Sunday, 2 December 2012

Facial Reflexology with Felicia Banks

Facial Reflexology with Felicia Banks
It's funny the way things happen.  Margaret, Maureen and I were keen to introduce some slightly less well known therapies into our Psychic Pamper Day.  We'd heard of facial reflexology but were unable to find a therapist, so we sent up a short prayer for Spirits help.  Within 24 hours I had a phone call from Felicia who just happens to work with crystals as well.  I am really looking forward to hearing her stage presentation on 8th. December. She is also responsible for channelling through a new form of Reiki - Unicorn Reiki!
This is what she has to say:
Felicia   Banks
Crystal Facial Reflexology is a treatment that developed from information being channelled to me from my Unicorns teaching me to be open and work from my heart.
Crystals are fantastic as they are able to enhance any therapy/treatment, in turn bring about change deep within the persons layers of baggage they carry around with them, helping shift negative energies up to the surface and out to the light. Each crystal has its own properties of healing, using my intuition and asking my guides to which crystals to work with for each treatment. 
One crystal or a combination of different crystals within a person’s treatment will help to relax, rebalance, instil a sense of peace.  
Facial Reflexology is a treatment which draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture 12 main Meridians (although there are over 300 and more in our bodies).  
 The original name was “Facytherapy”  in 1980s.  A vietnamese professor Bui Quoc  Chau  in Ho Chi Minh  developed this therapy though his patients asking for a gentler way to work on the face apart from using acupressure needles, which were painful.
 Benefits of these two forms of energy are beyond your wildest thoughts and dreams.
Each person’s treatment has a completely different outcome as the energies at that particular time will be influencing their energies and aura.  

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