Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crystal Mystic Revelations - seeing is believing, isn't it?

Crystal Mystic Revelations!

I believe in synchronicities or coincidences that form a chain of events.  I do believe they are a form of message or sign sent from Spirit to light our pathway.  On Monday evening, we had the last meditation group meeting of the year, and the conversation turned to that of apports. Apports are items that appear out of nowhere.  They are generally regarded as being gifts from the world of Spirit, and may take the form of something like a crystal.  In the 1930's, it was very popular for people to sit in what were known as physical circles, and if the energy was right,  an apport might appear. This took years of dedicated service.  Welwyn Garden City Spiritualist Church in Marsden Green has a cabinet full of such apports, ranging from turquoise crystals to intricate weaving.More recently the Indian Master Sai Baba was very well known for manifesting apports for some of his devotees who very often had travelled a long way to his ashram. Little did I realise, at the time, that this conversation was setting the stage for what was to occur the following day. (Years ago now, we had a guy called Geoff Boltwood run a workshop at home.  He was able to produce both vibhutti, holy ash, and essential oils from crystals.  This was quite something to see.)
I am really lucky to have met some really interesting people as we have been organising our Psychic Pamper Day - timed for this coming Saturday   Helen Lehrle is one of them.  Helen runs the Acorn Well Being Centre in Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead, and I had the privilege to spend some time with her during the week, as she was preparing for this weekend's event .
As I walked in, the floor was covered with a sparkling selection of crystals that were being made up into chakra sets for Saturday.  Like some many other people, I never have been able to resist a crystal and picked up a piece of rough rose quartz to soothe my thumping headache.
It wasn't too long before Helen and I were sipping coffee and chatting away in one of the two comfortable rooms coming off of the main shop area.  I placed my crystal on the table beside me as we both became engrossed in the conversation. It wasn't too long however before I realised that my headache had begun to ease, so we both looked over to where I had placed the crystal...But it wasn't anywhere to be seen!!!! It certainly wasn't where I had put it, and it certainly hadn't slipped onto the floor.  Vanished - or so it seemed.
The interesting thing was neither of us were particularly perturbed by this sudden disappearance, and when the conversation ended a good half an hour later - the crystal was right back on the table next to me. And it seemed the most natural thing in the world....
Now neither of us had seen it disappear, neither of us saw it reappear.  What was certain was that the crystal was now full of sparkle and seemed to be much clearer in colour - it had taken on a rainbow hue. It looked different, and it certainly felt different. I considered myself to have had the experience.

These days we hear so much about the law of attraction and that we are able to manifest our hearts desire.  Apports are also examples of manifestation - bringing something into physical form. In this case, when the crystal reappeared it had taken on a slightly different shape and was absolutely sparkling with energy in a way that it hadn't before. I believe that apports are a way of showing us that we all have the capability to manifest and create anad therefore heal. It is said that our thoughts are responsible for creating the eventual form. I believe that apports show us just how powerful thought form can be; we can create the most beautiful things when we are inspired to....and our ability to manifest comes directly from our connection to Spirit So it gives us a taster of just how magical life! The importance here not so much of what is produced but in the power lying behind it that can be used for the common good.  So I count myself very lucky to have received this gift from Spirit and have carried it around with me ever since.  I certainly shall do some more meditating with you.



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