Friday, 30 November 2012

On the Edge of New Beginnings - the Root Chakra

On the Edge of New Beginnings Planting the seed for bright new beginnings

Living in the Present Moment - understanding the root chakra
  • What on earth are we doing on this planet? Changing the way we see ourselves, makes all the difference.
  • Why the root chakra is so important. Planting the seed for bright new beginnings
  • Feeling Spirits support
What on earth are we doing on this planet!
(Seed Consciousness - the dot within the circle)
The short answer to this is that we are learning to become HUMAN BEINGS, rather than HUMANS DOING!!!  We've got things round the wrong way.  When you think about it a lot of us put a plan into action to feel better about ourselves, as if there's something missing. But when you connect to Spirit, you realise that you have everything you need at your finger tips to become the individual you were suppose to become. A lot of people devote an awful lot of energy trying to conform to other peoples expectations without thinking whether its right for them or not.
As I have said elsewhere, I use a simple symbol(the dot at the centre of the circle) as a simple grounding technique in my meditation groups. Amongst other things, that dot represents the 'seed' consciousness we are born with. Because, we plant the seed into the soil, we can also use this symbol to represent the root chakra.
The seed has everything it needs inside to become the thing/individual its supposed to become.. So an oak tree seed blossoms into an oak tree, and a daisy seed into a daisy. However, try as we may, an apple can't become an orange tree, nor a blade of grass a daffodil. There's no point trying. 
Once we begin to see this, the world becomes a much different place.

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