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You are the pyramid

You are the pyramid
\Hunbatz Men - Itza Maya Daykeeper and Shaman
 On the wings of Angels:

It's quite easy to feel the support of the Angels as well as your Guides and helpers, but another thing to take this understanding to the next level.

We too are Spirit.
But we operate at a slightly different level!

Our human overcoat is 'manufactured' by Spirit, giving us  our identity in this particular lifetime. We are born into a particular set of circumstances which provide us with our learning.  Our aim is to transform our lives by climbing to a higher level of conscious awareness.

You are the pyramid

The Mayas say 'you are the pyramid', and you only have to look at any pyramid, like the one at Chichen Itza above, to understand what it means.

The pyramid represents our spiritual growth and understanding.  It has a square foundation, representing this lifetime, and our need to be firmly grounded in this reality.  But it also has four separate faces, meeting at its apex.  Each one of these represents a different facet of our being.
  • physical body
  • emotional body
  • mental body
  • spiritual body
Apart from the four separate faces, a lot of pyramids in Mexico tend to be tiered.  This represents the 7 major levels of consciousness you need to master as you truly shift your consciousness to a higher level.

Just like a ladder

A pyramid is a bit like a ladder, you just need to climb from one rung to the next until you reach the top!  Everyone starts from the bottom up; you need a firm grounding before you can go any further! If you look at the pyramid and then at the ladder, it's easy to see there's no separation between the bottom and the top of either structure. It's simply a continuation. There's no separation between Spirit (top) and Humanity (bottom).  Its all about the journey.

We are Spirit wrapped in a human overcoat.

The Spiritual journey

Once you've reconnected to your spiritual origins by climbing to the top of the pyramid, (here's the bad news) - you have to climb all the way back down again.

The inspirational you've found by attuning to the Spiritual realms,
needs to be translated into usable form on the earth plane.
You have to find a way to make it work.
This is the downward journey.

Sometimes we get stuck at a particular level which means we can't truly manifest our dreams. So it takes a bit of practice, which we can help along with meditation, visualiation as well as affirmations.

The Ascension process

I'm sure a lot of you have heard all about the ascension process, which is linked to the Mayan Calendar.

Ascension in this context means to create a 'heaven on earth', or a higher level of conscious awareness.  Yes, we are all one, and come from the same Source as the human race. But before we can celebrate this understanding globally, we have to heal the rift of separation within our own psyches, and that is what I mentioned right at the beginning of the blog.

We need to 'climb the pyramid of our heart'
and remember who we really are,
and what we are here to  fulfill.

There are many ways you can climb the pyramid as part of your spiritual quest, but it remains an important part of any person's quest for a deeper understanding of life. As mediums this is an essential part of our training, and the more we refine this connection the better it will become! Watch this space tomorrow for some further information about my workshop at the weekend which is based on these teachings.

Over the Rainbow -workshop with Gillian on 15th. October 2011 Hemel Hempstead UK

For intermediate and advanced workers for Spirit.

Over the Rainbow is another workshop is the pyramid series designed to enhance your connection to Spirit both in your day to day lives as well as your profession ones.  The pyramid is a powerful symbol for your spiritual journey.  The pyramids were very often the site of ancient mystery schools, and contain a number of geometrical (or archetypal) shapes directly associated with Spiritual growth.  In this workshop we will look at the ancient law 'as above, so below' and the impact it has on our work for Spirit.
There are just two spaces left now on this workshop, please contact Gillian to reserve your space.             

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