Friday, 30 November 2012

On the Edge of New Beginnings - the Root Chakra

On the Edge of New Beginnings Planting the seed for bright new beginnings

Living in the Present Moment - understanding the root chakra
  • What on earth are we doing on this planet? Changing the way we see ourselves, makes all the difference.
  • Why the root chakra is so important. Planting the seed for bright new beginnings
  • Feeling Spirits support
What on earth are we doing on this planet!
(Seed Consciousness - the dot within the circle)
The short answer to this is that we are learning to become HUMAN BEINGS, rather than HUMANS DOING!!!  We've got things round the wrong way.  When you think about it a lot of us put a plan into action to feel better about ourselves, as if there's something missing. But when you connect to Spirit, you realise that you have everything you need at your finger tips to become the individual you were suppose to become. A lot of people devote an awful lot of energy trying to conform to other peoples expectations without thinking whether its right for them or not.
As I have said elsewhere, I use a simple symbol(the dot at the centre of the circle) as a simple grounding technique in my meditation groups. Amongst other things, that dot represents the 'seed' consciousness we are born with. Because, we plant the seed into the soil, we can also use this symbol to represent the root chakra.
The seed has everything it needs inside to become the thing/individual its supposed to become.. So an oak tree seed blossoms into an oak tree, and a daisy seed into a daisy. However, try as we may, an apple can't become an orange tree, nor a blade of grass a daffodil. There's no point trying. 
Once we begin to see this, the world becomes a much different place.

Full Moon Meditations for 2013

Monthly Full Moon Meditations to achieve your Heart's Desire

Why meditate with the Full Moon:

Meditating with the Full Moon each lunar month is a wonderful way to manifest your Hearts Desire.
We are all part of the same Universe and therefore subject to the same Universal Laws. The Universe has its own natural ebb and flow,  we see reflected in the seasons, day and night, and the waxing and waning of the moon.

We have all heard that overworked phrase 'go with the flow' but we can use these natural cycles to move us forward to manifest our heart's desire. In fact we are supposed to live in harmony with these cycles although many of us struggle to do this. Meditation is a beautiful way to do this.

The new moon is a good time to plant the seed of an idea, whilst the full moon is a time to release limiting beliefs and declutter bits and pieces that no longer serve you in your day to day life.  Each month in meditation we work with a different aspect of our self to achieve what we want in life.

Meditation brings you closer to your Self:

Meditation brings you closer to your Self and a deeper understanding of who and what you are. When you align with the Self, you manifest not what you want which is ego based, but truly what your Heart Desires. Manifesting in this way ceases to be a struggle as we move with the Natural cycles of Life.  Your Divine Essence is truly inspirational and creative and what's really important original. You are a one off original, and working in this way truly enables you to express your originality.

Meditation creates a greater sense of peace and harmony in your life by helping reconnect to the Divinity within you. Each session contains two and sometimes three meditations.  The main meditation of the evening is recorded at the time, and the following day you will receive a link to the meditation that you can download for your own personal use.  There is also a blog available solely for the use of the members of the meditation group.

This simple meditation is similar to those we use to relax and focus at the start of the evening.

Meditation dates for 2013

Full Moon Meditations for 2013 (provisional dates)
Wednesday 30th January 2012 (please note this date has been unavoidably changed)

Tuesday 26th February 2012

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013

Tuesday 25th June 2013

(The nearest Tuesday to the energy of the full moon)
This is a well established group but we do have one or two places available for people with some experience of the meditation process.

£9 per session
To learn more of to reserve your space contact Gillian here:

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Denise Davis Reconnective Healing

Denise Davis - Reconnective Healing and EFT

Denise will be offering Reconnective Healing as well as EFT at our Pamper Day, although she has a number of other skills at her finger tips.  Read about her here.  She is featured on 3 Counties Radio quiite frequently as an expert in her field.

Denise’s personal experience of undergoing therapy had such a profound effect on her life that she changed career from being a full-time primary school teacher (after 28+ years) to concentrate on Wellbeing Coaching and Private Tutoring. Denise wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives, so they become well-balanced and confident, especially the children, because today’s children are tomorrow’s future and as such deserve to be recognised.
Denise works with both adults (Wellbeing Coaching which is an intuitive mix of modalities tailored for each individual and may include healing as well as Coaching Therapy) and children (Wellbeing Coaching and/or Private Tutoring in Literacy & Numeracy). As Denise’s passion is working with people and children, coupled with my love for therapy, it is an ‘ideal’ profession for her. All Denise’s clients have found their sessions beneficial and have been astounded at the speed of their personal transformations. They wished they had known about the Wellbeing Coaching much earlier…
For the Pamper Day I am offering both Reconnective Healing and EFT taster sessions:-
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
is a non-invasive procedure where you use your fingers to tap the acupressure points on your face and chest whilst making affirmations of the problem. It is very simple and anyone can use it. One advantage is that it can be used instantly as a self-help tool. The meridian system (acupressure points) is an energy pathway that is similar to our nervous system and channels energy through the body. Traumatic memories and thoughts cause an energy disruption within the body, causing blockages which result in physical pain or negative emotional issues. Tapping with EFT releases the body’s blocks as well as releasing fears & phobias, injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, weight control, cravings, smoking, addictions and low mood/depression.
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Reconnective Healing is a new set of frequencies bringing in light and information as well as healing. The frequencies reconnect strings and strands of your DNA to promote an improved life and a faster spiritual growth. You will lie on the couch and I will work in your energetic field around your body and this usually brings about a feeling of relaxation as the body re-balances and heals itself, as well as bringing the mind, body and soul into greater alignment. The frequencies have been demonstrated not only in practice but also in science laboratories around the world and can be entrained in each of us bringing about a balance in our being. The Reconnection is a process of axiatonal alignment (re-aligning yourself with the meridians on earth & universe) after which your life shifts and you feel more comfortable in your skin, fear levels reduce and it’s easier to detach. Greater clarity is experienced and you know what your purpose is.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nikki Brant at our Psychic Pamper Day

Nicki Brant

We're really pleased to have Nicki Brant at our Psychic Pamper Day on 8th. December in Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead. This is Nicki's story.

I feel that one of my main purposes in this life is to help and give to others and I am drawn to achieving this by providing Massage and Reiki treatments as well as selling holistic goods to help mind, body & soul.

When I was young, I have happy memories of helping my mum in her fancy goods shop in Blackpool.  This experience remained with me and I found that I was drawn back to selling goods and still enjoy the feeling of helping others.  I started off by selling jewellery at work which was very popular at the time.  As I became more involved with the spiritualist church and with healing, I found that I was drawn to holistic products such as: incense sticks, tumble stones, dream catchers, fairy & angel items, books, salt lamps... etc.  Many people ask me if I have a shop... I don’t, but who knows what the future will bring!  I mostly sell my goods at Garston Spiritualist Church on the first Saturday of each month from 2-5pm whilst the private readings are going on, however I am pleased to be coming along on the 8th December  with my stall so hopefully see you then!  Best wishes  Nicki x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Goodwill Fairies Paula Moyes

Paula Moyes creating another unique Goodwill Fairy

Goodwill Fairies are one off originals created by Paula Moyes.
 Although keen to start knitting again, she even surprised herself
 by declaring to a friend that she was going to create 'fairies'.
 Since that time 'her fairies' have gone from strength to strength.
This is Paula's story.  Come along to our Psychic Pamper Day on December 8th
 and meet Paula in person. Something special for Christmas.

I kept passing a wool shop in my local town and thought I would like to start knitting
and as I hadn't knitted for many years it would have to be something small. A couple of
days later while sitting on a train going to London I told my friend I was going to knit "fairies"
which came as a big surprise to me as well as her.

I told her they were all to be unique no two fairies would be the same and I would call them

Goodwill Fairies and they would carry little scrolls with a nice message written on them.
My friend who is in to crystals said "why not put a little goodwill crystal in each one of them".
I thought it a very good idea but I would knit a little bag for the crystal.
Oh my goodness easier said than done! It took 10 fairies before any thing like
what I was aiming for came into being. I do think of different characters as I knit them,
but I think the fairies say something different to different people judging by the feedback I am getting.

Fortunately they are quite popular and I am still knitting, still creating.

The fairies are not suitable for children under 3 years as they have small beads for eyes

and a wooden spine, as the neck of the fairies would not support the weight of the hair.
I do knit a child's fairy which are all basically the same only in different colour's. 

                                     Really looking forward to seeing them Paula  xx

                                   Meet Paula on Saturday 8th December 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Vision Boards

Vision Boards as a Tool to Manifest your Hearts Desire

Angela Woodward

(a free presentation by Angela Woodward on Saturday 8th. December, Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead)

Vision Boards

A vision board is comprised of a card base upon which chosen pictures can be pasted that are representative of what one wishes to manifest. It serves as an excellent prompt.

At the beginning of this year, my mind wandered to New Year Resolutions. I decided that it was very easy for a resolution that was just a thought to soon be forgotten.


I was invited to a women's gathering one saturday night in January and the theme for the evening was to create a vision board. This appealed to me.


Whereas a resolution in thought only would soon be forgotten, a vision board, being a creation stemming from the original thought, would be something tangible for me to renew my focus on daily.


Having experienced a breakdown 2 years previously. The greatest thing that I wanted to manifest into my life was Peace of Mind.


Almost a year on from creating my board I am pleased to say that I have indeed achieved my aim. I am now adding more pictures to focus on, these will help manifest other aspects into my daily life.


I am happy to share this knowledge with others as I have first hand experience that it truly works.
Angela is offering a free presentation on Vision Boards at our event on Saturday 8th. December.
She's also a metamorphic technique practitioner and you will have the opportunity to sample a treatment with her as well.
Tel: 01442 246407 for further details


Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness

Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness

presented by Spiritualist Medium and Author Trevor Davey
Saturday 8th December
Grovehill Community Centre
Hemel Hempstead

Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness
     Most of us have been fascinated by pendulums, if only to predict the sex of an unborn child. Of course this was in the day before scans became the norm.  However, pendulums offer a power way to connect to the Spiritual Realms, and you will have the opportunity to see author Trevor Davey's free stage presentation at our event on Saturday 8th. December 2012.  Here's Trevor short article:-
Pendulums have been used for eons of time in many cultures as a device to amplify natural energies and even by the use of a needle suspended on a cotton thread (by another) over a pregnant ladies abdomen to predict the sex of the unborn child.
However, the use of a suitable pendulum to communicate with the Higher Energies requires certain factors:
·         A true desire to communicate with spirit for the benefit of others and you own spiritual progression.
·         Pendulums should be manufactured in hard wood, plastic or crystals, for the desired purpose.
·         Sincerely  opening up to the Higher Energies (however this is personally perceived)
·         You need to be taught how to use the pendulum for spiritual awareness and the procedures that must be followed.
Using a pendulum can enhance the development of mediumship, answer questions and give guidance. It works by amplifying communication received from the Higher Energies.   They can be used to indicate a problem area on a person’s body (this may be the root cause rather than the area of physical discomfort) and is especially useful for animals and small children who are unwell.
At the Psychic Fayre & Pamper Day you will be able to purchase small pendulums (homemade) at £1-50 each (larger pendulums will be available). You will be taught how to use your personal pendulum for your SPIRITUL AWARENESS. (If you have your own pendulum, bring it with you). We will be doing a mini–workshop on using pendulums, during the course of the afternoon.

For further details on this day

Tel: 01442 246407

or :0787 656 1400


Friday, 16 November 2012

A look at the Metamorphic Technique

A look at the Metamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique is a special kind of  treatment working on the feet, hands and head. Perhaps not so well known as reflexology, but it's just the job for this day and age. We are pleased to welcome therapist Angela Woodward to our Psychic Pamper Day on 8th. December 2012 at Grovehill Community Centre between 12noon and 4p.m. She will not only be offering mini treatments but will also be offering a stage presentation on the Vision Board, which is often closely associatd with the Law of Attraction.

This is what Angela has to say about the treatment:

The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle stroking movement on points on the feet, hands and head.

These points correspond to our time in the womb, where a lot of patterns are created that we find affect us adversely in our lives.

These patterns can manifest as illness, unhealthy beliefs and behaviours, difficultiews in manifesting abundance, problems in relationship, trauma, bereavement feeling stuck and more.

Why Receive Metamorphic Technique?
Because you don't need to 'fix' anything or talk about issues during a session.
Because sessions act as a catalyst to your LIFE FORCE which can transform whatever you feel may be holding you back, and in a way that is always perfectly appropriate for you.

Metamorphic Technique has slowly and
quietly gained the respect from not only those
whose lives have been transformed by it,
but from doctors and specialists impressed
with the results for conditions ranging
from dyslexia to eating disorders.
Lorna V  Sunday Times

For further information speak to Angela @
There'll be another short article featuring Angela on Vision Board.

or check out Psychic Pamper Days here:

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Connecting to the Angels and Spirit

Spread your Wings and Fly with the Angels

I love working with the Angels - their energy is so supportive and, meditating in a group can be really powerful and inspiring. They are just the thing to connect to if we are feeling befogged and unclear as to what to do next. 

Wings are symbolic of our spiritual nature and they are also seen as very protective.  Native American tradition held a great respect for the Eagle because they could fly close to Great Spirit, whilst wings are very often shown in the Egyptian pyramids as well. Ancient man always looked towards the sky and yearned to fly.  I remember all those ancient black and white films of people in very strange bathing gear, and bedecked in an even stranger set of wings/stroke flying machine launch themselves off the end of a pier in their bid to take to the skies, only to be on the receiving end of another dunking in the ocean. So what is this fascination with flight?  Connecting to the Angels can, in its turn, help connect us to our spiritual essence. This is an important part of our spiritual growth and development, because we learn that we are far more than just our physical body and that we are being guided.

Angels are very protective to us human beings.  They connect to us in a number of ways.  Perhaps the best known is to find a white feather floating down right in front of your eyes.  I was travelling up to an MBS show with a friend of mine some time ago, and we both watched in fascination as a feather floating down from the ceiling out of thin air.  Angelic feathers appear when people need some extra  support in their lives, or just to say that their loved ones are near by.  I heard a wonderful story about a wonderful pathway of feathers infront of the bride as she made her way down the stairs out the front door and into the bridal car.  Lovely to think that her earthly family weren't the only people celebrating that day.

I have been really fortunate to run a meditation class over a number of years now with a great bunch of people and have finally put together a couple of meditation CD's that you can buy at Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church, Marsden Green this coming Saturday 24th. November between 10.30 am and 4pm. The first is called Meditation for Inner Peace with the Angels whilst the second 'Wrapped in Angels Wings' helps you achieve a greater 'Clarity of Mind' through working with the Angels.  The final meditation, which has helped make my own connection to the Angels even stronger, is' Connecting to Archangel Michael.' During my own sessions with Michael, he has given me a number of messages to reflect on.  This meditation helps you connect to Michael on a lot of different levels and to receive a message from him in which ever way is best suited foro you. If you would like any more information about either of these CD's then please contact Gillian

I will also be selling these discs at the Psychic Pamper Day I am organising in Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead along with M & M Candles and Cards, Margaret and Maureen. This is Saturday 8th. December and we are all very much looking forward to this event.

Steps towards a better connection to the Angels and Spirit

Creating the Right Space for your connection

Over the past few years, there's also been a lot of talk about clutter clearing and Feng Shui, which is the ancient art of space clearing. Most of us recognise the importance of decluttering our homes, desks and even cars. We feel the difference straight away.  It's much the same with your connection to the Angels, you need to create the right space to ensure the best and clearest connection to them.

I always like to create an imaginary circle on the floor around me and then to clear the space using a herb such as sage or even a joss stick.  Generally if I do use a joss stick it needs to be a light aroma, just in case people in the group have a sensitivity to it...and there are quite a few people who have these days.  I might also use Tibetan Bell which are attuned to the vibration of the Universe.  This is my favourite way of working; it clears the energy straight away.


I then encourage people to relax and let go of as much of their troubles as they can, at least for the moment.  You would be surprised at the number of solutions that come through. Clearing your physical space and then relaxing your physical body really does clear your mind and help you receive angelic guidance.

Angelic Wings:

Working with the Angels allows you to spread your wings and fly.  In my groups we have lots of fun playing with our own wings which are connected to our Souls. We experiment with letting our own wings unfurled gradually.  It's amazing the sense of freedom that comes from this simple exercise. Its wonderful to feel the sense of support that comes through in this way!

Archangels and Angels

Each angel and archangel works with a particular energy and is involved in a particular task.  For instance Archangel Michael is very protective and generally comes forward in a blaze of brilliant blue.  He is sometimes depicted carrying a huge sword and is very protective He encourages us to give all our cares and concerns to the realms of Spirit, in the understanding that we are never truly alone; the Angels always walk by our sides. You will very often hear the phrase 'let go and let spirit.'
They teach us not to struggle but to ask and then let go, surrendering to the Universe.  As the Law of Attraction states, its the letting go after sending up your prayers that 'creates the space' for your dreams to be brought into reality. The next bit can be difficult - be patient - wait and the answer you have been waiting for will be given. ....but not always in the way you might expect...

Wrapped in Angels Wings and Meditations for Inner Peace with the Angels are both accompanied by music by Thaddeus, who is one of Sanaya Roman's guides.  I want to thank Sanaya for allowing me to use Thaddeus' music on my CD's If you would like any further information about either of these CD's then please contact me