Tuesday, 1 May 2012

When Gillian met Harry

Harry the Elephant
 Knysna Elephant Sanctuary Garden Route South Africa

An elephant's got to do what an elephant's got to do!

Harry the Elephant has grown in the few years since we met him in South Africa, and he was quite a size then. It occurs to be that this magnificent creature has a far better understanding of his own strengths and weakness than we human being will ever have.  It didn't take me long to realise just how fragile we are, and just what a gentle giant Harry is, when he hurtled towards me wanting his lunch. I wouldn't have stood a chance, but would you believe it,  he managed to stop dead right in front of me, very graciously lifting his stubbly trunk so that I could stroke it.  He treated everyone in the group with the utmost gentility, rather like an indulgent and much loved grandfather..and I for one felt perfectly safe in his company. I left Knysna with the utmost respect for these creatures who have so much to teach us if only....

How to stand up for ourselves?

In my last blog, I mentioned 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' and how we often need to swim against the tide and learn to stand up for ourselves just like salmon do to reach their spawning grounds.  But you can't even begin to do that until you are really present in the body, just like Harry and wildlife in general.

When you are truly present in the moment,
you appreciate what a wonderful gift life itself is!

It's okay to be me!

The vehicle we've been given to appreciate and experience life is of course the human body.  How else could we experience the magic of movement and walking amid nature's glory? How else could we reach out and touch like I was able to reach out to Harry, unless we had a human body.  How else could we experience the warmth of the suns rays or the breeze caressing our cheeks, or the rustle waves connecting to the shingle or for that matter be ambassadors for Spirit?

Spending a moment in quiet  contemplation and meditation is a wonderful way to give gratitude and appreciation for the life you've been given, as well as the body which gives you form. This will bring you back into the present moment. Gone are all the harsh self-judgements and criticisms we've labelled ourselves with.  It really is okay to be the individuals we are meant to be.  We are okay just the way we are. Its okay to do things in the way that we do them, without trying to 'ape' anyone else!

How does meditation help?

Meditation is a way to connect us to the indwelling Spirit, so that our inner and outer worlds are brought into balance and harmony.  In this way we can truly Light up our Lives with Spirit. Spirit is our true essence,  and through meditation we know what we are here to do and give ourselves the permission to do it.  It gives us the peace and harmony we have been craving for

Give thanks

Spend a few moments giving thanks for the simple things in life and see how much more settled you begin to feel. If you would like any further information on Gillians monthly meditation course starting on Tuesday 8th. May 7.30p.m. please contact her

Embrace Life   Light up your Life with Spirit