Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Denise Davis Reconnective Healing

Denise Davis - Reconnective Healing and EFT

Denise will be offering Reconnective Healing as well as EFT at our Pamper Day, although she has a number of other skills at her finger tips.  Read about her here.  She is featured on 3 Counties Radio quiite frequently as an expert in her field.

Denise’s personal experience of undergoing therapy had such a profound effect on her life that she changed career from being a full-time primary school teacher (after 28+ years) to concentrate on Wellbeing Coaching and Private Tutoring. Denise wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives, so they become well-balanced and confident, especially the children, because today’s children are tomorrow’s future and as such deserve to be recognised.
Denise works with both adults (Wellbeing Coaching which is an intuitive mix of modalities tailored for each individual and may include healing as well as Coaching Therapy) and children (Wellbeing Coaching and/or Private Tutoring in Literacy & Numeracy). As Denise’s passion is working with people and children, coupled with my love for therapy, it is an ‘ideal’ profession for her. All Denise’s clients have found their sessions beneficial and have been astounded at the speed of their personal transformations. They wished they had known about the Wellbeing Coaching much earlier…
For the Pamper Day I am offering both Reconnective Healing and EFT taster sessions:-
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
is a non-invasive procedure where you use your fingers to tap the acupressure points on your face and chest whilst making affirmations of the problem. It is very simple and anyone can use it. One advantage is that it can be used instantly as a self-help tool. The meridian system (acupressure points) is an energy pathway that is similar to our nervous system and channels energy through the body. Traumatic memories and thoughts cause an energy disruption within the body, causing blockages which result in physical pain or negative emotional issues. Tapping with EFT releases the body’s blocks as well as releasing fears & phobias, injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, weight control, cravings, smoking, addictions and low mood/depression.
Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection
Reconnective Healing is a new set of frequencies bringing in light and information as well as healing. The frequencies reconnect strings and strands of your DNA to promote an improved life and a faster spiritual growth. You will lie on the couch and I will work in your energetic field around your body and this usually brings about a feeling of relaxation as the body re-balances and heals itself, as well as bringing the mind, body and soul into greater alignment. The frequencies have been demonstrated not only in practice but also in science laboratories around the world and can be entrained in each of us bringing about a balance in our being. The Reconnection is a process of axiatonal alignment (re-aligning yourself with the meridians on earth & universe) after which your life shifts and you feel more comfortable in your skin, fear levels reduce and it’s easier to detach. Greater clarity is experienced and you know what your purpose is.

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