Saturday, 3 June 2017

Noise comes in all shapes and Sizes

Dealing with the Frazzle in the Big Build up to the Full Moon

Noise comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Dealing with the Frazzle in the Big Build up to the Full Moon

Are you affected by SILENT noise?

I’m coming to realise what a noisy time of the year this is.  Everyone seems to be out there and at it, especially when the sun shines! How about you? What are your thoughts on this? Youre welcome to share your comments below.

I’m also recognising, noise comes in all shapes and sizes.

 First there’s the physical noise; for instance airplanes, traffic, car horns, voices arguing long and hard into the night through open windows, pounding, thumping base music etc.

But then there’s something a lot more subtle but which can be just as, if not more, damaging: Silent Noise. Right now, the air waves are polluted with lots of it in the build up to next week's Full Moon. Silent Noises comes in the form of negative thoughts and feelings which swim around in the atmosphere waiting to be absorbed.Sometimes if we're frazzled we can soak it up like a sponge. Take the election jumble, for instance, it's building to fever pitch as we prepare to vote,  but more especially there's the fear, outrage and sorrow coursing through our veins as a result of the Manchester bombing together with the magnitude of other worldwide atrocities.

Add to this our own personal concerns for family and livelihood, and our brains are being seriously polluted by lots of negativity and fear. That's what I call Silent Noise and it’s contagious! Like there’s some sort of negative net out there, waiting to haul us all in. That's why its important to stay as upbeat and present as we possibly can, rather than get caught up in the hubbub!

On a personal level:

On a personal level, I just can't hack the physical noise coming from the other side of the fence at weekends.  I just have to come out of my beloved garden where I  write, because noise seriously challenges my equilibrium.  I am sure I am not the only medium and healer who’s come across this problem. Coupled with this, there are certain shops I have to avoid because of the frazzle I pick up in them. So what can be done? And why has it build to such a fever pitch of emotion at the moment?

Right now, there’s a huge energy build up in preparation for Summer Solstice, and next week’s full moon, is like a doorway or portal we have to go through to make the best of it!!! How can we turn things round to our advantage, rather than feeling we’ve been tossed out into the middle of a seething Bay of Biscay without an anchor to support us? It's important not to get dragged in too deep!

Here’s a quote from Richard Carlsson in ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’, which says it all!
Something wonderful begins to happen with the simple realisation that life,
like an automobile, is driven from the inside out,
Not the other way round.
As you focus more on becoming peaceful from where you are,
Rather than focusing on where you would rather be,
you begin to find peace right now,
in the present.
Changing our attitude

As human beings we can connect to all this hubbub in one of two ways:-
Creatively or Destructively

The second of these, destructive connection, means we allow ourselves to get caught up in all the politicking and cross currents, which is just plain exhausting, and gets us no-where. It's also really isolating at a time when we could do with a bit of support. That's the negative net waiting to haul us in.
 But then there's a much more positive , creative connection waiting to support us,but we do need to attune to the energy by connecting to  The Bigger Picture. We're much more than our physical senses can even begin to understand.

You've got a choice,  allow yourself to be reeled into all the negatives that are  waiting to latch on to us, pulling us down. Or you can step back and surrender the situation to Source/Spirit/Universe.Accept what’s going on, but step back without getting caught up in the control drama,  steering clear of all those fearful judgements. They just set you up for more flack!

Surrendering the situation to Source/Spirit/Universe means you are connecting to your Higher Self, which is where a position and effective solution can be found.

Full Moon helps you release old patterns

The Full Moons are all about releasing situations, old tired patterns and thought forms which no longer serve you.  So next week is your opportunity to do just that, by remembering you are much bigger than all this.

When we connect us this level. We are also connecting to a net, but this time it's there to help. You are Spirit in human form.  Spirit is Love, and therefore you too are unconditional love. This net is the very fabric of your making: unconditional love.  Treat yourself lovingly.
  Stop, give yourself at least a short five minute break if that is all you can manage, to pull yourself out of the mad hurly burly. Remember, you are also driven like the car Richard Carlsson mentions, from the inside out.  The difference is the fuel which drives you is unconditional love, and that goes an awful long way. 

Look beyond at the Bigger Picture.  Isn’t it about time you started treating yourself with a little bit of respect??? Isn't it about time you took more time out to cement your connection to the Bigger Picture?

After all, it is the loving part of you: your creative essence. If you offer your troubles up to Source Energy and patiently wait, it has the potential to get you looking at things from a different and more positive perspective.  In short to provide you with an original creative and inspirational solution which will lift you right out of the doldrums, and put you straight back on track.

Remember who you are. Creative solutions aren't found  in the confusion and shenanigans of the outside world, but within, in the still silence centre of your being, where you know you are much more that the outer, and sometimes really harsh world would have you believe.