Thursday, 28 April 2016

Being yourself is being Magnificent

Loving yourself means REVEALING your True Self - not hiding it away!

What happens when you look in the mirror first thing and say to yourself,

'Good Morning! You're truly magnificent!'

For a start would you even dream of doing that in the first place?  That alone says something about your inner most feelings!
But, if you are anything like me I get straight into, 'Who me, magnificent,' as I reach for my specs. 'Yeah right? Who are you trying to kid?'

The insults I hurl at myself could be described as 'self-sabotage', and have nothing to do with 'Self Love.'  The mere fact that I don't even bother to take a look in the mirror, also speaks of self-sabotage. 

Why researching Self-Sabotage and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) I came across this lovely YouTube edition on that subject with Brad Yates, who really impresses me and helps me when I get stuck. (oh boy do I get stuck)

Then I found this quotation from Australian Writer Bronnie Ware.

Magnificence is who you truly are.
Dare to be who you truly are!

I think these two things go together.  In fact I believe they are the opposites of the same coin, 

As human beings, we are destined to keep moving through changes in our lives, just as the natural world also does.  The part that is resistance and would rather stay safe and secure in the same old scenario is our Saboteur, whilst the part of us that knows who we really are and truly Light's up our Lives is SPIRIT AND TRULY MAGNIFICENT.  Our Saboteur is very crafty and very often is an undercover operator, so we don't always recognise what he's getting up to to start with.

Change is n't always easy; remember Growing Pains? Change may not be easy, but it is our destiny However if we trust SPIRIT then we are half way home.  However, we are all in danger of becoming fixed to a particular label and allowing it to define us, for instance Gillian the medium, or Gillian the writer or Gillian a woman of a certain age when we really are wired for change.  The vision we have of ourself in the moment is merely a snapshot in time, but certainly not  the whole picture, even though our Saboteur tries to tell us otherwise.

 We are all much more than a single snapshot in time, whether it's mother, writer, medium or elder, we are truly MAGNIFICENT. Our light shines brightly in the heavens.  It never dies, but is meant to  continue growing.

Magnificence is when you dare to keep 
the film rolling even when it seems the scariest thing in the world.
It is when you dare to go for your dreams in spite of 
the Self-Doubt your Saboteur keeps spilling into your mind.

The next few editions of this blog will be devoted to a closer look at Self-Sabotage and Magnificence 

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

One small step for mankind

One small step for mankind

It was a real effort for me to get out of bed this morning, I would have much rather stayed tucked safely under the duvet on this cold, grey overcast morning than tackle my Pilates class. Of course it was worth it in the end, and I finished the session feeling so much more uplifted and ready to get on with the rest of the day.

Actually it wasn't a cold, dark morning, but it may as well have been, even though the early morning sky still carried a hint of a nearly full moon high in the sky and the most beautiful robin flew to the window to say hallo. Inside I was growling and grumping and quite incapable of seeing any further than that; at least not to start with.

Attitude makes all the difference though.  Sometimes the day starts grey, no matter what colour the sky is outside. But it's what you do with the grey that's important. I can get into the very bad habit of comparing my efforts to those of everyone else around me. And I always come off worse, at least in my mind's eye.  But consider astronaut Neil Armstrong..  You know, 'One giant step for mankind' and all that,' as he bounded around on the rarified lunar service all those years ago. We all celebrated with him. Then of course it's easy to get into false comparisons. My efforts just aren't good enough.  We've all been there haven't we?

But how can you compare the effort it takes to take just one small step here in the much heavier atmosphere of our planet to that giant step taken up on the moon?  You can't! How can you compare your own journey to anyone else's around you.  You just can't!

 That first small step you take first thing in the morning, and the way you take it can make all the difference. Each morning we are brought to a new threshold in life which is defined by the way we approach it.

We all have a choice to make, go back to bed or take our first step of many for that day out into the world.

Chinese Sage Confucius said

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Begins with the First Step.......

.....and the one after that.....

and then

the one after that.........

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