Thursday, 18 April 2013

Did you think it would be downhill at the way now?

Did you think it would be downhill at the way now?
Full Moon Eclipse Up and Coming
Thursday 25th. April
If you are anything like me you would have expected things to settled after Winter Solstice 2012; in fact they seem to have intensified. A lot of people are experiencing problems in one way or another.  On top of this, this week has seen loss of life and serious injury at the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day. This morning, when I woke up, images of another explosion, in Texas this time, were being transmitted around the world. Our thoughts and prayers of course go out to all those who have been caught up in these tragedies. What can we do about it?

The way we approach such devastation affects the final outcome. We can either respond in fear or respond with positive thoughts and prayers from the heart of our Being.
When we open our hearts through prayer or meditation we are connecting to a Higher Aspect of our Being: Spirit.  It is this connection which has the potential to create permanent and everlasting change. Thousands upon thousands of human beings are sending out their thoughts and prayers today,working on creating a higher and much more sustainable vision for our world. This is truly a global undertaking as people from the four corners of the world come together.
Such a vision comes from Spirit. To create a new vision we have to manifest and ground it. To take that vision to a higher level still, we have to ground it in love rather than fear.  To do that we have to dig deep within, and look at the connection between the heart chakra and the root chakra (point of manifestation) and search out any beliefs that have been made in fear rather than love of the Self.
On Tuesday 23rd. April, I will be offering a full moon meditation (part of an ongoing monthly schedule of full moon meditations) which will look at the importance of staying properly grounded in the beauty of the Self to help create true change.
We will look at:-
The connection between heart and head and its connection to the root chakra
Releasing any negative thoughts that are preventing us be more present on a day to day basis.
 among other aspects.
There are normally three short meditations during the evening, although this might vary accordingly to circumstances at the time. The following day you will receive an MP3 recording of the main meditation from the previous evening.
Time: 7.30 - 7.45 Start
Location: Hemel Hempstead
Investment: £9.00 each session
We have limited space available, but if you would like to connect with this small group on this important occasion, you will be joining with thousands of like minded people across this beautiful globe of ours who are united in their intent to achieve a positive outcome.
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