Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meeting the Rainbow Warrior - a pilgrimage to the Yucatan

First Impressions

The temple took my breath away. This simple structure nestled on the horizon silhouetted against the stark blue Yucatan sky line. A rough chalky path, which I later learned was called a sac'be, ceremonial way, snaked off into this distance to join it.  It felt like a complete homecoming as tears stung my eyelids. But it wasn't until the following year that I got to meet the Rainbow Warrior himself.

Spring Equinox -Meeting the Rainbow Warrior

We returned to the Yucatan peninsula the following year to do some more work with the Itza Maya Shaman and Daykeeper Hunbatz Men, and were spending a couple of days recovering from jet-lag before starting our journey proper with the other Mayan Solar Initiates.  Equinox is seen as a really powerful time because days and nights are of equal length.

Although I couldn't wait for the rest of the group to arrive, I felt drawn to going back to the same temple again.  After all, it wasn't all that far from our hotel..  I asked a few of the friends I'd made from U.K in the previous year to join me.  We set off together in a taxi, thrilling at the sites and souncs of the exotic countryside, until we eventually pulled up at the site itself.

Inside the museum, what at first appeared to be a huge family tree spread completely over one wall, turned out to be a huge diagram representing the indigenous Mayas who'd been enslaved to the conquering Spaniards. They had each been given Spanish names to disinherit them from their culture. Outside the museum and to one side, stood a ruined Catholic chapel, another tactic used to the invaders to imprint their own culture onthe local people.  Close to tears once again, we made our way towards the ceremonial pathway, the sac'be, leading to the temple

The site bathed in the silence of a hot Mexican springtime, and we were quite alone.  We linked arms, walking slowly towards the temple, each with out own thoughts but focused on the building ahead. I wondered what on earth I thought I was doing there.  We sipped on some much needed water to rehydrate us after our escape from a still frosty England.

Simple Ceremony

We'd been taught to mount the steps in a serpentine fashion, which is exactly what we did. Whilst my friends stayed outside and formed a circle to hold the energy, I walked right into the heart of the building.  I paused to look at at the funnel chimney opening out to the clear blue sky above. After a few more moments considering whether I had indeed lost the plot, I swallowed hard whilst my friends waited patiently outside and finally held my amrs aloft and we all began chanting K'in, the Mayan word for Father Sun.  Soon the sound reverberated through the temple, wave upon wave of sound tumbling over the steps in a complete wall of sound.

The Rainbow Warrior

The sound echoed back onto itself as if it was forming a seething cauldron right in the middle of the temple where I stood. I felt as if I was being drawn along by it, and didn't resist. It was magical.  The sense of movement stopped almost as sharply as it had began, and then the air itself seemed to rustle.

Inside this very sacred space stepped the Rainbow Warrior, as I later came to call him.  His brightly coloured feather head-dress vibrated with all the colours of the rainbow.  There was no sense of fear at all, just utter calm, as if this was a perfectly natural occurrence, even though he was several times the size of an average human being.  Obviously a warrior of some considerable status, he had a special gentility about him.

The Journey since

Its taken me a while to unravel the gift I was given that day, and also a great deal of courage because some people including a previous writing coach, put it all down to a vivid imagination. During this time my search has expanded to include another Mayan temple in particular, the one at Chichen Itza. These magnificent temples are said to contain the ancient mysteries of the Mayas, which still have their relevance to society today, especially as we are a stones throw away from 21st December 2012, the supposed end date of the Mayan Calendar.

Across the Rainbow Bridge

During this time, I've journeyed across the rainbow bridge with the Rainbow Warrior to transform my understanding of the world, as well as my place in it.  And hopefully I have become a better medium through it, able to help people have a better understand of their own lives. I've learned that the pyramids symbolise our spiritual journey, and that the  geometric shapes encoded in them hold many mysteries.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Being and the Goddess

We are human BEINGS!
Human beings not doings!

There's a saying that we are human beings not human doings!  What does that mean?  Basically we put much too much emphasis on the doing side of our lives, rather than the being, when these two things should be in balance.  In fact Being is where it all began.

Being true to our selves.

The heart centre to me represents where it all began! This is where we came into being! There's that word again.
The heart centre is where we come to find
and be ourselves!

The doing I associate with the masculine; its the fire and motivation to get out there.  But the being I have always associated with the goddess, because this space is truly nurturing. The main element I associate with the goddess is water. The space is uniquely healing, and is somewhere we can go for contemplation, meditation, reflection, but most important of all transformation.

Inner space is a space of self-expression
rather than repression.
Repression of thoughts and feelings
creates blockages preventing
 healing and complete transformion

Fitting the quart into the pint pot.

Quite frequently we try to make ourselves fit in the external world, ending up feeling like a complete misfit. The heart space is an inner temple where we can be true to ourselves. In this safe and nurturing environment we can peel back the layers of armouring we have acquired over the years as protection. 

The seven freedoms

There are seven freedoms which can help us transform our lives on the earth plane.  These are:-

  • The right to be, and to claim your own space in the world. This is perhaps  the most important freedom of them all.
  • The right to feel and to express your feelings freely.
  • The right to act with spontaneity and to be free
  • The right to have a relationship based on unconditional love and acceptance rather than fear and judgement
  • The right to express yourself freely and creatively, and to solve problems in a way that transforms the way your see the world.
  • The right to see passed the illusion and recognise who who are.
  • And finally the right to receive information that hasn't been censored.  

Thursday, 13 October 2011

As Above - So Below

As above - so below

As above - so below 

The heart chakra is our main gateway to the realms of spirit.  When we open our hearts to the process of life then miracles can truly happen. Unfortunately, the human part of us very often closes down this gateway in grief through life's circumstance.

This only goes to make our feeling of isolation and separation
much much worse.
That's why its really important
                             to know who you really are in the first place

Knowing who you are:

As I mentioned in the last blog, you are spirit having a human experience.  You are already a natural part of the spiritual realms.  Understanding this is a very important part of our journey. These two parts operate in different ways

a) The Higher Self, which contains your Soul's Purpose exist on the inner planes of reality
b) The ego personality, which is who we are in the life-time, and exists in the material world now.

These two things work in conjunction with each other as part of life's natural ebb and flow.  The object is to learn as much about ourselves in this lifetime as possible, and to expand upon the 'seed consciousness' you have been given as part of your soul's purpose and comes into form as YOU!

The wisdom is always within

Many of us spend a long long time feeling somehow incomplete and searching to fill that gap in the outside world.  However we have everything we need at our fingers tips to blossom and grow.  Because we have closed our hearts  its very difficult to access our inner knowing and the realms of Spirit.  So this is the first and all important step forward.

The clarity of your connection to Spirit
Depends on the openness of the heart.

Inspiration and the Breath

Breathing is closely linked to the heart chakra. When we get anxious, not only does our heart close down, but are breathing suffers as well.  A good breathing technique will also help our connection to Spirit.

The inbreath or inspiration represents our connection to the spirit.  When our breath is properly regulated we are created a space for spirit (God/divinity) to be present in our lives. Unfortunately many people have difficult breathing all the way out, which makes it difficult to manifest their hearts desire, ground their energy properly or give a clear and concise message from Spirit.

Unless we can really ground the information we are given
our consciousness can't really SHIFT into gear.

Attuning to Spirit

Your attunement with Spirit starts with the inner space you create and your willingness to stay open to a future of all possibilities; to expect and be willing to accept the unexpected into your lives. This attunement is associated with the natural elements found both within us as well as in the natural world. These are
  • the masculine elements of air and fire
  • the feminine elements of water and earth (which is perhaps the most important of them all - for the ascension process)
The perfect attunement is created through the balance between the inner and outer realms, which in its turn is created through the open heart.

As above, so below
as within, so without

Would love to hear any comments you have on this blog, particularly how helpful you find it, and also to see some of you at my workshop on Saturday!!! For futher detals contact Gillian

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

You are the pyramid

You are the pyramid
\Hunbatz Men - Itza Maya Daykeeper and Shaman
 On the wings of Angels:

It's quite easy to feel the support of the Angels as well as your Guides and helpers, but another thing to take this understanding to the next level.

We too are Spirit.
But we operate at a slightly different level!

Our human overcoat is 'manufactured' by Spirit, giving us  our identity in this particular lifetime. We are born into a particular set of circumstances which provide us with our learning.  Our aim is to transform our lives by climbing to a higher level of conscious awareness.

You are the pyramid

The Mayas say 'you are the pyramid', and you only have to look at any pyramid, like the one at Chichen Itza above, to understand what it means.

The pyramid represents our spiritual growth and understanding.  It has a square foundation, representing this lifetime, and our need to be firmly grounded in this reality.  But it also has four separate faces, meeting at its apex.  Each one of these represents a different facet of our being.
  • physical body
  • emotional body
  • mental body
  • spiritual body
Apart from the four separate faces, a lot of pyramids in Mexico tend to be tiered.  This represents the 7 major levels of consciousness you need to master as you truly shift your consciousness to a higher level.

Just like a ladder

A pyramid is a bit like a ladder, you just need to climb from one rung to the next until you reach the top!  Everyone starts from the bottom up; you need a firm grounding before you can go any further! If you look at the pyramid and then at the ladder, it's easy to see there's no separation between the bottom and the top of either structure. It's simply a continuation. There's no separation between Spirit (top) and Humanity (bottom).  Its all about the journey.

We are Spirit wrapped in a human overcoat.

The Spiritual journey

Once you've reconnected to your spiritual origins by climbing to the top of the pyramid, (here's the bad news) - you have to climb all the way back down again.

The inspirational you've found by attuning to the Spiritual realms,
needs to be translated into usable form on the earth plane.
You have to find a way to make it work.
This is the downward journey.

Sometimes we get stuck at a particular level which means we can't truly manifest our dreams. So it takes a bit of practice, which we can help along with meditation, visualiation as well as affirmations.

The Ascension process

I'm sure a lot of you have heard all about the ascension process, which is linked to the Mayan Calendar.

Ascension in this context means to create a 'heaven on earth', or a higher level of conscious awareness.  Yes, we are all one, and come from the same Source as the human race. But before we can celebrate this understanding globally, we have to heal the rift of separation within our own psyches, and that is what I mentioned right at the beginning of the blog.

We need to 'climb the pyramid of our heart'
and remember who we really are,
and what we are here to  fulfill.

There are many ways you can climb the pyramid as part of your spiritual quest, but it remains an important part of any person's quest for a deeper understanding of life. As mediums this is an essential part of our training, and the more we refine this connection the better it will become! Watch this space tomorrow for some further information about my workshop at the weekend which is based on these teachings.

Over the Rainbow -workshop with Gillian on 15th. October 2011 Hemel Hempstead UK

For intermediate and advanced workers for Spirit.

Over the Rainbow is another workshop is the pyramid series designed to enhance your connection to Spirit both in your day to day lives as well as your profession ones.  The pyramid is a powerful symbol for your spiritual journey.  The pyramids were very often the site of ancient mystery schools, and contain a number of geometrical (or archetypal) shapes directly associated with Spiritual growth.  In this workshop we will look at the ancient law 'as above, so below' and the impact it has on our work for Spirit.
There are just two spaces left now on this workshop, please contact Gillian to reserve your space.             

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Making room for Spirit in your life - how clutter clearing can make all the difference!

Make  room for Spirit in your Life

Make room for Spirit in your Life!

As I said 'Space is the final frontier' in a previous blog. One way to connect to Spirit, is to spend time out in nature. Nature connects us with the very essence of life.  The very elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether (space) are part of us as well. Perhaps the most important of these is space or ether.  The space we create determines just how clear and accurate our connection to Spirit will be.

  • Think of the space you create as a circle.  This symbolises harmony and balance. 
  • Spend a while concentrating on what you hope to achieve. Its impossible if half you mind is on other things. other things! Even if its 'improve my connection to Spirit' keep your mind focused on this.
  • What does that mean to you? The circle signifies you are open to Spirit.
  • Being out in nature shows you recognise you are a part of the world at large.
  • The element of earth represents just how present you are in the moment
  • The element of water represents the flow of life, self-expression and creativity
  • The element of fire represents empowerment, and right action
  • The element of air represents your thought processes and the relationship you have with yourself
  • The element of ether (space) represents speaking and communicating your truth and wisdom.
  • When each one of these elements is properly balanced inside you, the skies the limit, and you can live the life you were intended to live.
  • If you have any queries based on this short blog then please do contact me  I look forward to hearing from you and maybe meeting some of you at my Saturday workshop 15th. October.