Thursday, 1 December 2011

Your Authentic Voice

Sydney Opera House - the scene of beautiful music and song

Mixed messages!

Sometimes the strength of the words we use can be let down by the way we say them.We give off mixed messages!  I've spent this year on a writing course, in which we are encouraged to find our authentic voice.  So perhaps its no coincidence that my own voice started to give me problems.

I have a dream!

The voice, and the way we communicate through the voice, is associated with the fifth chakra. The element associated with this particularly energy field is ether or space.  As I have said elsewhere 'its the final frontier'.

When we have a dream
the throat chakra and the element of ether
play a very important part
to what degree we achieve that goal.

A healthy throat chakra

If you are lucky enough to have a clear resonant voice, and communicate with vitality and passion without overpowering the person you are speaking to, then your throat chakra is reasonably healthy.  However most of us have issues with our self expression and find it difficult to communicate authentically.
And unfortunately if your throat is restricted then the rest of your chakras will be restricted in one way or another. Each one of these chakras plays an important role in the art of manifestation and the law of attraction.

If your chakras aren't functioning healthily
then it'll be difficult to manifest your heart's desire.

Your chakras

a) If you are physically tense (root chakra) your voice box and associated muscles may be very tight, which restricts the voice

b) If the voice is quite mechanical then your sacral chakra may be restricted

c) If you have difficulty motivating yourself, then the problem may be with the solar plexus.

d) If you have a problem with the breath, this may in turn affect the power of your voice.(Heart)

Creating the space

Most of you will have heard of the sound OM, the sound of the Universe.  When you chant this sacred sound it brings you back into balance with the Universe.  This in its turn will help clear the other chakras so you have a better chance of manifesting your dreams.

Add this sacred chant to your psychic tool box

 before you get up
(along with the other suggestions in previous days blog)
for maximum impact on the day ahead

My workshop this coming Saturday 'Preparing the ground for the new year with Archangel Gabriel' will help attune our energies to, not only this great archangel but also to the natural ebb and flow of the Universe.  This enables us to follow a number of steps to manifest our highest potential in the new year. If you could like to come along there are one or two places still available

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