Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rug pulling - part of the Divine Plan?

Rug Pulling - part of the Divine Plan?

Everything really is okay just the way it is,
even when you feel the rugs been pulled from underneath your feet.
Strange though it may sound, 
that disappearing rug could be just the nudge we need to recognise
 change is long over due.

Medium Gillian Holland's thoughts 
on Divine Rug Pulling as a gift from the Universe
to get you in gear for the next stage of your life.

Rug Pulling is a Divine Art:

Everything really is okay just the way it is, even though you may feel the rug's been pulled from right under your feet.  In fact, rug pulling, as I was to discover may even be part of the Divine Plan.  It is a way to get things moving again when life's got a bit stale but you've chosen to ignore it like I did.

Last week was pretty strange.  I found myself feeling very let down by life.  One minute, I was looking forward to a week full of long standing appointments, and the next mostly empty pages, mis-communications and let downs!  And it went on from there! Sometimes I just think I am a very slow learner because it took a while before I got the message; I'd been on the receiving end of some well aimed Divine Rug Pulling.

I'm not saying  I didn't flap around  (see my blog Think happy thoughts and you will FLY'), because I did. Then after calming down a bit, I let my intuition guide me to another favourite spot of mine by the Canal to think things through and hopefully discover what was what.

There was not a cloud in the clear blue sky as I made my way to a bench by the side of the water. A beautiful willow tree leaned towards the water,its graceful trendrils swaying in a playful breeze. I watched fascinated as these leaves danced in and out of  the shadows caste by bright sunlight: a multitude of velvet greens. Across the other side of the tow path four narrow boats basked in the autumn light, too, People, geese, swans, gulls and all manner of small birds just doing what they do; nothing unusual to report.

Happy though I was to be sitting by the canal, it just wasn't doing it for me.  After all, time was getting on, and I had been sitting there for what seemed like ages, waiting for answer.  It was all very frustrating.  I wanted Help with a capital H! And what's more, I wanted it now!

I stood up, ready to go home, and completely disenchanted when completely out of the blue, these words rang out loud and clear in my ears, 'Everything is okay just the way it is!'

 Really?  I sat back down on the bench with a jolt, allowing myself finally to savour the moment.  It wasn't so much the words, although of course they were really significant,  more a sense of the OKAY  they ushered in..  Words and Feelings came as a complete package, a wave labelled peace, calm and serenity urging me to remember that yes, absolutely everything is okay just the way it is. I took a deep breath in and then finally all the way out, so that was it time to move on and see things in a different light.

A place of Being

This wave is a space of complete BEING, a surrender to the moment.  It was a giving in rather than a giving up.  The fact is my diary had been emptied, which had completely rocked my self confidence, no point  denying it!

I sighed, sinking back still further into the welcoming space beneath all the self-doubts, fears and confusions that had grabbed my attention since everything kicked off. The truth is, in this space everything is okay the way it is; no argument. And that is the starting point for the next step forward; peace perfect peace, not scarcity mentality and self-doubt.  The Universe really does work for us, but we have to learn to work with it.

Life does go on!

Everything is truly okay just the way it is, and that includes my emptied diary even though it took me a while to get it.  Life really does go on, even when our world seems to have fallen completely apart.

Sometimes the rug pulling is a sign that we need to get a move on; that we have become resistant to well over due change. It is the Universe's calling card when we just haven't been paying attention to the signs.

Sometimes what seems to be a stroke of bad luck can be a blessing in disguise, a sign that there is much more to life than we are allowing ourselves to receive at that time. It is a sign we need to break out of the mould and breathe new life into the next exciting chapter of our lives. It is a sign that all systems are go, and definitely not a step backwards.  Are YOU ready to go for it?

copyright Gillian Holland 2015


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  1. Great insight and good advice, Gillian. The next time I feel the rug being pulled out from under me I will just settle back and enjoy a magic carpet ride

  2. Lynn Williams says How refreshing for the soul to have our busy life stopped short and a 'rest spot' enforced. We rush about like headless chickens some times, filling every minute to capacity. We think to do Gods will is to serve 100% of the time. Whereas God is probably saying, 'Enough already! Look how far you have come, rest a while and smell the roses, look around and see this is truly a beautiful world. Yes there is work to be done, but even I rested, on the seventh day. God has blessed you my dear friend trust in him, as he loves you just the way you are xxx Big thank you Lynnxx

  3. Pam Davies says Gillian you showed me the way with your words and made me feel a lot better about things

  4. Marian Murrell says Hi Gillian,
    Thank you for your delightful words on Divine Rug Pulling. I think this happens to us all from time to time but most don't recognise it. I think it has been happening to me for a while now, life has been slowed down and I think there must be a reason for it. I'm just waiting to find out.
    Your words help us all to see what is happening is our lives and often the reasons behind it. Thank you Gillian and thank you Universe.

  5. Sandy I can empathise with you Gillian on the 'blank diary' syndrome. Many years ago, a dear friend, whose husband was diagnosed with cancer and, subsequently, passed to the higher life, said to me, "Sandy, if only I had checked my diary, I would have realised that there was something I had to deal with. All my bookings from August to January had been cancelled". It taught me something very valuable. When there are things in our life that we have to handle, sort out, make time for, Spirit step in and clear our path. Since then it has never worried me whether my diary is full or empty, everything is for a reason. It could be, Gillian, that you just need more time to travel, explore or gather information. Whatever the reason, Gillian, Spirit have it in hand and have given you time and space. Enjoy the ride kiddo. Love and huge hugs xx