pays dividends both personally and professionally.  Our lives become a symphony for Spirit.

Gillians workshop for intermediate to advanced fledlings is on Saturday 15th. October.  If you would like to attend or would like more information, then please contact here at

Friday, 2 September 2011

Be Here Now

The weekend starts HERE!
I'm sitting in the garden, under a magnificent blue sky, lisening to the leaves gently rustling in the trees.  It's neither too hot or too cold.  After last weekend, complete magic and very refreshing!
Nature has so much to teach us, and yet we rarely allow ourselves to be still enough to appreciate its beauty, because we are so busy rushing around doing! Everything in the natural world, knows just how to be! Cats are busy being cats, dogs are as busy being dogs, and a koala is equally busy being a koala come to that matter. It's exactly the same with the rest of the natural world; crystals, rocks, trees and plants. They are exactly what they are, and certainly don't wrestle with life the way we do. We spend so much time wrapped up in our thoughts, worrying about the past or  worrying about the future, but rarely living moment to moment..
Being present is a very important feature of mediumship. When we live in the present moment, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are spirit first and foremost.  This is true clear seeing or clairvoyant vision. And when we know who we are, life takes on a brand new hue! We are all born to be ourselves and to live the lives we were meant to live!
These days, wherever possible, I like to start my workshops outside in the garden to illustrate this point.  It's the perfect beginning to the day, and allows us to leave all the baggage behind before we begin. Very often the breeze will suddenly get up, just enough to let us know its listening mind, and a magnificent stillness will descend on the garden. My next workshop, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' is on Saturday 15th. October at the intermediate and advanced level for mediums, intuitives and healers, looks at the difference being present in the moment can have on your spiritual advancement and attunement. We are here to be ourselves, we do not have to prove anything, just be ourselves. Please contact me on for further information.

Go into the garden and just BE! Observe say a tree, just hold it quite naturally in your awareness, rather than think about it.  Breathe quite naturally, focuing on the object. Eventually you will find that some of its beingness will be transmitted to you. In this space you are one with the present moment, where everything is just the way it should be, no worries. This is a space of being or perfect stillness, which you will find really revitalising.
Have a wonderful weekend!