Sunday, 15 November 2015

We will remember......

We will remember.......who we are!

Medium Gillian Holland on Remembrance Day and the aftermath of Paris

Remembering who we are

Remembrance Day 11:11 is always a very powerful time of year, and Wednesday was no exception. What a wonderful evening spent in company of both heavenly and earthly Angels in Remembrance at my monthly Angel group.  This is not only a time to remember all the Souls who paid the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf, but a time to remember we are 'Spirit!'  Remembrance is a time for healing, and goes beyond words.

We as Spiritualists call this the Silence, and it is the 'going into the Silence' rather than shying away from it, which makes all the difference.  

Paris  13.11.15

Right now most of us are feeling numbed by the atrocities in Paris.  Our hearts go out to the French nation and everyone - ordinary people out just enjoying a Friday night- who were caught up in the onslaught.  There is a sense of outrage beneath the shock of such a violation.  Once again candles are being lit and flowers are being placed for the fallen, and those traumatised by this incidence. Once again, people ordinary people are being called to come together in an Act of Remembrance.

The Silence isn't a 'nothing space', and certainly not just a mechanical act of duty, as some might have us believe. The Silence is a state of consciousness. It is who we really are beyond the labels, negative judgements and criticisms we've allowed to dominate our lives.

The Silence is the very essence of life itself.  It may be Silent; it may be wordless, but it is teeming with a potential for life, and therefore constantly renewing itself.  In this Space, we remember who we are: Spirit. It is this Spirit, which runs through all peoples of the world no matter who we are or where we come from. The Divine Flame we all know as Spirit is the substance of all life, and it is founded on love, compassionate love.

When we touch Spirit in the Silence we take heart in spite of the tragedy. We are one Global Nation beyond our differences. Spirit is our hope and therefore our salvation however you choose to label the word. It is certainly not the possession of anyone in particular but available to us all.  Most of us want nothing other than to live out our lives in peace, harmony and companionship with our families, friends, children and grandchildren. 

And in the silence, we are inspired to transform and heal life for those same children and grandchildren.  We are inspired to take heart once more in spite of the sorrow and tragedy.  
One simple act of Remembrance has the ability to transform the world.  And so be it.


  1. Jenny Ford says Thank you Gillian . I have had a look Very touching words! Your doing a great job. You need to write your book! Xxx

  2. Jenny a big thank you for your comments. And keep up your own excellent work tooxx

  3. Cheryl Campbell says Very touching indeed, it took my breath away!

  4. A special thank you Cheryl for your comment too. As a writer I value your own words, too

  5. Crystal Blessings Your heart felt words spring off the page to all who reads them, you have a wonderful gift of knowing just which words that best describes how you intuitively feel.