Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Meditation for the New Age of Aquarius

Did you realise our negative thoughts and patterns of self judgement have the potential to stop us expressing our Divine Purpose, and becoming the individuals we are supposed to become?

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius, which is associated with the mental 'body' of mankind. So its no surprise that there's so much information out there about positive affirmations from people like Louise Hay, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer and many others.

 We have two aspects associated with the mental body or mind:-
  •  the ego mind,
  • and the Divine Mind, 'sometimes known as the Heart within the Mind.

Ego mind is associated with the frantic activity of our day to day lives, and is laden with stress. But deep within our hearts, there lies a place of stillness of utter peace, where you can connect to the Source of our being.  This is known as the 'Mind in the Heart.'

As we move further into the New Age of Aquarius, it'll will become increasingly important to access the Mind in the Heart, to ensure perfect balance and harmony between these two aspects of ourselves.
Meditation is one way that we can achieve this. 

Meditation is a process that will help us
speak with a loving and open heart,
rather than a fearful one.
Our thoughts will be focused on harmony and love
rather than self judgement and fear.
Meditation brings us back into harmony with True Selves.

One very simple form of meditation that will realign us with our true essence is the chanting of a very simple mantra, OM.  Om is said to be the sound of the Universe, so once we are in harmony with the Universe, we are also back in alignment with our own Divine Purpose.  These two things go together.  Chanting this sacred sound will create a state of inner peace, which is associated with the heart centre.  And although it may not instantly solve any difficulties we find ourselves in, it will create an inner strength and peace of purpose that will help get us back on track.

Why not try it?

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