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Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness

Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness

presented by Spiritualist Medium and Author Trevor Davey
Saturday 8th December
Grovehill Community Centre
Hemel Hempstead

Pendulums for Spiritual Awareness
     Most of us have been fascinated by pendulums, if only to predict the sex of an unborn child. Of course this was in the day before scans became the norm.  However, pendulums offer a power way to connect to the Spiritual Realms, and you will have the opportunity to see author Trevor Davey's free stage presentation at our event on Saturday 8th. December 2012.  Here's Trevor short article:-
Pendulums have been used for eons of time in many cultures as a device to amplify natural energies and even by the use of a needle suspended on a cotton thread (by another) over a pregnant ladies abdomen to predict the sex of the unborn child.
However, the use of a suitable pendulum to communicate with the Higher Energies requires certain factors:
·         A true desire to communicate with spirit for the benefit of others and you own spiritual progression.
·         Pendulums should be manufactured in hard wood, plastic or crystals, for the desired purpose.
·         Sincerely  opening up to the Higher Energies (however this is personally perceived)
·         You need to be taught how to use the pendulum for spiritual awareness and the procedures that must be followed.
Using a pendulum can enhance the development of mediumship, answer questions and give guidance. It works by amplifying communication received from the Higher Energies.   They can be used to indicate a problem area on a person’s body (this may be the root cause rather than the area of physical discomfort) and is especially useful for animals and small children who are unwell.
At the Psychic Fayre & Pamper Day you will be able to purchase small pendulums (homemade) at £1-50 each (larger pendulums will be available). You will be taught how to use your personal pendulum for your SPIRITUL AWARENESS. (If you have your own pendulum, bring it with you). We will be doing a mini–workshop on using pendulums, during the course of the afternoon.

For further details on this day

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or :0787 656 1400


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