Monday, 3 December 2012

Lisa Marie Doyle's Story

Medium Lisa Marie Doyle

Hiya, my name is Lisa Marie Doyle. I have been in the movement for two years, both developing my connection with angels, guides & loved ones with the mediumship and clairvoyance.

Two years ago I stepped into my first spiritualist church following a sudden family tragedy, the loss of my brother. Stricken with grief, I needed to know that my brother wasn't really gone as I could feel & sense his spirit around me. My very first message knocked the socks off me. It was so accurate that I couldn't doubt it, so much so that I  returned again, only this time to receive a messsge from my Nana telling me that I could see & hear spirits when I was younger & that all my gifts were there for the taking if I so wished to develop them.

Well blow me down within a few months I had an experience of seeing my Nana in spirit appear, as well as an angel & hearing the most beautiful angelic orchestra being played in my ear. This brought me a great sense of  healing & allowed me to go forward to learn more about my gifts & how to develop them to help people especially the bereaved. I was very fortunate to then sit in 3 development circles.

I have also completed my Usui Reiki level 1 & 2 and am now working towards my Masters as well as learning & developing my gifts and connection to my spirit helpers & loved ones. I am also working towards platform work, doing psychic fayres, 1-2-1s & parties.

And finally I  wish to leave you with these words "Spirit are always near & never far. Just look to the sky for the brightest star. An angel is close, so do not fear, they will guide you and surround you with love & cheer."
Lisa Marie



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