Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crystal Mystic Revelations - seeing is believing, isn't it?

Crystal Mystic Revelations!

I believe in synchronicities or coincidences that form a chain of events.  I do believe they are a form of message or sign sent from Spirit to light our pathway.  On Monday evening, we had the last meditation group meeting of the year, and the conversation turned to that of apports. Apports are items that appear out of nowhere.  They are generally regarded as being gifts from the world of Spirit, and may take the form of something like a crystal.  In the 1930's, it was very popular for people to sit in what were known as physical circles, and if the energy was right,  an apport might appear. This took years of dedicated service.  Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church in Marsden Green has a cabinet full of such apports, ranging from turquoise crystals to intricate weaving.More recently the Indian Master Sai Baba was very well known for manifesting apports for some of his devotees who very often had travelled a long way to his ashram. Little did I realise, at the time, that this conversation was setting the stage for what was to occur the following day. (Years ago now, we had a guy called Geoff Boltwood run a workshop at home.  He was able to produce both vibhutti, holy ash, and essential oils from crystals.  This was quite something to see.)
I am really lucky to have met some really interesting people as we have been organising our Psychic Pamper Day - timed for this coming Saturday   Helen Lehrle is one of them.  Helen runs the Acorn Well Being Centre in Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead, and I had the privilege to spend some time with her during the week, as she was preparing for this weekend's event .
As I walked in, the floor was covered with a sparkling selection of crystals that were being made up into chakra sets for Saturday.  Like some many other people, I never have been able to resist a crystal and picked up a piece of rough rose quartz to soothe my thumping headache.
It wasn't too long before Helen and I were sipping coffee and chatting away in one of the two comfortable rooms coming off of the main shop area.  I placed my crystal on the table beside me as we both became engrossed in the conversation. It wasn't too long however before I realised that my headache had begun to ease, so we both looked over to where I had placed the crystal...But it wasn't anywhere to be seen!!!! It certainly wasn't where I had put it, and it certainly hadn't slipped onto the floor.  Vanished - or so it seemed.
The interesting thing was neither of us were particularly perturbed by this sudden disappearance, and when the conversation ended a good half an hour later - the crystal was right back on the table next to me. And it seemed the most natural thing in the world....
Now neither of us had seen it disappear, neither of us saw it reappear.  What was certain was that the crystal was now full of sparkle and seemed to be much clearer in colour - it had taken on a rainbow hue. It looked different, and it certainly felt different. I considered myself to have had the experience.

These days we hear so much about the law of attraction and that we are able to manifest our hearts desire.  Apports are also examples of manifestation - bringing something into physical form. In this case, when the crystal reappeared it had taken on a slightly different shape and was absolutely sparkling with energy in a way that it hadn't before. I believe that apports are a way of showing us that we all have the capability to manifest and create anad therefore heal. It is said that our thoughts are responsible for creating the eventual form. I believe that apports show us just how powerful thought form can be; we can create the most beautiful things when we are inspired to....and our ability to manifest comes directly from our connection to Spirit So it gives us a taster of just how magical life! The importance here not so much of what is produced but in the power lying behind it that can be used for the common good.  So I count myself very lucky to have received this gift from Spirit and have carried it around with me ever since.  I certainly shall do some more meditating with you.



Monday, 3 December 2012

Lisa Marie Doyle's Story

Medium Lisa Marie Doyle

Hiya, my name is Lisa Marie Doyle. I have been in the movement for two years, both developing my connection with angels, guides & loved ones with the mediumship and clairvoyance.

Two years ago I stepped into my first spiritualist church following a sudden family tragedy, the loss of my brother. Stricken with grief, I needed to know that my brother wasn't really gone as I could feel & sense his spirit around me. My very first message knocked the socks off me. It was so accurate that I couldn't doubt it, so much so that I  returned again, only this time to receive a messsge from my Nana telling me that I could see & hear spirits when I was younger & that all my gifts were there for the taking if I so wished to develop them.

Well blow me down within a few months I had an experience of seeing my Nana in spirit appear, as well as an angel & hearing the most beautiful angelic orchestra being played in my ear. This brought me a great sense of  healing & allowed me to go forward to learn more about my gifts & how to develop them to help people especially the bereaved. I was very fortunate to then sit in 3 development circles.

I have also completed my Usui Reiki level 1 & 2 and am now working towards my Masters as well as learning & developing my gifts and connection to my spirit helpers & loved ones. I am also working towards platform work, doing psychic fayres, 1-2-1s & parties.

And finally I  wish to leave you with these words "Spirit are always near & never far. Just look to the sky for the brightest star. An angel is close, so do not fear, they will guide you and surround you with love & cheer."
Lisa Marie



      Sunday, 2 December 2012

      Facial Reflexology with Felicia Banks

      Facial Reflexology with Felicia Banks
      It's funny the way things happen.  Margaret, Maureen and I were keen to introduce some slightly less well known therapies into our Psychic Pamper Day.  We'd heard of facial reflexology but were unable to find a therapist, so we sent up a short prayer for Spirits help.  Within 24 hours I had a phone call from Felicia who just happens to work with crystals as well.  I am really looking forward to hearing her stage presentation on 8th. December. She is also responsible for channelling through a new form of Reiki - Unicorn Reiki!
      This is what she has to say:
      Felicia   Banks
      Crystal Facial Reflexology is a treatment that developed from information being channelled to me from my Unicorns teaching me to be open and work from my heart.
      Crystals are fantastic as they are able to enhance any therapy/treatment, in turn bring about change deep within the persons layers of baggage they carry around with them, helping shift negative energies up to the surface and out to the light. Each crystal has its own properties of healing, using my intuition and asking my guides to which crystals to work with for each treatment. 
      One crystal or a combination of different crystals within a person’s treatment will help to relax, rebalance, instil a sense of peace.  
      Facial Reflexology is a treatment which draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture 12 main Meridians (although there are over 300 and more in our bodies).  
       The original name was “Facytherapy”  in 1980s.  A vietnamese professor Bui Quoc  Chau  in Ho Chi Minh  developed this therapy though his patients asking for a gentler way to work on the face apart from using acupressure needles, which were painful.
       Benefits of these two forms of energy are beyond your wildest thoughts and dreams.
      Each person’s treatment has a completely different outcome as the energies at that particular time will be influencing their energies and aura.  

      Gillian Holland
      Hi, I am Gillian and have been a medium for well over 25 years now.  My spiritual journey has taken me to Spain, Mexico and The States, as well as lots of exploration of sacred sites in our own country
      My background is in teaching,  counselling and writing,  and all these things serve me really well in my work for Spirit.  Along with Maureen and Margaret, I am responsible for organising the Psychic \Pamper Day on 8th. December in Grovehill Hemel Hempstead.

      As a medium, I really enjoy giving evidence of survival from platform or in one to one readings, and I really love the way a simple message can transform people's lives, giving them much needed hope.

      I also enjoy working with the Angels and Archangels, and will sometimes use the Angel Cards or Angel Tarot ards in the readings I give.  One of my greatest pleasures in both the meditation classes and occasional workshops I run, is connecting people to both the Angels and their Spirit Guides.  It's not unusual for participants to feel quite literally 'Wrapped in Angels' wings, and so as a tribute to this my second CD is actually called 'Wrapped in Angels Wings' and will be on sale on Saturday at our Fayre. In this CD you have the opportunity to connect to Archangel Michael and possibly feel his wings wrapped securely round you.

      One of the most important teachings that the Angels can give us is that we area not alone, even in our darkest hour.  This really is an important message at a time of great change of our beautiful planet when things are very uncertain.

      A second important teaching is that we are Spirit first and foremost, no matter who or what we may be in this particular life-time. Our Spiritual Essence (or consciousness) is eternal, and we go on expanding our knowledge and wisdom, throughout this lifetime and beyond.

      We are also connected to each other through this essence.  In fact we are connected to everything in Nature as well, because we all come from the same Source.  This is a teaching that the indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans have always known and we are just coming back to.

      So clairoyance to me is not just about seeing Spirit People although that is very important, but its about Seeing Who We Really Are, and then changing the world for the common good based on this information.

      I used to teach primary school children a long time ago, and their creativity and originality never ceased to amaze me.  Developing and writing the Christmas Plays was great fun with the kids.  Creativity and originality is closely connected to Spirit, but as we get older this connection can dim a bit and we forget our true essence as we scurry to fit in what the world expects of us. We are meant to be ourselves, not pale imitations of everyone else.  The light shines within us in different ways, and its this difference that makes the world such a beautiful place to live.

      Its really important to reconnect to Spirit as we get older, because we can then all work together to create a brand new vision for the world based on co-operation rather than combat.

      On the day I'm offering one to one readings, but will be selling my meditation CD's as well as some of my son's beautiful photographs.  (see above.  This one featured on the cover of my very first CD 'Inner Peace and Harmony with the Angels'
      Look forward to seeing you there.

      Saturday, 1 December 2012

      Graham Morris - Spiritualist Medium at our Psychic Pamper Day

      Graham Morris and Lisa who will be working with Graham on 8th. December

      Hi folks!  My name is Graham Morris and I have been in the Spiritualist Movement for almost 22 years, both developing my skills and working as a medium. 

      I came into the movement at 24 years old, due to a personal and very sad situation. I was lucky enough to receive healing from my nan when I discovered  she was a working medium herself. As a result of this, I realised I needed to find out as much as possible, so I started going along to spiritualist churches.

      After some time I received a messager from a medium, who told me I had a Native American Guide, who wanted to channel healing through me. That medium also said I would receive a picture of my Guide shortly.  And  that's exactly what happened!  The picture came through a psychic artist who specialised in drawing people's Guide's for them.  After that time I decided to develop this gift of healing in a circle and have never looked back since.

      I have gone on to sit in two separate circles and since developing the healing  have gone on to develop spiritual writing and platform demonstrations, running my own circles, as well as doing house clearances and one to one readings.  It's really rewarding work.

      I like to think that once touched by Spirit our lives are never the same.  Our purpose is to Live, Love and Grow.  This beautiful message is there for everyone, not just a few people.  Just trust.  We are all apart of the same thing, just as much as its a part of all of us.  God Bless friends. Graham!