Wednesday, 7 October 2015

This little light of mine.....

This little light of mine.......I'm gonna let it shine!....
          At the risk of sounding just a little dotty,
         Did you know you were a beam of light?
Yes really, a Light-wave!
            Just like the Sun you have limitless energy too.
Unfortunately most of us are running around with flat batteries
because we've only got half our act right!!!

Gillian Holland on getting your act together to achieve your highest potential

Lighting up your Life with Spirit

The photo above is of the great pyramid of Kulkulkaan at Chichen Itza, and this is where in March 1995, I really understood what it meant when Spirit Lights up your Life!  

The Mayas were superb astrologers.  Each ancient city or site had its own observatory, and the Mayas always kept careful track of the heavens They understood that we too are a part of the natural world and subject to the same natural rhythms as everything else.

Unfortunately as human beings, we are more than just a tad obstinate; we are okay with the flow but when it comes to the ebb, well that's a different story altogether.

When we Light up our Lives with Spirit, it means we finally realise there's much more to us than meets the human eye.  We are Spirit!  And as Spirit we are Light; we are actually beings of light. The Light is actually trying to guide us, and we are sometimes too stubborn or short sighted to see it, ending up with flat batteries.

It's letting go of the steering wheel that's the problem

Waves crashing to shore in Tenerife on a bright yet breezy day.

Everything has two sides to it.  On the one hand, I love watching waves by the sea shore. Sit by the sea and it doesn't take a second to realise just how relaxing it is to watch and listen to the oceans own natural rhythms.

On the other hand, waves can be fearsome, especially on a stormy day, and you only have to see just how much angry foam the wind conjures up.  That's what we fear, letting go of the steering wheel, ending up dashed  and broken like driftwood all along the sea shore.

Each wave has its own natural ebb and flow. As a natural part of the Universe, we too have our own natural rhythm.  But the ebb, or letting go, can be scary. We are all frightened of letting go in case all our hopes and dreams capsize in the face of a storm. 

When we Light up our Lives with Spirit, we are willing to let go of our fears, riding the ebb just as much as the flow.  We trust some-one up there is on our side after all! And life becomes a whole lot easier and joyful

Letting go means letting Spirit into your life 

We are a natural part of the Universe. We are not aliens and certainly weren't abandoned by the mother ship here on earth when the dinosaurs died out. 

Sometimes, we act and behave as if we are completely divorced from the earth plane, but that's just not true.  Back to those light beams. We are light.  Light is a wave and so we too are subject to life's natural ebb just as much as its flow. In order to move forward we have to embrace the ebb as well as the flow, otherwise we get stuck believing there's nothing more to us than the physical body.

Letting go of the steering wheel literally 'Lights up your Life to Spirit', but it also means needing to give up control and be willing to journey into the unknown. We fear being overwhelmed and taking a tumble..

Letting go, or learning to embrace the ebb opens you up to healing and inspiration. When you allow Spirit to light up your life, you come face to face with your true essence: unconditional love. Letting go then means you surrender to the Universe of which you, too, are a natural part.  You too are meant to have a share in its natural abundance, not by trying to control your environment but by riding not just half the wave but all of it. Only a complete wave can find its way to shore. If you trust you certainly won't crash into the smithereens you think you will,  you will be buoyed up by the light lying right at the heart of your being, and in the process will finally remember just who you are.  For beneath all the layers of fears, you are love. And it is this love, your flame which is the inspirational for all of life in its rich diversity including you own.

The light you carry in your heart is unconditional love.  That light is your inner Source, your Wisdom as well as your Inspiration. Stop pushing your way forward when actually it's time to stop, look and listen. This is where we refuel and then take stock. The ebb is a natural pause in the proceedings before we begin to push forward once again. It's the bit we are most likely to forget even though its essential to not only our well being but our spirit.

Stop, look and listen

Next time you take a walk along the sea shore, listen to the natural rhythm of the waves, or if you prefer that of the breeze as it ripples through the trees or the way things natural come to a head or climax before gently receding back into the distance.  Listen with every fibre of your being. That's listen with your feelings.  Listen with all of yourself.  Allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings.  Look around you and see maybe, truly see, hear feel for the very first time.

Lighting up your Life with Spirit, means acknowledging the light within and acknowledging there is far more to you than meets the eye. It means living your life to its fullest potential rather than running around on a flat battery.  It means becoming the individual you were meant to become for the very first time.  It means embracing life's mysteries and magic.

Working with life's natural rhythms really does and can Light up your Life!  It helps you reach your highest potential not through struggle but following your own Divine Purpose of (Light Wave) When we follow our own natural ebb and flow, the life we lead is truly inspirational and creative.  We are creating life in only the way we can, for we are all unique and very individual beings.

Things to do

Take a walk out in nature, watch the way the light falls and how the shadows change throughout the day.  You may find that your being lead to walk at a much slower pace as you absorb the world around you. You could  things truly for the very first time.

Take a camera with you, take shots. Have fun  

Listening to the breeze rippling through the trees.  Take a trip into a woods or forest. Feel life natural rhythm.  Take a note of your feelings

Visit the sea side if you are able...or sit by a river bank.  Watch the way the water moves.

copyright Gillian Holland 2015


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  1. Marian Murrell has asked me to post her comment since she was having difficulty doing it herself
    Hi Gillian,
    Your blog is amazing and it seems so simple to understand. It explains in easy to digest language what our lives on Earth should all be about. You have managed to put down into words information that everyone who realises that "there is more to life than meets the eye" can benefit from.. I know your book will be brilliant, please save me a copy.