Saturday, 1 December 2012

Graham Morris - Spiritualist Medium at our Psychic Pamper Day

Graham Morris and Lisa who will be working with Graham on 8th. December

Hi folks!  My name is Graham Morris and I have been in the Spiritualist Movement for almost 22 years, both developing my skills and working as a medium. 

I came into the movement at 24 years old, due to a personal and very sad situation. I was lucky enough to receive healing from my nan when I discovered  she was a working medium herself. As a result of this, I realised I needed to find out as much as possible, so I started going along to spiritualist churches.

After some time I received a messager from a medium, who told me I had a Native American Guide, who wanted to channel healing through me. That medium also said I would receive a picture of my Guide shortly.  And  that's exactly what happened!  The picture came through a psychic artist who specialised in drawing people's Guide's for them.  After that time I decided to develop this gift of healing in a circle and have never looked back since.

I have gone on to sit in two separate circles and since developing the healing  have gone on to develop spiritual writing and platform demonstrations, running my own circles, as well as doing house clearances and one to one readings.  It's really rewarding work.

I like to think that once touched by Spirit our lives are never the same.  Our purpose is to Live, Love and Grow.  This beautiful message is there for everyone, not just a few people.  Just trust.  We are all apart of the same thing, just as much as its a part of all of us.  God Bless friends. Graham!

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