Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Frequently asked questions - The Importance of an Open Mind

 Sometimes a session  might not go in quite the way you might hope.

People are always anxious to know whether their loved ones and friends are doing okay on the other side of life, so here are a couple of questions that sometimes get asked:
Q: If I don't hear from someone does that mean there's something wrong?
A: No, there's nothing wrong.  But sometimes people on this side of life are very focused on communicating with one person in particular.  This is understandable of course, especially if its a recent passing. But it doesn't help the communicator (Spirit) or the medium trying to make the link.  It creates a lot of emotion that makes the connection more difficult. 
The answer is to relax and be as open as possible to who ever wishes to come through.  Maybe put up a little prayer before you come out and then just relax and try to enjoy the evening.  If its meant to happen it will happen.
Sometimes your loved one may just need to learn the mechanics of spirit communication from the other side of life, so they use another relative or friend who's been across for a while to make the first link. Remember they can communicate in a number of ways.  This is another reason not to be too focused on one person. 
People who lose their lives in this way are unwell, just as much as anyone who has a physical condition.  They are most certainly not condemned, and will be given healing.
Spirit always works on a love vibration.  

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What a hectic life we lead

What a hectic life we lead - time to relax me thinks

How a positive mind set makes all the difference
I haven't met anyone who isn't just plain rushed off their feet these days
 but our attitude to life and our connection to Spirit can make all the difference to our experience.
My goodness, its been a power packed few days.  I spent the entire time working for Spirit, which is always quite special.  On Friday I worked at Hitchin Spiritualist Church (Whinbush Road), Saturday at Joan Hollicks Marlowes Centre giving readings, and on Sunday morning at Garston Spiritualist Church (First Avenue). AND last night was my regular meditation evening at Welwyn Garden City Church (Marsden Green).
This evening I am doing an Evening of Clairvoyance at Cotterells Club, Hemel Hempstead 8-10p.m. with Jo Stone. And it doesn't end there. 
In my experience things come in fits and starts for us all. It is so easy to get stuck in and end up frazzled.  So what can we do when we have lots to do?  The answer is quite simple: keep enhancing your contact with Spirit and stay positive. Affirm your connection to Spirit, meditate if you have a moment, eh on second thoughts meditate even if you don't have a moment, it will make all the difference. A positive relationship with the indwelling spirit does make all the difference., and somehow even though your time may be limited, your attitude will shift and you will be given all the inspiration you need from Spirit to see you through.  Here's a wonderful piece of music that instantly shifts me into a different space and acts a bit like a meditation.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Aura Photography at our Pamper Day with Alison King

We are very pleased to Welcome Alison Cook to our Psychic Pamper Day on
15th. June at Grovehill Community Centre.
She is offering Aura Photography.  Read her fascinating article below.
This article is about a piece of ‘Biofeedback Equipment’ that works on the reflexology points of the hand called the Aura Med Biopulsar-Reflexograph.  The client places their hand on a hand plate (see Fig 1) containing metal probes that all relate to the reflexology points on the hand, which in turn relate to the internal organs, endocrine system, meridians, chakras and colours of the aura.


Fig 1


The readings are then processed by the Auramed software and 3 graphs are generated see Fig 2


Fig 2

 I will now explain a little about each section of the screen as shown in Fig 2


Chakra Balance (Fig 3)

Fig 3

The chakra Graph looks at the client’s readings compared to an average reading (shown in percent), this shows if the energy is excessive, deficient or balanced.

Average values for chakras are:-

Base Chakra is normally 50% upwards (highest reading we have seen is 67%)

Sacral – Throat Chakra is normally 60-65%

Brow to Crown Chakra is 65% upwards.


This indicates where there are blockages are in the body. I often see there is excessive energy stored in the solar plexus along with deficient energy in the throat, this often relates to a person who bottles up their emotions and has problems communicating them to others.

If the three bottom chakras are open (the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras) but top three chakras are more closed (throat, brow and crown chakras) this normally indicates that the client is more “down to earth”.  When the opposite is true i.e. the top three chakras are more open (the throat, brow and crown chakras) and the bottom three chakras are more closed (the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras) this indicates that the client has a tendency to “day dream” and is less grounded and more interested in spiritual matters.

The heart is always classed as the balance line or the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.


Organ Graphs (Fig 4)

Fig 4


The organ graph links up with what the body is trying to communicate with us about our emotional, mental and physical health.  This often indicates a client’s known medical problems which are normally disclosed during the reading as Holistic Therapists are not allowed to diagnose. The graphs show which organs are over functioning i.e. tired, over worked, need a rest, a tonic, pick me up etc and also which ones are under functioning i.e. showing possible pain, tension, inflammation, possible ailment or sluggish, this often needs a kick start or herb to get it working. Where the organ’s graph starts low and gradually moves upwards towards the average line it is sluggish and where the graph starts above or on the average line but gradually drops, the organ is not holding energy.  If an organ is showing signs of holding stress the lines will go up and down. I can analyse the meridians by looking at which organs fall on which meridian lines. I can also look at organs in relation to key body systems, to check hormone balance etc. You can tell if a person is stressed, living on nervous energy or very emotional .I can determine what’s holding the client back (hip, knees, legs and feet) or what they may want to do, to move forward (colours in leg area).

The organ graphs are a very good to look at the mind/body/emotion connection, to see what emotions a person is holding onto and which organs are affected


Colour Psychology and Aura (Fig 5)


Fig 5


The colours of the aura (see Fig 5) can be used to offer colour psychology readings. The head area showing the mind and spirit, the middle area showing the emotions and the leg area showing the physical body. I analyse what the colours mean and why.  

The body can be used as a timeline to pinpoint when emotional problems started and if they are caused by a male or female in the person’s life dependent on what side of the body they are seen.

Personally I use the system for a health and lifestyle analysis. It is great tool for counselling and life coaching. I often offer EFT or healing using the Emotion Code to help release trapped emotions in the client. The system can also be used for colour torch therapy as well; their torch system is the Chromalive.

I feel this camera compliments any therapy practiced, it can be used with Mind Therapies like Counselling, NLP, EFT, CBT etc. Physical Therapies like colour therapy, crystal healing, reflexology, reiki etc.

If you are interested in a Health and Lifestyle Reading or would like more information on purchasing an Auramed System please visit our website or ring Alison on 01778 423374 after 6pm