Saturday, 9 July 2011

Living in your own Light - a pyramid teaching for 2012

Living in our own Light
A sensitives guide to 2012!

So many of us try to hide our individuality because we fear its wrong to be different. But the tide's changing and we are already feeling the effects. This tide or shift in consciousness, is popularly known as 2012, the Great Awakening.  We are all here to express our difference because itdoes indeed makes us unique! To embrace our own individuality is to embrace or live in our own light, or in other words, become a beacon of light. The Mayans say we are all born with a little piece of the sun deep within our hearts, just waiting to be born.  But unless we truly accept ourselves in all our rich diversity, this essence or seed energy will remain hidden in the shadows for ever.  Under these circumstances, we won't be living the lives we were intended to and we certainly won't be up for receiving some of the goods and rewards that were intended for us in the lifetime.  This goes especially for all sensitives and intuitives.

As we grow, we naturally embrace other people's thoughts and opinions.Trouble is we embrace them as an absolute, when they are really just  part of someone else's idea of how to live.   Life can become a performance that's lost its heart, and finds us dancing to someone else's tune. Why exist in the shadow lands of our own lives, when we were intended to Live in our own Light?
Of course, for our own safety's sake society has to follow certain guidelines, but we still have to be willing to break the mould and become who we are intended to be.

This is where your connection to Spirit, as a sensitive, intuitive or mediums really comes into its own. The link I am talking about is to your own indwelling Spirit.  This is the key. And the key is of course being as open hearted and accepting of yourself, as you are for those people who come to you for assistance.

Most of us are excellent at connecting for other people, but leave ourselves entirely out of the equation or otherwise right down our list of priorities probably when we are really worn out and close to burn out. But once you have secured and refined your own connection THROUGH THE HEART CENTRE,  you finally come to accept your difference, know and totally accept yourself. The only person that can be you is you. That means we don't need to compete or fight for recognition! You  then become an inspiration to people around you, who will want to find their own unique expression and also offer it back in service to the world.

These are the reasons, I always say, any demonstration for Spirit,as an intuitive, medium or healer goes far beyond the words that are spoken during any service, meeting or session.

When we finally move away from the need to prove ourselves and stand firm in our own light, the sky's the limit. A medium working at this level, no longer needs to PERFORM, or feel obliged to perform.  They are happy to just BE themselves and happy to demonstrate from this level; to be spontaneous! Good mediumship has a community feel about it, no more them and us - we are all in it together, working in service for  Spirit.

This is what I believe the New Mediumship for 2012 is all about.My workshop on 6th. August looks at some of these factors and is aimed all mediums whether platform worker or those working in circles.

  • Working with the pyramid to open you to a higher and clearer connection to Spirit
  • Introduce you to the next level of your mediumship
  • Help you become the medium you were intended to become, using your own unique connection to Spirit to enhance your work
  • Opportunity to practice both the inspirational address as well as your mediumship from this level
  • Small friendly groups, in a safe environment
  • Bring packed lunch 
  • Numbers limited for your own comfort
  • Contact Gillian :, or
  • Become an inspiration in your work.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

2012 - a shift in consciousness

Light up your Life with Spirit is a refreshing new way of looking at some of the joys and sorrows  coming our way during our earth walk. One that gives us hope and the spirit to carry on. As a medium, you could say that I specialise in endings and beginnings.  I certainly connect people to their loved ones on the other side of life. But what else do I do?   Today I want to talk about 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, because that involves endings of a sort as well. But far from being the end of the world a lot of people fear,  I see it as a new beginning.  We are being given the opportunity to approach life in an entirely different and refreshing way. 

As I have written elsewhere, the shift in consciousness we are making is the difference between looking at the world from the top of the pyramid, rather than from the bottom.  What's the difference?  When you stand at the top of the pyramid you have a 360 view, nothing is obscured.  If you stand looking up at the pyramid from ground level, your view is nothing like as comprehensive.   Your vision is completely blocked.  The magnificent structure represents our own spiritual journey towards enlightenment.  Each step we take up the pyramid is yet another step forward.

This is the time when we REMEMBER who we really are; Spirit in physical form. The Mayans say we each carry a little piece of the sun within us. This is the time when we remember that we have never been separate from our loved ones, or for that matter the higher spiritual realms, they remain a whisper away.  You could look at it as a sliding scale, a bit like a ladder. There is a whole spectrum of colours and varying vibrations.  Some we can see, some we can't.  Most human beings find it especially difficult to see beyond a certain range, and that is where mediums come in! 

Because of the stresses and strains of everyday living, we live a lot of the time on automatic pilot. We have half an eye on the future, our diaries and what needs to be done in the limited time we have to spare.  Apart from this the earth herself is undergoing quite an upheaval what with the numerous natural disasters as well as the man made ones as well.

2012 is a free teleseminar featuring Patricia Cardona of the Cosmic Mysteries School, Kentucky U.S.A  who together with her husband Dan, has worked with Mayan Elder Hunbatzmen since 1996.  In this seminar she will share some of her experiences out at the sites, and what we can gain by studying this ancient wisdom.  What relevance it has to the 21st. century.  This will be followed by a second seminar on 13th. August, in which you will have the opportunity to sample a full moon meditation the Mayan Way.  In this seminar, the husband and wife team will talk about the full moon sequence of meditations leading into 21st. December 2012.  I will be hosting this event.  If you would like to take up this offer please contact Gillian on mexicanhat@virginmedia She will reserve you a space.  These are strictly limited, and then send you back details of how to link into this amazing call. You just have to pay for the price of your phone call.  Otherwise these two teleseminars are Patricia and Dans gift to you as they prepare for their trip to the UK in September.

7.30p.m. BST; 2.30 EST
(approximately one hour)
2012 and all that
GILLIAN HOLLAND International Spiritualist Medium U.K
PATRICIA CARDONA Cosmic Mysteries School Kentucky U.S.A
The earth’s shifting energetically, and sometimes physically as we approach 2012
·         Patricia discusses some of her most memorable experiences at the sacred Mayan sites
·         What is the relevance of Mayan teachings in 21st. century
·         How to prepare our bodies for the new influx of energy
·         A simple Mayan meditation with  Patricia Cardona
Patricia and Daniel Cardona founded Cosmic Mysteries School in 1996 at the invitation of Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men. They have been teaching ancient Shamanic Wisdom for transformation since that time. Daniel is an adolescent psychiatrist but has also been a student of the martial arts for more than 20 years.  Patricia is a certified nurse practitioner  Gillian Holland is an international spiritualist medium of over 25 years standing, who has a background in psychology but has also journeyed out to Mayalands on more than one occasion, which is where she met Patricia and Dan.
Contact Gillian to reserve your space on this teleseminar