Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gillian Holland
Hi, I am Gillian and have been a medium for well over 25 years now.  My spiritual journey has taken me to Spain, Mexico and The States, as well as lots of exploration of sacred sites in our own country
My background is in teaching,  counselling and writing,  and all these things serve me really well in my work for Spirit.  Along with Maureen and Margaret, I am responsible for organising the Psychic \Pamper Day on 8th. December in Grovehill Hemel Hempstead.

As a medium, I really enjoy giving evidence of survival from platform or in one to one readings, and I really love the way a simple message can transform people's lives, giving them much needed hope.

I also enjoy working with the Angels and Archangels, and will sometimes use the Angel Cards or Angel Tarot ards in the readings I give.  One of my greatest pleasures in both the meditation classes and occasional workshops I run, is connecting people to both the Angels and their Spirit Guides.  It's not unusual for participants to feel quite literally 'Wrapped in Angels' wings, and so as a tribute to this my second CD is actually called 'Wrapped in Angels Wings' and will be on sale on Saturday at our Fayre. In this CD you have the opportunity to connect to Archangel Michael and possibly feel his wings wrapped securely round you.

One of the most important teachings that the Angels can give us is that we area not alone, even in our darkest hour.  This really is an important message at a time of great change of our beautiful planet when things are very uncertain.

A second important teaching is that we are Spirit first and foremost, no matter who or what we may be in this particular life-time. Our Spiritual Essence (or consciousness) is eternal, and we go on expanding our knowledge and wisdom, throughout this lifetime and beyond.

We are also connected to each other through this essence.  In fact we are connected to everything in Nature as well, because we all come from the same Source.  This is a teaching that the indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans have always known and we are just coming back to.

So clairoyance to me is not just about seeing Spirit People although that is very important, but its about Seeing Who We Really Are, and then changing the world for the common good based on this information.

I used to teach primary school children a long time ago, and their creativity and originality never ceased to amaze me.  Developing and writing the Christmas Plays was great fun with the kids.  Creativity and originality is closely connected to Spirit, but as we get older this connection can dim a bit and we forget our true essence as we scurry to fit in what the world expects of us. We are meant to be ourselves, not pale imitations of everyone else.  The light shines within us in different ways, and its this difference that makes the world such a beautiful place to live.

Its really important to reconnect to Spirit as we get older, because we can then all work together to create a brand new vision for the world based on co-operation rather than combat.

On the day I'm offering one to one readings, but will be selling my meditation CD's as well as some of my son's beautiful photographs.  (see above.  This one featured on the cover of my very first CD 'Inner Peace and Harmony with the Angels'
Look forward to seeing you there.

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