Saturday, 17 October 2015

Think happy thoughts and you will FLY!

It only takes one negative thought or comment
 to burst your bubble and ruin the day.
As Peter Pan said,
'Think happy thoughts and you will fly!'

Medium Gillian Holland on positive thinking and Spirit!

Life dances to a much gentler beat than we humans realise!  Beneath all the hurly burly and hubbub of day to day existence, there really is a much gentler rhythm waiting to be heard, and it's a life saver! We're not meant to run around like headless chickens - we are meant to fly! Prepare for take off!

The natural world has so much to teach us especially the bird kingdom.

Living as part of the natural world, not apart from it!

On route for a certain garden centre yesterday, I followed my intuition and took a detour into another one along the way.  

I loved sitting on the terrace, quite alone, sipping my coffee and catching the last few remnants of Autumn sunshine.  It took me a while to zone into the bird song, but when I looked up at the pylon next door, hundreds of tiny birds, sat silhouetted against the sky, chirping away celebrating the sun-shine too! 

These birds weren't in any kind of hurry either, they seemed happy enough singing way above my head. Obviously enjoying the chat and not bothered at all by all that high voltage electricity pulsing through the wires.

As I took another sip of coffee, it suddenly became silent.  When I looked up, a group of birds had taken to the skies and were winging their way round the pylon before settling down again, Once more, maneouvre complete, they broke into excited chatter. 

As I continued to watch, one tiny creature  lifted effortlessly into a welcoming sky. Then another, and another took flight, all with the same grace and  ease. Nothing rushed, nothing hurried, I watched spellbound as they eased their wings back to soar on the thermals. Three groups took off one after the other, all in separate directions and all with the same grace and ease. How amazing is that?  

It looked so easy.

Do you remember some of that old black and white footage?  Where people spent an age creating iall kinds of crazy flying machines before taking a running jump off the end of a pier,desperately trying to fly.All those hours of preparation.  Didn't they just flap around to avoid a dunking! As far as I know no-one actually succeeded at the time, but people are still out there flapping away desperate to take off and fly. 

Those birds have the secret! We are most definitely not meant to get ourselves in a flap yet these days most of us are eternally flapping around trying to keep us with the demands of the world

We are not meant to struggle, we are meant to simply soar above the sometimes really dark and deep clouds of our lives. Those birds take for granted something we struggle with; we maybe human but we are all a part of the natural world, just like the birds, flowers and plants, and its far easier to take off than we had ever imagined.

The Secret

How can we stop flapping and start soaring? By simply acknowledging who we really are! We, too, are a part of the natural world, and that world is a part of the wider Universe.  We are all of us connected by the same golden thread, whoever or whatever we are, without exception

And guess what? That thread is the stuff which makes the world go round.  It is the same thread which breathed life into us as individuals. It really is a loving energy, and therefore truly on our side.. That love beats in the heart of all humanity too, so we can stop flapping and start soaring. We are all a part of the same Universe and since that Universe is based on unconditional love and compassion isn't it about time we started thinking loving and positive thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world.  Our feathered friends have no problem with that.  They have no doubt about their place in the world.

Dancing to the different beat

We are not meant to be on the go all the time, and we are certainly not alone.  We have nothing to prove, just a need to accept our essence, and then in the light of that understanding everything to go for. So we can stop flapping around, cut ourselves some slack and, when the time is right, lift off  without unnecessary struggle.
 'We are fuelled by love after all!'

As Peter Pan says,
 'Think happy thoughts and you will fly!' 

None of us are meant to dance to another man's tune, particularly not in today's stressful world. We are meant to dance to the loving rhythm of our own heart beat, body, mind and soul. 

Next time you feel the earth's about to swallow you up, remember who you are, pause, breathe and trust the loving process. Relax rather than flap.  Remember 'you are not alone' you are being preparing for 'lift off'   and your thoughts, your happy loving thoughts and belief in yourself is the fuel that's going to help you fly!!

copyright Gillian Holland October 2015

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  1. Best. Blog. Ever! Thanks for sprinkling your faery dust, Tinkerbelle, er, Gillian. Just listen. Do you hear us all clapping for you?

  2. Writer Cheryl Campbells comments on my blog (It seems people are having difficulty commentating here at the moment)
    A beautiful thought provoking message, where Gillian's words of nature and the wisdom which lies within, made me feel as if I could fly. Fly even without wings, into the realms of her happy thoughts.

  3. Marian Murrell has asked me to post our comments on the blog
    This blog made me stop and think about the animal kingdom and nature and how we can learn so much from them.
    It reminded me to slow down, be kind to myself and just BE, take time out to relax. That's what I need to do right now. Although on the surface I think I'm OK and coping well, it has made me realise that I could cope a whole lot better if I stop worrying about what others think and look after me!
    Marian Murrell Medium and Healer