Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A pilgrimage to the Mayan pyramids, Mexico

eclipse over Mexico
I'm finding myself increasingly drawn back to the Mayan Pyramids - no small wonder with 2012 in mind!  The Mayan Calendar represents the new wave of consciousness that peaks on 21st. December 2012; so much has been written about it, but its nowhere near as scarey as some people would have us believe - certainly not the end of the world.
For a start, there is not just one Mayan Calendar, but a whole series of them relating to different aspects of life, for instance agriculture. But the one we are all familiar with deals with raising of consciousness. This is said to happen when our planet aligns with 'the heart of heaven'. The teachings are very similar to our own spiritualist philosophy and especially White Eagle's teachings. White Eagle mentions the Maya in his work.  All indigenous people understand how important it is to live in harmony not just with the world around us, but with the universe as well.
At the heart of Mayan philosopy is the pyramid, which is the symbol of spiritual progress.  As mediums and healers we know the importance of being properly grounded, (present in the moment), in our world.  This has never been more important as it is now.  It is the difference between staying cool, calm and centred in the eye of the storm, or being totally swept off your feet by a sudden influx of energy, like a tsunami for instance. But it's this energy that will take us to a new level of understanding, of who we are, and our purpose on the planet.  We all have a purpose.
A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred site; and this increases our spiritual awareness, by realigning our energies to life's natural ebb and flow. One of the things that really interests me as a medium is of course the continuity of life. This is part of Mayan tradition as well. Working with life's natural ebb and flow helps us understand death, not as an end point in time, but a transition to a higher level of awareness. When we finally leave this planet, we do indeed leave our bodies behind, but during our lifetimes we go through a whole series of smaller dyings as rites of passages.
According to the Mayans, 'we each have a little piece of the Sun (Divinity) within us'; the seed consciousness.  It's unique, and so, as with spiritualists, we have the 'personal responsibility' to grown and develop this seed through the seasons of our lives.  You are considered to be an Elder when you reach the age of 52.  This is because you have lived through all the possible combinations in the Mayan Calendar.  Sacred Ceremony helps us peel back the layers of understanding.
One such journey I took was at Spring Equinox, the beginning of the Mayan year, to a place called Becan.  This is a small site, compared to say Chichen Itza, but it gave us much more privacy to do our work, taking us away from the tourist trail. We arrived in the jungle in the pitch black, slightly dishevelled after an very very early morning start. Huge shapes loomed large in front of us, whilst strange sounds screamed their message to us out of the void.  As a muted light began to spread across the tree tops, we marched in single file behind Hunbatz Men, the Itza Mayan Elder, who was playing his tiny clay Mayan flute.  A huge stone stood guard in the middle of the clearing, flanked on either side by ruins.  The site hadn't been restored in the same way as say Uxmal or Chichen Itza had.  At a sign from Hunbatz we began to chant 'k'in' the Mayan for Father Sun, and we all given something to rattle, which looked like an overgrown dried runner bean!  But boy did it rattle!!! That year, there was a lot of cloud cover, and so we were encouraged to chant louder and louder until the sun eventually did come out to play directly over the central stone.  What a magical moment. The whole place came alive welcoming in the Mayan New Year.
Working in ceremony in this way, is a very powerful experience, and one that can help us heal ourselves and through that help the planet.  I have learned so much about the workings of the pyramid and the way it relates to my own work as a medium, and my journey continues to unfold.  I can't wait to get back there in 2012.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Embracing the Power Within (channelled information)

All people are from the same Source, the Light - the heart of God. We are all one family, joined by a common bond -a sometimes unspoken understanding - love.
White Eagle

This is a channelled piece of information via one of my Guides Uriel.

Remember you are one with all things.  It is better to live in harmony with nature, rather than try to fight and struggle against what is natural within you! The keystone and foundation is to acknowledge you are one with all things, and not just a separate entity. 
You have a spark of creation deep within your Being.
This spark is your connection to all things, including planet Earth, the Cosmos, as well as all creatures great and small.  This is the common thread.  This is your connection.

Now remember therefore that you form one community and are therefore here to help each other along the pathway called life.  Remember, this pathway cannot be duplicated by anyone else; it is yours alone.  At the heart of your being you are born with a Seed Consciousness which is uniquely yours to unravel throughout the course of your time on the planet.

Remember although you are not alone, you remain unique. But because you are part of one community, which you may called the unified whole (or collective consciousness) you are all here to help one another achieve their ultimate aim - self realisation.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone or separate from the rest of the Universe, although your physical bodies sometimes create that illusion.  It is just that your body in your particular time reference gives you the opportunity to expand your awareness of self.

Your personal identity, therefore is an integral part of your journey, even though you are a part of the whole.  It is your job to balance these two aspects of your self.  You are being encouraged to let go of your over identification with this aspect of the self alone, because its limiting and creates the illusion of struggle.

It is important to understand that as an integral part of the whole, you already have everything yo need to make a difference in your world, it is encoded in your seed consciousness. Nonethelesss you are being encourage to nurture this seed, and to express yourself fully in the external world, using the seasons, cycles and elements that are also a part of your own nature. When you understand this properly you will recognise that the Divine Spark has the ability to orchestrate true change in your life.  This ultimately helps to create a new world vision alongside all your relations on the earthplane.

Your original nature is far greater than your personal identity right now. Begin by recognising that you are a part of the Light. Begin by recognising that by surrendering to the light source burning brightly within you, you (through this Source) are marshalling all the forces of the Universe to come to your assistance to  help create a brand new world.

Now remember we are talking about self-awareness.  In this recognition you understand that as a Light Worker you are a part of the Wave of New Consciousness that's sweeping your world right now.  With this recognition comes the understand that your physical form is also created by the same light source, but merely operating in a lower dimension. The object is to 'bring this element of the self back home to the light'