Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ask the Guide - Releasing your fears and the law of Attraction

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Releasing your Fears and the Law of Attraction
Channelled wisdom from the Guide on the journey through life

Question:  I've always believed it's important to express my feelings, especially those from childhood patterning that  might to holding me back.  But surely that means according to the Law of Attraction, I will be attracting more of the same rather than moving to a higher level of awareness.
Self-awareness is the key

Inner Work is a very important part of each individual's journey on Earth, and so it's vital that you know who you are.  So self-awareness is the Key! You are Spirit in a human overcoat, and with this knowledge you are destined to THRIVE rather than just SURVIVE.  This is the jumping off point from all the subsequent work you do.

You are here to thrive, not just survive:
Knowing that you are here to THRIVE rather than SURVIVE
creates an openness in your energetic field.
This openess can attract more abundance  and more joy into your life.  Releasing your sorrow, and coming into the light of a deeper understanding is part of this work. While you are releasing the sorrow and self-limiting belief patterns you are being held in the light.  In your willingness to let go, you are working with the Divine Will, and are therefore in the process of transforming your light to a higher order, and expanding your understanding of self. 

And because you are open to the light

that light is able to express itself through you,

and therefore attract more light and abundance into your life.

Now letting go means you are engaged on a step by step process in partnership with life's natural ebb and flow.  And so, as you continue to release what no-longer serves you, something else is happening - you are coming home to the BEAUTY OF THE SELF!  Self- expression is based on love rather than fear.  Fear inhibits self-expression


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fly like the Eagle -moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

Fly like the Eagle meditation

The link above is a meditation specifically designed for this full moon, but is also ideal for when you need clarification in your life.  Hope you enjoy it.

Expanding your consciousness - reworking our vision

The full moon in Aquarius is all about taking flight, by getting the balance right between your own personal needs and that of the group, and by honouring your own unique creative expression. When we soar above the earth, we see things in an entirely different way, but we also have to to let go of what no longer serves us. . And it's the letting go that allows us to maintain the higher level of consciousness awareness, to truly transform our lives, rather than sink back down to earth like a stone. Change and transformation are both natural ways of being, we are all born to grow and develop our talents.

It is also important to balance your own personal needs with that of the group.  Many of us feel a tremendous need to conform.  This generally comes from childhood and cultural patterning ingrained  from a very early age.

However, our spirit always urges us to move forward and to grow.  I liken conformity to trying to fit a quart into a pint pot. It just doesn't work.  Life is an adventure and we all have first class tickets to the show, but have to be willing to take flight. But it's very easy to be overwhelmed by other peoples expectations and demands, but in that process we can all too easily forget who we are!

Bringing your vision into form

Riding the wave of creation rather than struggle against it.

Throughout history, birds have been closely associated with spirituality.Mankind has always been envious of the effortless way they 'touch the heavens.' One of the most highly revered birds, especially by the Native Americans is the Eagle. It is said that, with his magnificent wings, he is able to fly closest to the Sun, and therefore has the best connection to Source as well as the best vision. He also rides the thermals quite naturally. Not only does he have a 360 degree vision from his lofty height, but also pin-point focus and can swoop back down to earth with equal grace and ease when the situation requires.  Quite a combination! From this vantage point he can seek out how best to take the next evolutionary step forward in life, ironing out any knots that may be getting in the way. We have so much to learn from the animal kingdom and the natural world!

When you embrace the energy of Eagle you are aligned with Source Energy and all thinking at this level is based on that sense of complete at-one-ment Source

Step One:
  • Spend some time in private contemplation looking at your achievements
  • Make the space for even the smallest chink of light you see as you work towards your goals.  Don't forget, if you have been under the weather, opening the curtains on a brand new day can be a remarkable achievement. (Some of the Olympians breath-taking achievements over adversity are magnificent)
  • Then celebrate your abundance! Thinking positive helps creates a better connection to Spirit for the work to come.
Step Two:
  • Now look where you have room for further growth and expansion in what you are hoping to achieve in the rest of this year.
  • Recognise that everything you need to create transformation in your life, is already present in energy form
Step Three:
  • Meditate with the energy of Eagle This will help you release any points of resistance that may be inhibiting your progress
Step Four:

  • Be willing to move, to release any energy/resistance in your physical body and receive any remaining pieces of information from Spirit to help you on your way. Dancing is a wonderful way to release tensions and celebrate YOU!

Elements of the Moon:

This particular moon is associated with:-

  • air (Aquarius)
  • fire (Leo)
Air is associated with thought form, but this full moon in particular is really associated with the Bigger Picture and the Visionary. Take this opportunity to work with positive affirminations.  To me the most important one is to recognise that we are all whole, perfect and complete in essence.  This is the essence of all our work, and leads us to manifesting our hearts desire, rather than remaining in conflict with the direction Spirit wishes to take us in.

Fire is the creative spark itself, and the energy needed to bring something into form. To me this flame represents life itself. So many of us have problems being present in the NOW.  But learning to do this is closely associated with the root chakra and TRUST.


A lot of people reach a cross roads in their live, and then start to back peddle furiously.  This is ego's fear taking a hold once again, and unless we are careful we could find ourselves tramping down the same old stoney road that we thought we'd left behind.  It's very natural to feel vulnerable when we move into a new phase in our life.  A new experience always bring up the child within.  This can pitch us straight back into the childhood patterning we thought we'd throw out with the bathwater.  So many of us mistakenly choose the safe option.

What is the antedote to this drama?

Take time out to remember who you are,
Take a deep breath to recentre and reground
and then take flight with Eagle.
From his vantage point you can detach and
look at the bigger picture.
This puts things back into perspective.

Being confronted with all that 'clear' space, once you've decluttered can be challenging

A lot of this work is about non-attachment to form, since change and transformation is the name of the game here on earth.  You have only to look at the changing seasons to understand this.
This does however mean that we have to be willing to go with the change we are being presented with.  There's a saying 'better the devil you know', and so many of us hang on to what we have for fear of what might replace it.
Once again this is scarcity thinking, based on fear. Reconnect to Source, to remember your True Essence.  From this point we can move into a higher level of conscious awareness; that of abundance where your hearts desires are far less likely to be sabotages by negative thought patterns.

Following the gold thread:

Mythologies very often discuss the golden thread, which keeps you focused on the journey ahead, and also helps allay your fears. This is Spirit.

Spirit breathes life into everything you see around you, so it's an integral part of your life and everything else on the earth plane. When our hearts are open to Spirit, we live our lives in accordance with the Universal Laws transcending time and space.

Embracing the energy

In order to fly above the gravity and density of the Earth, you need to do two things:-
  1. acknowledge your human BEINGNESS
  2. honour the divinity within
  3. Honour your heart centre which is the gateway between the two aspects of yourSelf - and then acknowledge that the thread which joins these two things together is the SPIRIT.

The Christ Light

It is your lesson in this lifetime to find your way back to your Spiritual Source, whilst still embraced in physical form, so that you are illumined by the CHRIST LIGHT.

The emblem for this is the six pointed star and the accompanying mantra which goes along with this is

As above, so below
As within, so without!

In this space, you acknowledge the Christ Light is within you, and that you are in perfect balance, harmony and unison with the heavens above.

Please understand that the Christ Light is a level of consciousness.  It is not an individual, but a consciousness that will be expressed through all individuals eventually. It is a consciousness that all human beings are aspiring too at this time in human evolution.  It has nothing to do with a particular religion, but the potential is there in all of humanity, particularly at this time.

Once you have embraced the Christ Light
|You understand you are a

And it is this declaration of wholeness
which has the capacity to create
true and everlasting changes in consciousness.

In this space, you see clearly who and what you are, acting accordingly.  This is the meaning of true clairvoyance.
  1. not only to see Spirit for people
  2. but to see the  Spirit, shining forth from every Soul  on the planet, but especially within your Self
  3. to recognise you are a holy child of God
  4. in this space, you return to a space of at-one-ment, you are bathed in unconditional love.
  5. And in this space you have the potential to be totally healed.