Sunday, 18 November 2012

Vision Boards

Vision Boards as a Tool to Manifest your Hearts Desire

Angela Woodward

(a free presentation by Angela Woodward on Saturday 8th. December, Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead)

Vision Boards

A vision board is comprised of a card base upon which chosen pictures can be pasted that are representative of what one wishes to manifest. It serves as an excellent prompt.

At the beginning of this year, my mind wandered to New Year Resolutions. I decided that it was very easy for a resolution that was just a thought to soon be forgotten.


I was invited to a women's gathering one saturday night in January and the theme for the evening was to create a vision board. This appealed to me.


Whereas a resolution in thought only would soon be forgotten, a vision board, being a creation stemming from the original thought, would be something tangible for me to renew my focus on daily.


Having experienced a breakdown 2 years previously. The greatest thing that I wanted to manifest into my life was Peace of Mind.


Almost a year on from creating my board I am pleased to say that I have indeed achieved my aim. I am now adding more pictures to focus on, these will help manifest other aspects into my daily life.


I am happy to share this knowledge with others as I have first hand experience that it truly works.
Angela is offering a free presentation on Vision Boards at our event on Saturday 8th. December.
She's also a metamorphic technique practitioner and you will have the opportunity to sample a treatment with her as well.
Tel: 01442 246407 for further details


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