Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Amazing Grace!

How working alongside spirit rather than battling all by yourself makes such a tremdous difference.

I'm celebrating today, and marvelling at the way Spirit works. As a medium, perhaps one of my most valuable assets is my voice, which I need to project well enough to fill a hall full of people. (Some of them are quite a size)
Yesterday, I was due to work at Slip End Church nr Luton.  All was well and I was looking forward to the evening as usual, when my voice quite simply gave out. There was no time for me to cancel, so after gargling, inhaling and dowsing myself with Lemsip, and asking for Spirits support, I set off with my hubby to the church heavily swathed in a scarf just for good measure.
The amazing thing was my voice got stronger and stronger as the evening progressed, several people commented on it,  even though it did sound as if it was coming direct from my boots.  I finished the evening very pleased with the evidence that had been given and that somehow everyone in the hall could hear what I was saying.
Needless to say I have spent today in silent gratitude, wondering why I could ever doubt Spirits powers. 
Working with Spirit
I came to the conclusion that our mindset can make such a difference to any situation. A positive mindset opens the door for Spirits assistance, whilst a negative one can have quite the opposite effect. If you think about it, a positive attitude is really nurturing to the Soul, and creates a doorway through which Spirit can help, whilst a negative one can be punitive. A positive mind set also connects you to the Higher Mind. Negative thoughts create a great deal of tension in the body, which makes clear connection with Spirit quite difficult.
Many of us fail to make way for Spirit in our lives when we most need it and its a bad habit many of us fall into on occasion.
So here are my thoughts on asking for Spirit's assistance
  • Accept rather than deny what's happening.
  • Then give yourself some space for gentle TLC (gargle, massage whatever you can do to help relieve the immediate situation)
  • Send up a short prayer asking for Spirits Assistance and then release your prayer to the heavens
  • Act as if that assistance has already been given
  • Expect the outcome your deserve
  • And oh, please don't dismiss your GP, he could just be just the healing angel to help you.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Birds Eye View

The Hub Coffee Shop and Cyclists Haven - Redbourn High Street
Isn't it funny? We don't realise how much we miss something until we get back into gear. That's what's happened this morning.

What with one thing and another I haven't done any writing for quite a few weeks now! What's more didn't realise how much I missed it until I put pen back to paper this morning.  Around August Bank Holiday Weekend, I started to have a spot of bother with one of my eyes, the right one.  My vision in that eye was quite distorted.  A bit like those strange full length mirrors that used to be all the rage at fun fairs, distorting people's shapes.  So you could say I am seeing things a lot differently these days.

So I have been receiving lots of Spiritual Healing and looking at EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help me along, with the hope that I can avoid the op. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the eye was healed quite naturally, not that I have any intention of avoiding the operation when the time comes.

What I have is the wonderful sense of feeling truly supported by the many Spiritual Healers who are either sending me absent or giving me hands on healing.  And one more thing I AM BEGINNING TO SEE MUCH MORE CLEARLY, MAYBE NOT IN THE ACCEPTED WAY, but certainly am revising the way I look at things.  New ideas and inspirations continue to pop into my head, and when I look out onto the world now I see a magnificent kaleidoscope of colours that were somehow absent before this all happened.

Strange isn't it? Everything is much more heightened and I am much more aware of all the subtle nuances and shades of light and shadow,  merging into one another. That's what I so enjoyed this morning, sitting outside the Hub breathing in the Autumn sunshine as the world went by; appreciating the richness of the leaves as they mutate into yellow and golds and browns before they finally flutter to the floor. The fluffy cumulus clouds also spread themselves lazily across the sky, tinged with a touch of grey, which stood not a chance against the advancing blue sky.

Sometimes our vision becomes clouded by our own self-doubt.  Sometimes, the way we look out onto the world is distorted, sometimes we can no longer look and see who and what we truly are. The relationship we have with ourself is so very important. It is the starting point for all our inner work and healing. Never is it so important to nurture and take very good care of ourselves; to love rather than put down and punish because we don't come up to scratch.

This morning, therefore, I gave myself permission to be me, to sit down outside the Hub with coffee, cake and fruit juice and at long last write down some of the words that have been bubbling up inside me - to celebrate me.

It is so easy to deny yourself the one thing that can make all the difference to your day. It doesn't have to be something that costs megabucks, just something that warms and nurtures you, puts you back in touch with your beautiful self, and the simple things in life. And then life takes on a brand new colour and vision.

Warm Wishes