Friday, 6 November 2015

Archangels to the rescue

Celebration of Spirit through Greater Awareness of SELF

Healing is an invitation to remember who we are
in the company of Angels and the Realms of Spirit!

Your connection to Source energy

Sometimes we just have to let go and allow Spirit and the Angels to 'Light up our Lives' the way they see fit.  They do have a bird's eye view, whilst our own vision is very much more limited. I invite you to Believe in the Magic that is Spirit.  We are Spirit first and foremost and once we acknowledge it then the skies the limit, we can truly move mountains in service of humanity.  Not through force, not through fear, but by embracing the light and the love that is essence of our Being and dancing to a loving rather than a fearful beat.

We are all born to dance to the rhythm of the Universe with open hearts, 
open minds and open voices.
A vision filtered through love rather than fear.

Last night at Welwyn Garden City was much quieter than normal, but it was still a magnificent 'Celebration of Spirit!' amid the occasional flash, bang wallop for another more worldly Guy Fawkes celebration outside.

We spent our evening working under the direction of the four major archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.  However, last night we were joined by another equally powerful archangel, Jophiel, to concentrate on some healing work before opening to the Angels for some personal guidance.

Six pointed Star

We were directed to work with the six pointed star, which many of us associated with White Eagle's work, too. This star is the symbol of perfect healing.  It contains two triangles one facing upwards, whilst the second faces down towards earth.   It also represents both aspects of ourselves;
a) our personal identity in this life time, the ego or personality self - facing upwards
b) the divinity which is the core of our being the Higher or Divine Self - facing downwards

It is the symbol for wholeness, but is also associated with Judaism and the Star of David.  It represents compassionate and unconditional love.  Therefore unconditional love is the force that has the capacity to heal us all.


Jophiel is another one of my favourite Archangels and is said to guard the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden.   I associate her with Space, and if you are a Trekkie fan you will know that 'Space is the final Frontier!'

The six pointed star is literally our Guiding Star and can transform the space we inhabit. It is our True North because it is based on our felt sense, rather than our negative thoughts and fears.

And it is through this connection that we come to understand we are unconditional love.It is a love which surpasseth all human understanding, and yet when we touch this beautiful energy, it can renew and heal every fibre of our Being.  Yes really!

Whilst our mind beams out negative thoughts telling us we are unworthy of love, our Higher Self beams out the exact opposite 'We are Love'.

It invites us to understand, therefore, there is no way we can be separated from Source because that is who we are.  Our entire body is created from a template of unconditional love.

Healing is an invitation to Remember Who You Are!

The meditations last night were very powerful indeed.   We met up with our loved ones, some of us for the very first time since they crossed to the other side. This is always a very powerful experience, bringing us to the realisation that we are all eternal beings, and therefore our loved ones are never far from our side.  Others of us received profound personal realisations as they take the next step forward on the journey called life.  Everyone was completely wrapped in the beauty of the Angels wings feeling really safe and secure in the energy. What a celebration

Jophiel invites us to fill our personal space with the Light of the Greater Understanding of who we truly are.  As we move further into the light our negative beliefs and thinking just melt away into the Light of the Love that we are.

copyright Gillian Holland 2015

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