Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Peace on Earth - channelled information

Peace on Earth

 'Peace is the doorway into the Higher Dimensions.  It is a state of consciousness in which you are at one with all things, and the place you go to when  all that remains in your heart is peace and love for your fellow human beings and more importantly yourself.

In other words, your Higher Self and Lower Self have come together as 'one heart, one mind and one voice'. You are no longer in 'two minds' as they say, you have come to a decision which brings peace to your heart. Whenever you experience being in two minds, you cannot experience peace, because your heart is telling you once thing, whereas your mind is pulling you in another direction all together.  And your head, dominated by fear, is telling you you are just not good enough to walk through any door marked peace.

The human mind with all its self-doubt and judgement was never intended to sit in the driving seat of your life.  It was intended to serve. And it was intended to serve the Light which shines in all humanity.  Light is the backdrop for all the Universe. It is the stuff behind all of creation.

You are all destined to pour more light onto Earth.  This comes through the realisation that you are that light. Peace comes when you stop fighting and surrender to the power that is build into the fibre and fabric of your entire being. Why fight against your true heritage? Your  purpose  is to live together in 'compassionate love'  and to create 'a Garden of Eden' or Heaven on Earth  Fear is divisive, and demonstrates separation from the Source of your Being. And Love conquers all.

channelled through Gillian Holland 2015


  1. Sandra says Beautiful.very true and very much needed.thank you for sharing.x

  2. Thank you for sharing, it was truly beautiful.

  3. Ann comments
    I really enjoyed reading the blog. It certainly is food for thought. Who channelled through you?

    1. Morning Ann thank you for your comment. This piece is channelled via Orion, who alongside Archangel Uriel and Azrael work at lot with transition and transformation, and so this is definitely a time when the world is in the middle of huge change.