Friday, 27 May 2016

The day we fear the most...

'The day which we fear
as our last is
but the birthday of eternity'


Medium Gillian Holland's take on eternal life 
and contact from the 'other side'.

Death is an ending as well as a bright new beginning.  As human beings, we are all programmed for change, and yet at the same time need to feel safe and secure. I think change is a much better word than death. The 'd' word sounds so final. Here today and gone tomorrow, as if we jump off a cliff into oblivion. Death just isn't like that, it's a process: a journey through which we embrace change, moving from one state into another. We can still communicate with each other, but not necessarily in the old tried and tested ways.

We only have to watch the world as it passes by our window.  It never stops completely..  People passing by; shopping, driving, nattering, living out their lives....and then there are the seasons.  Life is never static.  Things shift and change.They alter position.  Attitudes change, too. So do we. So do our loved ones as they make their transition into the Higher Life. But it doesn't mean they can't or won't try to reach out to us.

Of course the loss of a loved one is painful and heart breaking.  It takes a lot of coming to terms with. However, when we embrace death as change, we can stay open to the whispers from our loved ones calling out to us from the other side of life and who have just swapped one overcoat for another.

They call out to us in a number of different ways.  They call on the breeze, and through the happy, loving memories caste into our minds from nowhere, and very often in our deepest darkest moments. Their calling cards can be seen in the coincidences that aren't coincidences at all. They are felt as the tug at our heart strings or in our bellies, or as a sharp intake of breath when the world drops into a silence, which really isn't a silence, but a heart to heart communion from the rainbow bridge.

Our loved ones live on. We just need to be open enough to hear them. 

Allow your heart to stay open
to the magic that is eternity.
Nothing is ever lost
It just changes form

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Life is meant to be savoured not gobbled.

Life is meant to be SAVOURED

not gobbled!

Part Two of Medium Gillian Holland's blog on Resistance

Life's a bit like food. It's meant to be savoured, not gobbled down in one fell swoop! That causes horrible indigestion....and who enjoys indigestion?

As Julia Cameron says,
'If I slow down, Life is beautiful'! 

I love this time of the year, but as the days grow longer, I try to cram as much as possible into each day and very rarely get out into the garden where true magic lies. Our garden is a riot of beautiful, pinks, lavenders, whites, yellows and reds to name but a few. Our feathered friends get to enjoy it more than I do however!

Each year I promise myself I am going to get into the garden, not to dig, or to plant or even dead head, but just to sit to appreciate it all. Each year I make the same promise but get caught up in the same crazy hurly burly, and then it's too late. This year I actually did it!

The trick is not to do anything but just be outside in all that glorious fresh air and amazing colours; maybe listen to the breeze rippling gently through the trees. It is amazingly revitalising, clears the fog straight away and helps us all get things back into perspective.  

And when we slow down, the answers come as they did for me. Far from exhausted from all the exertion, I feel exhilarated, completely revitalised and inspired. These kind of creative solutions take us right out of ourselves providing the answers we've been searching for for ages.

The answer is not to whip yourself up into a frenzy, but to slow right down and to get out of your own way. The natural world is our ally. Creative solutions, fresh ideas and inspirations come from slowing down and letting go. They are wordless, at least to begin with tapping right into the mystery that is Life. ~And because they go beyond words they guide us to another evolutionary level all together offering original solutions, new way of being, rather than repeat the same old mistakes all over again.

Now here's the analogy to food once again. 

Life, just like food is meant to be savoured.

It is an absolutely beautiful world we live in,
but we need to slow down to appreciate all the magic it holds.

The natural world supports us,
It's beauty is breath-taking,
and truly inspirational.

We are 'spirit' having a human experience,
rather than human beings having a spiritual experience.

The same intelligence which creates us
also creates the natural world, 
so it makes sense to say it is on our side.

Out there, we are surrounded by the mystery that is creation.
Here, in the northern hemisphere life is
truly Springing back into action again:
Creation in all its glory.

So it's no mistake that if we just allow ourselves to spend
time in nature,
the answers we've been asking for
will be given .

Such answers that are truly creative
and therefore truly healing.

Trust that the answers you are looking for
will be given.
They are just waiting to unfold
alongside Nature in all its magnificence.

c Gillian Holland 2016