Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Connecting to the Angels and Spirit

Spread your Wings and Fly with the Angels

I love working with the Angels - their energy is so supportive and, meditating in a group can be really powerful and inspiring. They are just the thing to connect to if we are feeling befogged and unclear as to what to do next. 

Wings are symbolic of our spiritual nature and they are also seen as very protective.  Native American tradition held a great respect for the Eagle because they could fly close to Great Spirit, whilst wings are very often shown in the Egyptian pyramids as well. Ancient man always looked towards the sky and yearned to fly.  I remember all those ancient black and white films of people in very strange bathing gear, and bedecked in an even stranger set of wings/stroke flying machine launch themselves off the end of a pier in their bid to take to the skies, only to be on the receiving end of another dunking in the ocean. So what is this fascination with flight?  Connecting to the Angels can, in its turn, help connect us to our spiritual essence. This is an important part of our spiritual growth and development, because we learn that we are far more than just our physical body and that we are being guided.

Angels are very protective to us human beings.  They connect to us in a number of ways.  Perhaps the best known is to find a white feather floating down right in front of your eyes.  I was travelling up to an MBS show with a friend of mine some time ago, and we both watched in fascination as a feather floating down from the ceiling out of thin air.  Angelic feathers appear when people need some extra  support in their lives, or just to say that their loved ones are near by.  I heard a wonderful story about a wonderful pathway of feathers infront of the bride as she made her way down the stairs out the front door and into the bridal car.  Lovely to think that her earthly family weren't the only people celebrating that day.

I have been really fortunate to run a meditation class over a number of years now with a great bunch of people and have finally put together a couple of meditation CD's that you can buy at Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church, Marsden Green this coming Saturday 24th. November between 10.30 am and 4pm. The first is called Meditation for Inner Peace with the Angels whilst the second 'Wrapped in Angels Wings' helps you achieve a greater 'Clarity of Mind' through working with the Angels.  The final meditation, which has helped make my own connection to the Angels even stronger, is' Connecting to Archangel Michael.' During my own sessions with Michael, he has given me a number of messages to reflect on.  This meditation helps you connect to Michael on a lot of different levels and to receive a message from him in which ever way is best suited foro you. If you would like any more information about either of these CD's then please contact Gillian

I will also be selling these discs at the Psychic Pamper Day I am organising in Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead along with M & M Candles and Cards, Margaret and Maureen. This is Saturday 8th. December and we are all very much looking forward to this event.

Steps towards a better connection to the Angels and Spirit

Creating the Right Space for your connection

Over the past few years, there's also been a lot of talk about clutter clearing and Feng Shui, which is the ancient art of space clearing. Most of us recognise the importance of decluttering our homes, desks and even cars. We feel the difference straight away.  It's much the same with your connection to the Angels, you need to create the right space to ensure the best and clearest connection to them.

I always like to create an imaginary circle on the floor around me and then to clear the space using a herb such as sage or even a joss stick.  Generally if I do use a joss stick it needs to be a light aroma, just in case people in the group have a sensitivity to it...and there are quite a few people who have these days.  I might also use Tibetan Bell which are attuned to the vibration of the Universe.  This is my favourite way of working; it clears the energy straight away.


I then encourage people to relax and let go of as much of their troubles as they can, at least for the moment.  You would be surprised at the number of solutions that come through. Clearing your physical space and then relaxing your physical body really does clear your mind and help you receive angelic guidance.

Angelic Wings:

Working with the Angels allows you to spread your wings and fly.  In my groups we have lots of fun playing with our own wings which are connected to our Souls. We experiment with letting our own wings unfurled gradually.  It's amazing the sense of freedom that comes from this simple exercise. Its wonderful to feel the sense of support that comes through in this way!

Archangels and Angels

Each angel and archangel works with a particular energy and is involved in a particular task.  For instance Archangel Michael is very protective and generally comes forward in a blaze of brilliant blue.  He is sometimes depicted carrying a huge sword and is very protective He encourages us to give all our cares and concerns to the realms of Spirit, in the understanding that we are never truly alone; the Angels always walk by our sides. You will very often hear the phrase 'let go and let spirit.'
They teach us not to struggle but to ask and then let go, surrendering to the Universe.  As the Law of Attraction states, its the letting go after sending up your prayers that 'creates the space' for your dreams to be brought into reality. The next bit can be difficult - be patient - wait and the answer you have been waiting for will be given. ....but not always in the way you might expect...

Wrapped in Angels Wings and Meditations for Inner Peace with the Angels are both accompanied by music by Thaddeus, who is one of Sanaya Roman's guides.  I want to thank Sanaya for allowing me to use Thaddeus' music on my CD's If you would like any further information about either of these CD's then please contact me

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