Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Light up your Life with Spirit

Light up your Life with Spirit......a return to love

What's your take on Spirit?
Does the mere mention of the word have you diving under the bed covers
or ... marvelling at life's magic?

What's your take on Spirit?
Words sometimes get in the way!

Spirit is the golden thread running through all of life, animate or inanimate, and without exception. However, words that are intended to unify, can be used to divide and create conflict.  Unfortunately Spirit is one of those words because it's associated with Spiritualism.... when it actually transcends all religious beliefs.

I'm not a woo-woo kind of Spiritualist
The Spirit I deal with isn't woo-woo, so there’s nothing to fear. You might know it as Source, Universe, God or even Life itself.

It's the force that makes the world go around, so it’s everywhere, and definitely not just restricted to Spiritualism.

Two of the most important words as far as Spiritualism is concerned are 'spirits', and 'Spirit'. The first we associate with our lost loved ones already on the other side of life, and 'Spirit'
 with a capital S which is what I want to talk about today.  This kind of  'Spirit'  is the golden thread which connects us all. It is the Source of our Being, no matter where in the globe we come from. It’s a bit like a telegraph wire connecting us to everyone else, living or ‘dead’.

Words are labels, meant to give us all a sense of unity, but unfortunately  can do just the opposite.

I don't deal with death; I deal with life 

It's another way to look at life....

Understanding Spirit as the golden thread of life invites us to look at life in a whole different way. It means we can connect with our loved ones on the other side no matter what their beliefs ,  and certainly not just the Spiritualists!! This is a really rewarding part of the work. There's no such thing as death, just a transformation to another, higher state of consciousness. 

Lets ditch the word death

I don't like using the word death, it gives the wrong impression and creates a great deal of fear. So I much prefer using another word of phrase such as 'letting go'
 or 'surrender'
All we are doing when we leave this planet, is moving to a higher state of awareness......Spirit is a very loving energy and when we connect to our friends on the other side of life, it is always with love. They communicate to help us move through our grief radiant in the knowledge our friends live on at a higher level of consciousness.

Spirit communication is magical and I have seen its impact time and time again making a huge difference in people’s lives especially when they are grieving.  If you would like to learn more, or book an appointment for a session, please contact me on  or