Thursday, 28 June 2018

Grounding Your Passion

Look at it this way
Rethinking lunar energy

THE FULL MOON gets a lot of bad press: people apparently go barking mad, get the grumps, or struggle to get a decent nights sleep. And these are just a few of any number of  groans.  The full moon"s becoming notorious!

I would like you to do a reframe: recognise tbe Full Moon as an ally,.not a foe. The moon gives us the oomph to get things going.Its a  release of energy, a letting go so we can move to the next level in our lives.

Its raw energy  and we can harness it in one of two ways: fearfully, or lovingly depending on how we see it. The energy is designed to help us, but if we try to sit on it, it can hold us back, ..until we can no longer stem the tide

Even King Canute had to admit he couldnt turn back the tide, although not before things got a bit desperate, and he beat a hasty retreat in the nick of time.

Next time you feel a full moon build up, rather  than struggling against it, stop resisting  .listen to whats going on.

Why not let go and enjoy the ride, stay open to the magic. Its true transformation.

This moon in particular is associated with grounding and being truly cant manifest your dreams if you dont trust the energy moment to moment.  And if you are not properly grounded its going to be virtually impossible to create the life of your dreams.

Grounding is something i tackle in my workshop Meditation  Manifestation and your Conscious Connection to Spirit on 26th July  here in Hemel Hempstead, numbers are strictly limited for your comfort
 Hope to see you there.