Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Goodwill Fairies Paula Moyes

Paula Moyes creating another unique Goodwill Fairy

Goodwill Fairies are one off originals created by Paula Moyes.
 Although keen to start knitting again, she even surprised herself
 by declaring to a friend that she was going to create 'fairies'.
 Since that time 'her fairies' have gone from strength to strength.
This is Paula's story.  Come along to our Psychic Pamper Day on December 8th
 and meet Paula in person. Something special for Christmas.

I kept passing a wool shop in my local town and thought I would like to start knitting
and as I hadn't knitted for many years it would have to be something small. A couple of
days later while sitting on a train going to London I told my friend I was going to knit "fairies"
which came as a big surprise to me as well as her.

I told her they were all to be unique no two fairies would be the same and I would call them

Goodwill Fairies and they would carry little scrolls with a nice message written on them.
My friend who is in to crystals said "why not put a little goodwill crystal in each one of them".
I thought it a very good idea but I would knit a little bag for the crystal.
Oh my goodness easier said than done! It took 10 fairies before any thing like
what I was aiming for came into being. I do think of different characters as I knit them,
but I think the fairies say something different to different people judging by the feedback I am getting.

Fortunately they are quite popular and I am still knitting, still creating.

The fairies are not suitable for children under 3 years as they have small beads for eyes

and a wooden spine, as the neck of the fairies would not support the weight of the hair.
I do knit a child's fairy which are all basically the same only in different colour's. 

                                     Really looking forward to seeing them Paula  xx

                                   Meet Paula on Saturday 8th December 2012

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